• Windows 7 64bit won't uninstall previous version of DirecTV Player

    Says it is looking for the MSI file which should be located here C:\Windows\Temp\{66117717-1845-45C6-8A2A-CCAEB67C3AB3}\ but is not. HELP!  I might be able to fix it if I had the previous version to re-install bu...
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  • Watch DirectTV Online PlugIn Problem - Content stops loading @ 85%

    My problem is the same as mnanda below except that my computer is windows 7 and my browsers are, Firefox and Chrome... why don't you just use the onboard media players? I have spent all day trying to get this to work ...
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  • is the mobile app compatable with my microsoft surface?

    I have a Microsoft surface and don't know if its compatible with directv mobile app. any ideas?
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  • Genie Go Setup questions

    I recently asked the directv technician who came to our house last Tuesday. I asked him if I was eligible for an upgrade on the equipment. I found out I could upgrade to the Genie Go system. I have 3 receivers in the ...
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  • directv player doesn't work

    I downloaded directv player and it doesn't work. I would like ot know how to uninstall it from my mac which runs on mountain lion
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  • NDSPCShowServer popups on MAC

    Installing Directv Everywhere on your MAC causes an exception popup to constantly appear making your system useless. The popup is caused by a command running within the directory Library/NDSPCShowServer. To resolve ...
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  • video player download# linux

    Is there anywhere else to get the video player? cant even access the download page in linux I guess. would like to try and run it in wine.
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  • Problem with watching in Non Full-screen

    I would like to watch video not in full-screen mode but when I do I can see banners and ads ghosted behind the video. Very distracting. How do I fix this?     http://i1373.photobucket.com/albums/ag369/tonya...
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  • Directv2pc: Status 0 receiver found - advice?

    I spent 40 mins with Directv support today. Still receiver not found. Internet definitely connected, reset, firewall is not an issue, etc. I am 3 ft from the receiver with wireless connection to home network on my PC....
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  • Directv to Pc vs Directv Player

    What is the basic difference between the two, and can I have both programs installed on the same PC or will they conflict with each other?
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  • Diret2pc

    I Have used direct2pc for a long time and recently just bought a new computer, specifically a Dell Inspiron i3847-3850BK.  You would assume a brand new computer would not have any issues running this program, con...
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  • Is the DirectTV2PC application free?

    Been reading about DirectTV2PC on forum and found a link to download. The setup is looking for a serial number??
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  • PC STREAMING box has guide, not black in back ground

    When I stream on my PC it loads and works fine, only issue is when I stream in the smaller box , not full screen the guide is inside the stream window in the back ground, its not a clear/black background. using Firefo...
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  • Can not stream to laptop

    For some reason system would not let me respond to comments so created a new thread same name:   Diasson - Thanks for responding, after reading some of these posts I did the following,   01- I rebooted my...
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  • Can not stream to laptop

    I just connected a cinema kit to stream to my laptop, iPhone, laptop, etc.  I am able to stream to all devices in my house except my laptop, I am getting two error messages, not at the same time, its usually one ...
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  • Directv2pc playback drops out after 4 or 5 minutes.

    Windows 7 desktop computer, worked fine until we upgraded to a Genie MR44-500. Took a chance and updated to Windows 10 tech preview. Directv2PC has been running better than ever through three builds. Hope my luck holds.
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  • DirecTV2PC asking for Parental Control Passcode

    I have Genie and DirecTV2PC connects lists recorded programming.  When I try to play any program it asks for Parental Control code wich is not turned on.  When I turned it on and set a passcode the pass code...
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  • who's the best dtv or dish

    who's the best dtv or dish
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  • Fox News Channel - Streaming Problem

    Hi,   I've been having an intermittent problem the last few weeks with the Streaming service on my PC's from the Fox News Channel.  Here's some background info:   - OS: Windows 7 x64  - Desktop a...
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  • Your graphics card does not currently support screen capture protection. I find this hard to beleave a brand new laptop running windows 8.1, how is this so? It say on this site you need a Nivia or ATI graphics card. You can't use an Intel Card?

    Your graphics card does not currently support screen capture protection. I find this hard to beleave a brand new laptop running windows 8.1, how is this so? It say on this site you need a Nivia or ATI graphics card. Y...
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