• Xbox one TV input with 3D

    I came from Verizon fios where they had much better 3D offerings.  I had no issue watching 3D content when my box was connected to the xbox one's HDMI in.  The xbox then connects directly to the TV.   ...
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  • Why Directv doesn't HBO,Star in 3d while Comcast, fios, etc have?

    I bought the 3D equipment and there is only 1 channel free 3D...   WHEN is my question. I hope before I get tired and out of penalty for switching.
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  • 3d channels missing

    I just noticed the 3d channels are missing.  What happened to them?
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  • Why doesn't the SEC channel have an alternate channel to show more than 1 SEC game at the same time?

    Why doesn't Directv have an alternate channel for the SEC network like it has for the other sports channel for other athletic conferences to show more than 1 game at the same time?
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  • Split image when switching to 3d viewing?

    I am new to Directv. When I tune to the 3d channel I get a split screen with the same two images. I put on my 3d glasses, the TV says the glasses are connected, but the same split screen image is still showing. What s...
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  • Does the HDMI cable Directv provides support 3D

    I just wanted to know if the HDMI cable provided by Directv supports 3D programming or DVD's
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  • Directv not turning 3D sync off

    I have an HD DVR (model HR21-700) that I am using for 3D in a home theater application with a projector (DPI Titan 3D) and outboard video scalar (Lumagen XE3D).  The scalar detects 3D in the signal and directs th...
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  • directv channel 104 cuts out

    I have a Samsung Smart TV with a direct connect via hdmi to my direct tv box. I watch several sources of 3d programing all without issue except channel 104. Several times I have streamed the same thing happens.Once th...
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  • Significant Information About 3d Television Technology

    Do 3D movies fascinate you? Are you looking forward to playing video games using 3D technology? Or do you think about getting a 3D TV to replace your old HDTV? If yes, here are some things that you need to know about ...
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  • 3D content

    What 3D content is available on DirecTV?  I see on some posts a mention of channels 103-107.  But on my guide I only see 104 and 107.  Is that it now?  Anything else?
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  • New Sony XBR55X850A, HR24-50 says isn't 3D compatible

    The TV is in Auto 3D mode.  I've even tried forcing it into side by side mode.  Restarted the box but still same results.  Help?   Almost forgot...TV connected directly to box via HDMI.  Not ...
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  • HBO On Demand 3D Content?

    I recently switched from Bright House, whose HBO On Demand programming included 3D content...around 4 or 5 movies on a regular rotation. It appears that DIRECTV does not offer any HBO On Demand 3D content (or I can't ...
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  • What happen to the espn 3d channel?

    just wondering what happened to the espn 3d and how many 3d channels there are now
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  • Using 3d with a HDMI splitter

    My HR44-200 DirecTV box recognizes my LG 55LA6200 TV when they are connected together directly.   I also have a Sony NSZ-GT1 Google TV player that I would like to connect to the HR44-200.  When I run the HR...
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  • HELP getting 3D to work on new Vizio with my genie

    Is there something I need to do to get my new Vizio Razor Series M601D-A3 60" LED to work with my Genie HR-34-700?   Do i need to reset my Genie first?  I try to access a 3D channel and I get the messag...
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  • VIZIO 3d

    I have a VIZIO M3D550KDE 3D TV, when I rent 3D movies on PPV this message appears:"This 3D program is broadcast in 1080i. Your 3D TV does not support this resolution(797).... Why? If a can see 3net channel 107?
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  • 3D works intermittently

    Just got Directv installed a month ago and also just got a 80 inch Vizio with 3D.  I am passing the HDMI signal through a Yamaha receiver that is 3D ready.  If I re-set the Genie box, the 3D works fine. ...
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  • Which 3D mode should I use?

    I have a new Vizio 3D TV. Which mode should I use - SBS, TB or Sensio with the 3Net channel. Thanks.
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  • I Cannot Receive 3D content on new Samsung TV?

    I just purchased a Samsung UN55FH6030 3D TV 2013 model.  It appears that Direct TV does not yet support this new model and I cannot watch 3D content.  I can't believe they don't support TV's any newer than 2...
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