• activation failed

    I had to reinstall the program. After installation it fails the activation saying it cannot connect to the Internet. Has my luck ran out with this program?   I figured it out, I had a old IP address in my hosts ...
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    Why cant I access this on my PC? I pay for this service and I cant understand why I cant access this on my PC. I have to watch it on NFL Mobile thru my Verizon phone. Any answers?
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  • Live Stream on PC

    I've noticed that when I start watching a live news stream, the progress loading is quick.   Loading goes zero to 60% then shoots to 100% Authorizing goes zero to maybe 5% and shoots to 100% Optimizing Stream ...
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  • Sound No Picture On-line Viewing

    I just downloaded Directv Player and Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin, when I try to watch a program on my desktop computer I get sound but no picture.  I have rebooted my computer after installation but still no pic...
    created by stelladm
  • Why am I unable to get past the Directv2pc playback advisor?  I am using Windows 8.1.

    I have tried changing the compatibility mode to Windows 7 and it still will not take me to where I can download the actual program.
    created by daffyone
  • Problem with streaming live tv to a computer - must be on same network error

    Initially loaded the directv player ap, updated to latest firefox browser, java, and adobe flash player as instructed. The computer would only stream the channels available to "out of home", and would get the receiver...
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  • Computer Streaming Does Not Work

    I can stream live tv from my Iphone using wifi but can not from my computers. The computers gets an error "Computer must be joined to the same Wi-Fi network as your receive" or just returns to the screen and wants you...
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  • Is there REALLY no version of directv2pc for MAC users?

    I have a backlog of programs on my DVR so thought I would stream & download some of them to my IMAC. Amazed to find that the page for directv2pc lists only up to Windows 7, and no mention of MACs at all??? Up to ...
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  • Directv2pc, download location

    Where can I find directv2pc download site, I am going around in circles with missing or incorrect links on your web pages. I have downloaded advisor sevs=eral times
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  • error code 102100, description:  Loading of the specified resource has failed.

    I have tried everything to watch this on my computer and can not watch an games.  I need to know what the fix is or what is the issue.  Or I want a refund.  year 2 and nothing but problems.  
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  • I can't watch TV on-line anymore

    Until last Saturday (August 16) I was able to watch live and on demand TV online with my Directv account. The only change I noticed is that the website design has changed. I have I don't get any error message at all. ...
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  • Every Game, Every Sunday?

    I bought Sunday ticket to watch the Colts from Seattle, as sat dishes aren't permitted in my building.   Now the Colts game is starting, and it's not part of Sunday ticket? What day is it?   Direct TV nee...
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  • Directv2pc Support for Windows 8.1?

    Anyone get Directv2pc running in Windows 8.1? Support date for Windows 8.1 or is this application legacy after going down the Genie path?   Tried running in various support modes, but no luck. Play back test ha...
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  • DirecTV2PC Status: 0 receiver found

    DirecTV2PC Status: 0 receiver found     The HR44 receiver is cable connected to the LAN.   The HR44 receiver is showing up properly as a device on the network from my router.   I can successfull...
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  • Directv2PC picture is still jumpy on certain channel even with a hard wired connection. Please help

    Hi how are you?  I have the Genie HR44 and 2 clients.   Originally my Genie receiver was connected to the internet wirelessly.   I have Cox High Speed Internet with a download speed of 55 mbps...
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  • I updated the BIOS on my PC, now DTV2PC says I must re-activate..?

    First - let me say just how much I love Microsoft and their paranoia about 'activation' of Windows to prevent 'piracy'. The sort of **** I'm about to relate just aggravates me beyond all levels... Because of an 'issu...
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  • remote online access?

    Until recently I was able to watch remotely on my pc a select amount of movie channels from my programming. Now when I click to watch them the viewing screen to watch them doesn't come up and load the movie. What has ...
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  • Problems with Directv everywhere Online streaming

    I'm a new Directv customer and i wanted to try the online streaming outside of my home. From the looks of it, if I go to the guide and click the shows that have the bars+ I should be able to watch it outside of my hom...
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  • Why is the Directv2Pc picture jumpy on certain channel even with a hard wired connection?

    Hi how are you?  I have the Genie HR44 and 2 clients.   Originally my Genie receiver was connected to the internet wirelessly.   I have Cox High Speed Internet with a download speed of 55 mbps...
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  • Unknown Connector Error

    My plasma TV died, so I've been trying to find ways to watch TV on my computer/iPad.   I just discovered DIRECTV2PC, and with it the "Unknown Connector Error." I've searched these forums, but discussions about t...
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