• Directv2PC will no longer play any video

    Getting this error: "The video content stopped playing because your monitor or driver does not support the playback of the protected content, or the status of your display device changed.  Try updated your drive...
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  • Directv2Pc media server

    does anyone have any experience with this? It seems regardless of what catalyst I use I cannot access these files although they are indexed. I'm not referring to the Windows software but rather Dlna clients
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  • Player on Maverick 10.9 Support-Where is it?

    Apple's "Maverick" 10.9.X has now been out since Oct 22, 2013.  It was in beta many months before that.  Directv's "Player" still isn't supported.  Directv knew the "Player" wouldn't work then. After 5 ...
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  • Bought 2 Win 8 laptops, Directv2pc not working on either

    Is this program Windows 8.1 compatible ? I bought a HP laptop with an AMD chipset, installed the program and got the message Unknown Display Type, the following displays are allowed 1,2,3,4, etc...  I updated all...
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  • Adobe Flash version and Direct TV Viewer Problem

    I am trying to watch DirecTV on my laptop.  It asked me to download the DTV Viewer, which I did.  Then I chose a channel to watch and the player started but said I wasn't running the latest version of Adobe ...
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  • Don't know directv2pc serial number

    I installed Directv2Pc on my media server back in the Beta days.  That computer is long gone as is the activation key.  I would like to install on the new medai server, but I'm told not to download rather us...
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  • Reset mini DVR

    How do I reset mini DVR? I have the mini in bedroom and main DVR in living room. Do I reset both from living room DVR ? Or can I reset the mini?
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  • Parental Controls Not Allowing Playback of News Programs

    I have an HR22-100 and HR24-500 DVR connected to my Whole Home Network.  I am attempting to play recorded programs on my Laptop using DIRECTV2PC which has worked since I first downloaded it (a couple of years ago...
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  • Blue tooth connecting a PC to an audio receiver

    If I add a blue tooth dongle to my computer and install the correct software to activate it, (the receiver has blue tooth input capability) can I stream music from the Direct TV radio stations to my receiver? How do ...
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  • Using Linux

    Why is it you can support android, a google distribution of Linux and not any other ones? Is there a way to fake being an android os on my linux pc and using firefox browser?   Thanks
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  • Fox News Channel - Streaming Problem

    Hi,   I've been having an intermittent problem the last few weeks with the Streaming service on my PC's from the Fox News Channel.  Here's some background info:   - OS: Windows 7 x64  - Desktop a...
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  • Temporary workaround for empty play list but showing less than 100% free

    Hi, if you are like me doing daily resets to get your Genie working like DirecTV advertises, here is a workaround when you can't reset the Genie because it is recording shows.  You can play individual shows via t...
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  • trouble downloading player

    i want to watch direct tv on my pc at home and when I get to the page to download the player, nothing happens.  I have tried this on latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and Safari.  I have tried...
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  • Directv player button wont work

    when I go to watch movie online it tells me I need to download the directv player. when I go to click on the button the button disappears and nothing happens when you click on it. Yes I have the latest adobe flash pla...
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  • If I get a long ethernet cable would that solve my problems with the Directv2PC or would I still have to get a beefy laptop?

    Hi I have a Genie HR44 Receiver and my laptop is a Dell Laptop inspiron 1525 and it is only 3 years old. Here are the specific specs on the laptop: Processor is the Intel Pentium Dual CPU @1.86 GhZ 1.87 ghz. Memory Ra...
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  • How do I correct "directv2 pc cannot display this video because your graphics card does not currently support screen capture protection for protected content. Try updating your graphic card or modify your driver settings"

    I have a brand new DELL laptop with Windows 8. What do I do to correct this?   "directv2 pc cannot display this video because your graphics card does not currently support screen capture protection for protected...
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  • DIRECTV2PC vs. Genie Mini

    I currently have Charter TV and internet, but I’m planning to switch my TV service to DIRECTV soon.  I’ll get the Genie HR44 and hook it to my only TV through an A/V receiver.  I also want to wat...
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  • test

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  • Home Network DVR periodically cannot see other DVR

    My whole home DVR (not Genie) periodically says that it cannot connect to the network and see other DVR upstairs.  They are not on my wifi network but are connected via thicknet cable.  Sometimes I can turn ...
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  • Shows will not play on laptop

    I'm unable to watch a tv show on my laptop.  I'm using firefox ver. 26, I have installed directv player 9.2 and adobe flash player 12.  Anything I'm missing or any ideas why I'm unable to watch a tv show?
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