• What wireless bands does the HD DVR Wireles connector support, 802.11 n or ac?

    I am upgrading my wireless router and I am trying to find out what 802.11 bands the HD DVR Wireless connector supports. Does anyone Know where I can find that info?
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  • How can I connect my receiver to the internet so I can get on Demand

    How can I connect my receiver to the internet so I can get on Demand
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  • What happend to Esquire On Demand?

    Esquire On Demand is missing from my guide and says "Channel Not Available" when I type 1235 with the remote. It also doesn't work at my parents house so its not just my boxes.
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    I have a subscription to all premier channels however when i try to watch HBO / SHOWTIME / STARZ on demand it asks if i want to subscribe to them which i already have. Customer support reports that it is an issue with...
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  • why isn't my on demand available?

    our direct tv was installed yesterday. all of the on demand channels say "on demand not available now". I've double checked the wifi connection, it says it's connected. this morning I reset the master (we have 5 mini's).
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  • What's up with genie Go?  No steaming period

    I've had it for several years.  A few years at least It was never perfect but now it won't stream at all has been several weeks, really minths i called tech support once and after a ridiculous amt of time was ...
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  • incorrect security key

    New faster router.  Trying to connect older directtv cinema wireless to new wifi.  I successfully did this the last time we switched routers several years ago. I did the 30 second reset and the prompts on th...
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  • Why is CBS On Demand video quality poor?

    I recently got DirecTV hooked up.  I have a Genie HR44 playing 1080i into a Bang and Olufsen 65 inch TV.  I've watched a few On Demand shows, most recently Quantico from the ABC list and Limitless from CBS.&...
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  • DirecTV ON Demand and ATT Uverse

    Hi,   I have a DirecTV HR 34 and ATT Uverse.  I am using a Pace Model 5031NV in the SF Bay Area with a Cinema Connection Kit.   I am unable to change the settings to allow it to connect to my wireless...
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  • genie 44-500 always starts recorded programs from the beginning

    Recorded programs, always start from the beginning on my Genie. I have used the suggested methods (list, select program, resume....play etc.) but the recordings start from the beginning of the program, regardless of t...
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  • episodes available before airing date

    Recently while watching a tv series "Satisfaction" I noticed that episodes 4,5, and 10 are available to view, yet they have not yet aired.  Why does this happen
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  • Clear Wire Hotspot Wireless modem and DirectTV

    I just purchased my internet through Clear Wire and decided to do it through a mobile wireless hotspot connection. Can this be used to utilize my new direct tv on-demand/DirecTV cinema service? If so what do I need eq...
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  • Anime Network is missing?

    what happened? Anime network is gone!
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  • Unable to watch on demand past TV shows

    I've had directv since June.  Everything was fine until yesterday.  I'm no longer able to watch previously aired tv shows.  I get the error "There was a problem downloading this program, please try agai...
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  • New window when downloading On Demand

    Why did DirecTV change the way I download On Demand? Now a window pops up asking if I want HD or Faster Download. The system then resets and I have to start over to record another episode of the same program.Yesterday...
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  • Missing Shameless season 5 episode 3 from on demand

    Hi everyone, We've anxiously awaited for Shameless Season 5 to be available on demand. Now that it's here, I setup my HR34 to download the entire season which occurred in short order, except for episode 3. Episode 3 ...
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  • GenieGo no longer streams out of home

    I have a GenieGo that was working out of home until about the AT&T takeover.  It no longer works.  I can log in by the app on my iPad and through the app on my Mac Book Pro and see all the shows that I h...
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  • Why can't I browse on demand channels anymore?

    Main menu recently changed, and the "Browse channels" option is no longer there...
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  • Wired CCK Not Staying to connected to Internet

    I had an installer install a Wired CCK and it keeps dropping all my receivers from On Demand.   i have a   HR34 Genie HR24-500 HR21( with attached Broadband DECA) HR21(with attached Broadband DECA) &nbs...
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  • Series Recording Cut Short

    Recorded Bastard Executioner series on FXHD with 30 minute extension. Episode 6 cut off at the 1:05 mark. Confirmed no conflicts, no satellite feed loss, and highest priority. Same with OnDemand and recently watched. ...
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