• On Demand Not Working "Sorry! Right now, we don't have any programs..."

    Having some issues with getting on demand videos to work properly.Sometimes they work. Other times, I go to a channel, find a show, and pick an episode, and get the message:   "Sorry! Right now, we don't have an...
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  • How do I delete Recently Watched On Demand folder from my List

    It appeared out of nowhere 5 days ago.  I've never viewed anything on demand nor do I ever intend to.  But every time I go to my List to watch a recorded program, there it is in the number one position. ...
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  • Why does EVERY On Demand Movie Buffer out to a point where it returns to LIVE TV instead of allowing me to watch the MOVIE?

    I have had my ISP test my speed and every time we test it the connection is FINE, bought 105 Mbps and getting 125+ Mbps on every test.  But I still have every DIRECTV On Demand Program Buffer to the point I have ...
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  • Online streaming no longer works

    Over the past few days (it's 06/15/15), online streaming from Directv.com stopped working.  It was previously working on several Win7 PC's on Chrome 43 and IE 11.   After requesting a show, we were aske...
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  • Another dissatisfied customer with On Demand

    I just got off the phone with customer service and no resolution to video buffering even though I have a 60MB connection.   We ran a test to look for network disconnects and the system has not recorded anything....
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  • Internet Problem - Device Not Making Successful Callback

    All,   I have a very frustrating problem with my Direct TV receiver/system. The model is HR44-500. It never makes a successful callback with the main Direct TV system, so Direct TV does not think I have an inter...
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  • Solved security key not accepted

    There are a number of posts around getting the security key not accepted message with the Cinema Connection Kit.  I had that problem after I changed my cable modem.  I use an Apple Time Capsule for my wirele...
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  • Wireless network found but Password wont work

    Internet connection dropped...restored settings   When I went in to connect to the internet, Saw the net work fine   Entered PW....said it it was invalid....   I know it's correct PW   HR35 wit...
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    I have a Genie system and for months was experiencing On Demand shows not posted, someone suggested a double reset (press red button on the main Genie receiver and let the system reconfigure the menus then when you ge...
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  • Direct TV Player Will Not Reinstall.

    Trying to get player to work on my Mac. Have cleared cookies, allowed add-ons, deleted browsing history, uninstalled old & new version of player. Tried to reinstall. Site says it is installed even though it is now...
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  • Premimum account but can't on demand stream on ipad

    I have a premium account and I was trying to watch a program from Bravo on my IPAD - it comes back I do not subscribe to this channel but it should .I can get it on TV but can't access any programs using direct tv app...
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  • Game of Thrones keeps disappearing from On Demand

    Strange problem. I'm trying to watch Game of Thrones (GOT). I tried the HBOGO app and it simply wouldn't stream reliably. I decided to wire up my DTV HR20 receiver to my router so I could watch it from On Demand. I se...
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  • Downloading past programs on Showtime

    Normally I have no problem of downloading past programs on Showtime, but EVERY time I try to download "Sleeper Cell" programs, in the playlist section it shows them as being there, BUT every one of them, when you try ...
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  • Directb Player Installed several times, but still asks me to install

    So I recently moved.I don't want to move my directv as my brother and mom still use it at their house and I can't have installed where I live so I'm fine streaming it. It had been working the past few days on Chrome a...
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  • On Demand Channels Not Available

    For the last few weeks I have been having problems with my On Demand channels on my TV.  Now all of my on demand channels are not available.  I have tried a wired and wireless internet connection. Both work ...
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  • Anime network

    When  is DirecTV actually get anime network Channel. not on demand  a regular channel that we can watch. 24-7  nothing  but anime 
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  • Limited internet access for VOD

    Like so many people that use DirecTV we live out of town. Therefore along with satellite TV, we also have satellite internet, which has a limited amount we can use per month. We are fortunate that our internet provide...
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  • how do get internet connection with my hr24 receiver to my netgear r7000 nighthawk router ac1900 smart router

    Hi just moved from a house to apartment and  the internet connection via hard wired ethernet cord to my r7000 netgear nighthawk router, is no longer working its says it say not connected(13), I get ip address and...
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  • DIRECTV online buffering

    I sometimes pay for movies from Directv to watch online using my computer and viewing on a projection screen. They look great when the work. Invariably there are times when the picture freezes, or pixilates, before re...
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  • Watching On Demand on a Surface Pro

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and I am trying to watch on demand shows through the DirecTV website. I have found that if I try to use the "app" version of IE (the one on the home screen), it doesn't work - it continually pro...
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