• Limited internet access for VOD

    Like so many people that use DirecTV we live out of town. Therefore along with satellite TV, we also have satellite internet, which has a limited amount we can use per month. We are fortunate that our internet provide...
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  • internet connection problems

    I cannot connect to the internet.  my router broke but am using a T-Mobile router that has been working.  someone else set it up for me, unfortunately, he is not available to help me now.  I did the das...
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  • HBO On Demand Missing episodes from Season 4 Game of Thrones

    Missing episodes 7,8,9 from Season 4 of Game of Thrones. I am able to see episodes 7 & 8 via Direct TV for which I can view via the computer, phone or tablet but not record. Episode 10 is available for recording. ...
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  • On Demand Not Working "Sorry! Right now, we don't have any programs..."

    Having some issues with getting on demand videos to work properly.Sometimes they work. Other times, I go to a channel, find a show, and pick an episode, and get the message:   "Sorry! Right now, we don't have an...
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  • Directv Cinema is not compatible with Hughes Satellite Internet Gen 4

    After a month of trying to get something to download from the Directv Cinema, i finally got someone smart enough over there to tell me that Directv Cinema dcck box is not compatible with Hughes Internet Satellite even...
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  • On Demand Viewing - Audio Drop-Out

    I just hung up with DirecTV customer service.  After going round and round with them, I think I finally convinced them that this is a problem for many of us.  A supervisor named 'Donna' was supposedly going ...
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    The On Demand programs on my Genie box keeps showing up and disappearing..Directv's tech support says that they have been aware of the issue for about a month and their engineers are still working on a fix!...Another ...
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  • Internet connection repeatedly lost

    I have a HR22/400 receiver that continually loses internet connectivity.  I have contacted DirecTV Technical Support 5 times in the last few days (3x last night).  They are not any help and now they want to ...
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  • Did I get charged?

    I accidentally clicked "Watch Now" on a cinaMAX movie, and did not watch it, I deleted it before it went pass 0%, did I get charged for this?
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  • Satelite Internet Provider said I can lower quality of on-demand films to save broadband

    When I first hooked up Genie it immediately ate up my satellite internet bandwidth so I blocked it from connecting to the internet via my router. I talked to my ISP and they said I could lower the quality of the video...
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  • DirecTV and Xfinity Router vs PPV

    Last straw is to complain here an hope someone out there has the correct information.   This all began 2 years ago. I got the error 736 when trying to order a movie on demand. "Sorry you have no phone line conne...
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  • Unable to connect HR44 Geni to WP2 wireless network

    Have a Geni HR44 and am unable to connect to WP2 encrypted network. The issue is that WP2 is 64 characters long and the configuration dialog on the HR44 allows only 63 characters to be entered.   I saw a related...
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  • how do I set up on demand on linux?

    I just put a designated computer next to my TV. I run the Ubuntu OS. I was able to set up Max go without any problem, but when I try to run a program or movie the screen stays blank. I have Shockwave Flash 11.2.202....
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    I have a Genie system and for months was experiencing On Demand shows not posted, someone suggested a double reset (press red button on the main Genie receiver and let the system reconfigure the menus then when you ge...
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  • "There was a problem downloading this program. Please try again later."

    Getting this Error message "There was a problem downloading this program. Please try again later."   I've reset the modem and router, Reset (red button) the receiver, refreshed the network connection, changed th...
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  • DVR won't connect to my Internet

    I have an Hr24/200 dvr that I'm trying to connect to the Internet. I have the ethernet cable going form the ethernet port on the dvr to the first available LAN port on the back of my router. The dvr would not connect....
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  • bad DECABB1MR0-01?

    So I have had the BB adapter for about 2 years with no problems.  Nothing new installed, nothing changed. My son informs me today that he has a 775 error on his dvr-21.  Deca is flashing c.link yellow and ne...
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  • Direct TV streaming is horrible On Demand Issues

    I am getting surveys from Direct TV asking me about their streaming services.   Basically, Direct TV streaming is horrible, and On Demand has intermittent problems.   My Comcast Internet Service is 50+ Mbp...
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  • DVR won't connect to internet

    Hi, I have an HD DVR Genie box that was installed a few months ago and it was working fine for a while and then randomly stopped connecting to internet and I can not get on demand content. Nothing has changed. I call...
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  • disable on demand

    I have a limited capacity internet connection (30GB per month). I want to readily be able to enable and disable on demand, watch from beginning, and any other internet hog capabilities.
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