• Fox News Channel - Streaming Problem

    Hi,   I've been having an intermittent problem the last few weeks with the Streaming service on my PC's from the Fox News Channel.  Here's some background info:   - OS: Windows 7 x64  - Desktop a...
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  • does the Direct TV viewer work with Chromecast?

    i was thinking about getting the Google Chromecast but i wanted to make sure it works with the Direct TV viewer first. I would be using it for other things but mainly for Direct TV online. or maybe you know some other...
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  • Install of direct tv player stuck in loop

    I have installed latest version of direct tv player on laptop and latest flash.  When i go to stream, it loads about 70% and then asked me to load  latest version.  Have tried fresh install with anti vi...
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  • Can only stream "outside of home" shows to my laptop

    I recently connected my hr-24 to the internet using a DTV supplied kit. I am connected, and streaming shows works, but only on "outside of home" channels. All other channels give me an error "must be connected to the ...
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  • Direct TV Player won't install on Windows 8.1

    I have windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11. When I try to install the Direct TV Player it says an error has occurred while downloading the file. So I downloaded to my hard drive then tried to install and got the sam...
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  • Sunday Ticket Streaming Quality Unacceptable

    I saw others mention the issues with steaming and have yet to see a response that helps.  I've paid for the Sunday Ticket stream only package and have had HORRIBLE service all year.  The picture quality star...
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  • Stuck at 'authorizing' when trying to stream

    Can't get past authorization.  It says 100% loaded and authorized, but will not advance past that.  Suggestions appreciated pls on how to get past this.  TKS
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  • DIRECTV2PC Could not connect to the internet

    So my PC (running Windows 7) passed all the tests in the tool so I went ahead and downloaded DIRECTV2PC. Now it keeps telling me that it could not connect to the internet. First I opened the 443 port as it said, which...
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  • Possible HDCP issue?

    I'm trying to set this software up on my main computer. Video starts to play for a few seconds then cuts off with an error message. I don't have the exact message in front of me (will post when I get home), but the wo...
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  • STREAMING on PC  box has guide, not black in back ground, help?

    When I stream on my PC it loads and works fine, only issue is when I stream in the smaller box , not full screen the guide is inside the stream window in the back ground, its not a clear/black background. using Firefo...
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  • Trouble streaming online (certain channels)

    Up until about a week ago I was able to watch most channels online from my PC without any problems. Now most channels when I click the program I get the option to record episode or series but no option to watch. Inste...
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  • Directv2PC crashes immediately on startup

    For the past month, Directv2PC has not been working for me. It will crash anywhere between 1 to 5 seconds after the application starts, before it connects with the receiver. I also have Directv2PC installed on two...
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  • directvtopc media server

    I recently purchased a vizio smart tv and under the media app I see directvtopc media server listed with a folder structure for pictures, video and music. My question is how do I add content to these folders?
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  • activation failed

    I had to reinstall the program. After installation it fails the activation saying it cannot connect to the Internet. Has my luck ran out with this program?   I figured it out, I had a old IP address in my hosts ...
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    Why cant I access this on my PC? I pay for this service and I cant understand why I cant access this on my PC. I have to watch it on NFL Mobile thru my Verizon phone. Any answers?
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  • Live Stream on PC

    I've noticed that when I start watching a live news stream, the progress loading is quick.   Loading goes zero to 60% then shoots to 100% Authorizing goes zero to maybe 5% and shoots to 100% Optimizing Stream ...
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  • Sound No Picture On-line Viewing

    I just downloaded Directv Player and Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin, when I try to watch a program on my desktop computer I get sound but no picture.  I have rebooted my computer after installation but still no pic...
    created by stelladm
  • Why am I unable to get past the Directv2pc playback advisor?  I am using Windows 8.1.

    I have tried changing the compatibility mode to Windows 7 and it still will not take me to where I can download the actual program.
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  • Problem with streaming live tv to a computer - must be on same network error

    Initially loaded the directv player ap, updated to latest firefox browser, java, and adobe flash player as instructed. The computer would only stream the channels available to "out of home", and would get the receiver...
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  • Computer Streaming Does Not Work

    I can stream live tv from my Iphone using wifi but can not from my computers. The computers gets an error "Computer must be joined to the same Wi-Fi network as your receive" or just returns to the screen and wants you...
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