• Is the DirectTV2PC application free?

    Been reading about DirectTV2PC on forum and found a link to download. The setup is looking for a serial number??
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  • PC STREAMING box has guide, not black in back ground

    When I stream on my PC it loads and works fine, only issue is when I stream in the smaller box , not full screen the guide is inside the stream window in the back ground, its not a clear/black background. using Firefo...
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  • Can not stream to laptop

    For some reason system would not let me respond to comments so created a new thread same name:   Diasson - Thanks for responding, after reading some of these posts I did the following,   01- I rebooted my...
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  • Can not stream to laptop

    I just connected a cinema kit to stream to my laptop, iPhone, laptop, etc.  I am able to stream to all devices in my house except my laptop, I am getting two error messages, not at the same time, its usually one ...
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  • Directv2pc playback drops out after 4 or 5 minutes.

    Windows 7 desktop computer, worked fine until we upgraded to a Genie MR44-500. Took a chance and updated to Windows 10 tech preview. Directv2PC has been running better than ever through three builds. Hope my luck holds.
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  • DirecTV2PC asking for Parental Control Passcode

    I have Genie and DirecTV2PC connects lists recorded programming.  When I try to play any program it asks for Parental Control code wich is not turned on.  When I turned it on and set a passcode the pass code...
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  • who's the best dtv or dish

    who's the best dtv or dish
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  • Fox News Channel - Streaming Problem

    Hi,   I've been having an intermittent problem the last few weeks with the Streaming service on my PC's from the Fox News Channel.  Here's some background info:   - OS: Windows 7 x64  - Desktop a...
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  • does the Direct TV viewer work with Chromecast?

    i was thinking about getting the Google Chromecast but i wanted to make sure it works with the Direct TV viewer first. I would be using it for other things but mainly for Direct TV online. or maybe you know some other...
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  • Install of direct tv player stuck in loop

    I have installed latest version of direct tv player on laptop and latest flash.  When i go to stream, it loads about 70% and then asked me to load  latest version.  Have tried fresh install with anti vi...
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  • Can only stream "outside of home" shows to my laptop

    I recently connected my hr-24 to the internet using a DTV supplied kit. I am connected, and streaming shows works, but only on "outside of home" channels. All other channels give me an error "must be connected to the ...
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  • Direct TV Player won't install on Windows 8.1

    I have windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11. When I try to install the Direct TV Player it says an error has occurred while downloading the file. So I downloaded to my hard drive then tried to install and got the sam...
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  • Sunday Ticket Streaming Quality Unacceptable

    I saw others mention the issues with steaming and have yet to see a response that helps.  I've paid for the Sunday Ticket stream only package and have had HORRIBLE service all year.  The picture quality star...
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  • Stuck at 'authorizing' when trying to stream

    Can't get past authorization.  It says 100% loaded and authorized, but will not advance past that.  Suggestions appreciated pls on how to get past this.  TKS
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  • DIRECTV2PC Could not connect to the internet

    So my PC (running Windows 7) passed all the tests in the tool so I went ahead and downloaded DIRECTV2PC. Now it keeps telling me that it could not connect to the internet. First I opened the 443 port as it said, which...
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  • Possible HDCP issue?

    I'm trying to set this software up on my main computer. Video starts to play for a few seconds then cuts off with an error message. I don't have the exact message in front of me (will post when I get home), but the wo...
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  • STREAMING on PC  box has guide, not black in back ground, help?

    When I stream on my PC it loads and works fine, only issue is when I stream in the smaller box , not full screen the guide is inside the stream window in the back ground, its not a clear/black background. using Firefo...
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  • Trouble streaming online (certain channels)

    Up until about a week ago I was able to watch most channels online from my PC without any problems. Now most channels when I click the program I get the option to record episode or series but no option to watch. Inste...
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  • Directv2PC crashes immediately on startup

    For the past month, Directv2PC has not been working for me. It will crash anywhere between 1 to 5 seconds after the application starts, before it connects with the receiver. I also have Directv2PC installed on two...
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  • directvtopc media server

    I recently purchased a vizio smart tv and under the media app I see directvtopc media server listed with a folder structure for pictures, video and music. My question is how do I add content to these folders?
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