• HELP getting 3D to work on new Vizio with my genie

    Is there something I need to do to get my new Vizio Razor Series M601D-A3 60" LED to work with my Genie HR-34-700?   Do i need to reset my Genie first?  I try to access a 3D channel and I get the messag...
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  • VIZIO 3d

    I have a VIZIO M3D550KDE 3D TV, when I rent 3D movies on PPV this message appears:"This 3D program is broadcast in 1080i. Your 3D TV does not support this resolution(797).... Why? If a can see 3net channel 107?
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  • 3D works intermittently

    Just got Directv installed a month ago and also just got a 80 inch Vizio with 3D.  I am passing the HDMI signal through a Yamaha receiver that is 3D ready.  If I re-set the Genie box, the 3D works fine. ...
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  • Which 3D mode should I use?

    I have a new Vizio 3D TV. Which mode should I use - SBS, TB or Sensio with the 3Net channel. Thanks.
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  • I Cannot Receive 3D content on new Samsung TV?

    I just purchased a Samsung UN55FH6030 3D TV 2013 model.  It appears that Direct TV does not yet support this new model and I cannot watch 3D content.  I can't believe they don't support TV's any newer than 2...
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  • 3d Not working with my new TV

    I just purchased a Mitsubishi WD82842 TV and I go to the 3D channels and they will not come on. What is the problem?
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  • 3D compatibility with New LG 55GA7900 Smart Google TV

    I posted a question last month asking if DirecTv 3D would be compatible with this very new TV model. Nobody was sure and Directv said it was not on their compatibility list. I went ahead and bought it anyway and I am ...
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  • I too ordered "OZ" and was that pitifull.

    WE ordered the movie and was expecting a full screen movie but what we got was a letterbox edition of the movie.  Called support and she tried everything, nothing worked.  She gave me a refund, and was very ...
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  • Oz: The Great and Powerful unwatchable in 3D

    This past weekend, we rented Oz: The Great and Powerful 3D onDemand. This was the first onDemand movie we have watched in 3D, and the first on our newer HR-24-500.  The movie was practically unwatchable...
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  • getting 3D on 3D projector (Panasonic PTAE8000U)

    I just recently got the new DirecTV Genie HD DVR Model: HR44-500.  I'm trying to connect it to my Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector which is 3D capable. When I try to access any of the 3D cha...
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  • Sony compatibility

    I just bought a Sony KDL-46HX850.  Anyone know if it's directv 3d compatible as is, or if it needs something else or not?    Thanks
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  • Not working! 3D troubles

    I have a Panasonic Viera P55ST30 3D TV, Onkyo AVX-380 5.1 channel 3D capable receiver, and the Directv Genie receiver. I have a top of the line 3D ready HDMI cable. On only a couple of occasions, I could get the ...
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  • 3D Compatible Equipment

    I have a 3D compatible TV and the 3D compatible genie receiver. Everything worked fine using 3D until I connected an A/V receiver with 3D pass through. Now it says that my TV is not compatible even though it appears t...
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  • I have a Samsung 7100 series, but Directv only supports an older model 7000 series

    Is there any hope that Directv will support the 7100 series?
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  • 3D compatibility with new LG TV

    I just ordered a new LG 55GA7900 Smart 3D Google TV. This model was only introduced late last year. Will it work with my new Directv Genie? I had no idea that Dirctv 3D only works with certain TVs.
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  • 3D compatibility with new LG TV

    I just ordered a new LG 55GA7900 Smart TV with 3D and Google. Will I be able to see 3D content with my Genie receiver? Directv say the model is too new to know. It was introduced  late last year. Does anyone hav...
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  • message  ext 51

     I had 2 REC. that have a message  EXT 51 on a SWM system
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  • Programming for ESPN 3d not showing up in guide

    What isvwrong with ESPN or DIRECTV. No programing in the guide.
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  • How to get HR24-100 to recognize new TV is 3D capable?

    I just purchased a new Samsung UN46ES7100 3D TV.  After connecting it to the HR24-100 and tuning to ESPN3D, an error message appeared on the screen saying 3D content could not be displayed without a 3D capable TV...
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  • 3D error message on LG

    We haven't watched much 3d TV since we moved.  Also since we've moved, we've been unable to get the receiver to connect to our internet (Cox Communications NoVA). Recently, I wanted to show off the 3d on our 46" ...
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