• DIRECTV2PC - Cannot Connect to Receiver

    Hey all;   So I'm having an issue with the D2PC application. I've done a few cursory internet searches, but haven't turned up anything that's fixed my issue (a few suggestions, but none has worked) so I figured ...
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  • Streaming to wired Pc's???

    I have Whole Home with 3 HDTV's and 2 DVR's. Streaming to iPhones and iPads great. How do I stream to any of 3 wired PC's on same local network?
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  • Bogus Passcode/Lock

    Ok, so I've been using DirecTV2PC successfully, more or less, since last October. Just yesterday, it randomly started asking for a passcode, as if Parental Controls were enabled. They never have been on my STB (HR34)....
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  • how do i watch my DVR content on my PC?

    I have a few recordings on my DVR and I would like to watch them on my PC.  I can't find a link on my online DirecTV account.  Any ideas?   Thanks,
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  • Cannot play content...

    I cannot play content from one of my receivers.  It pops up the fabled "protected content" error.  If I go to another receiver, it is fine.  I have troubleshooted this from every angle: red button reset...
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  • Folders do not expand my series

    Hello friends, Install DIRECTV2PC in my new pc, played individual programs, but when I try to open a folder with 2 or more recorded programs, the folder does not expand, can someone help me?
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  • Can't View Live TV on MacBook (Part 2)

    Well, after a few more attempts got these two errors:   "The DIRECTV Player is already open on this computer. 
To watch this video, please close the DIRECTV Player in the other browser window. 
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  • Why is Directv Player v2.4.4 when i just downloaded it?

    I downloaded Player and it starts loading at 40% ans stops at 85%.   when i right click the load indicator, is shows v2.4.4. ? 
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  • Can't View Live TV on MacBook

    I just installed the software (based on Flash of all things!) on my computer (2011 17" MacBook Pro, OS X 10.8.5, Safari 6.1). But when I select a live channel to watch it says my computer must be on the same local net...
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  • Directv2PC vs Netfix

    I was having problems with Dtv2pc being balky and pixelated sometimes. I checked my wireless router setup and it was limited to 56Mps, so I changed it to allow up to 300Mps. It is now running 72Mps which made a world ...
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  • graphics card issues with directv2pc

    I am running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on an hp pavilion dv7t with an integrated intel hd graphics 4000 card and nvidia GT 630m. I can play non hd video fine but whenever I try to play anything in hd the screen is gre...
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  • Why does it prevent me from installing DIRECTV2PC?

    Here's the situation in a nutshell:  I first installed DIRECTV2PC on my Dell Computer (Windows 7, 64 bit O/S) in early 2012.   It worked fine - until about 2 months ago.  The symptoms were it would...
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  • Increase buffer for directv2pc

    Please, please, please increase the buffer on Directv.  Frequent pauses and stuttering using wireless.  I know streaming is affected by wireless signal strength and PC disk activity.  However, Netflix n...
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  • What is UPnP and how do I enabled it for this app?

    What is UPnP and how do I enabled it for this app?
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  • Why is online viewing using HULU?

    Why is online viewing using HULU? Has DirecTV switched its online viewing to HULU? If it has please don't. If I wanted to watch HULU, I could. I don't actually like HULU. I like watching from DirecTV for NO COMMERC...
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  • Unable to reply in forum discussion

    Attempt to add a reply always give the error below.  The system has in fact saved the reply and I can log in and retrieve the saved text but it will not post: "Your content could not be saved due to an error. Yo...
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  • NFL sunday ticket online

    hello, I've got Sunday Ticket Max, where do I watch online?   Thanks,   Gaurav
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  • Since I upgraded from windows 8 to 8.1, when I open directv2pc and pick a recorded program to watch, I get "graphics card does not support screen capture". Why did it support screen capture on windows 8 and not 8.1?

    Anyone have any ideas on this subject???
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  • Replaced old DVR cannot find with Directv2pc

    Hi,   Replaced old DVR HR21 with a new HR44 I still have recorded programs on the old DVR can I use directv2pc to watch what I have recorded on it when the DVR was active I was able to use directv2pc without iss...
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  • Network connection and Directv2PC

    I currently have an HR20 and HR21 receiver connected wirelessly with a DirecTv Cinema kit.   Directv2pc had been working ok until recently.  In the reading I have done I see lots of issues around wirele...
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