• Part or all of program was not recorded because of problem at broadcast time

    I am getting this error message for On Demand of some episodes of The Wire. The error happens when I try to download the same episodes on both of my receivers: HR34-700 (Genie) and HR24-200. There were no storms when ...
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  • Unable to watch on demand

    I'm attempting to watch a show on demand.  I selected the show.  When I go to the "List", it says pending download so I select the show and select "watch".  It then says "preparing for playback" and the...
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  • On Demand multiple errors: channel not available, episodes not playing

    Put a call in to Directv customer service about these issues yesterday.  Would like to know when a solution becomes available.  (None was given yesterday but to wait for a software update.)   In any ca...
    created by gbye
  • audio drop

    audio use to be fine now if using ondemand I get audio drop?? If recording a live program all is fine??
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  • Directv Viewer on my PC stops at 100%

    I have tried this on 3 different browsers with pretty much the same results. The movies never play and there are no errors. Support is unable to resolve the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • DirecTV and Xfinity Router vs PPV

    Last straw is to complain here an hope someone out there has the correct information.   This all began 2 years ago. I got the error 736 when trying to order a movie on demand. "Sorry you have no phone line conne...
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  • Genie always breaks and doesn't work.

    So that means the recording of the Blacklist that I wanted didn't record.   When will Season 2 Episode 3 become available?   It's been on Hulu for 2 days now, does Direct TV just hate it's entertainment cu...
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  • internet connection problems

    I cannot connect to the internet.  my router broke but am using a T-Mobile router that has been working.  someone else set it up for me, unfortunately, he is not available to help me now.  I did the das...
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  • On Demand Viewing - Audio Drop-Out

    I just hung up with DirecTV customer service.  After going round and round with them, I think I finally convinced them that this is a problem for many of us.  A supervisor named 'Donna' was supposedly going ...
    created by dilbert_ismyhero
  • On Demand recording

    I cannot record any shows because it will not connect to my network. I tried testing the system but it still does not work. What can I do?
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  • Standalone Windows Streaming

    Hello,   Does anyone know if DTV is working on a standalone streaming application that gets the current method outside of the web browser?  The audio is usually not framing with the spoken words.   If...
    created by ninefofo
  • Problem watching Haven Episode 2

    Is anyone else having an issue watching Haven Episode 2?  It keeps giving an error that it is not available due to a problem at broadcast time when you choose to watch it from SysFy On Demand.
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  • does anyone know how to setup a CCK-wireless through web address?

    I have a CCK wireless that disconnected and couldn't reconnect. Last time I set it up through web and worked but forgot how to.Does anyone know how to set it up through the internet/web?If so,can someone give me a ste...
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  • Need help setting up a Port

    Im having issues with streaming on demand even though my internet connection is more the fast enough.,. I was told by DirectTV tech support to make sure a port was open on my router, but could not do it while on the p...
    created by vexxer
  • Cinema Connection Kit will not connect to my Uverse Pace Wireless Router

    I order the Direct TV Cinema Kit Thinking it would be a easy Setup. I've had it for 4 days and I can not get it to connect to my wifi network. I've had a Technician come out and look at and he gave me a new HDDVR and ...
    created by corad
  • On Demand is slow to download (pauses/times out/stops)

    Not sure what else to say outside of the title.   When I run a bandwidth test, I have in excess of 30mbps up / 3mbps down.   I didn't see a forum dedicated to On Demand, and I'm really reluctant to pull ...
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  • Genie HR44 - VOD Downloading too slow

    Hello,   I just received the Genie and everything seems to be working fine except vod.  I have a wireless connection.  I have Comcast for internet and wired is rated at 125mbps.   On wifi my ...
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  • rwhinton results

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  • Internet problem

    When I try to download an on demand program I get an error saying internet connection is too slow. I have verified my connection  to the modem is very strong. I'm using a genie receiver.  Any ideas where the...
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  • On Demand Instant Play no longer working. Says "Current internet connection does not support instant play"

    I am having an issue where instant play is no longer working on my HR34. It was working perfectly up until yesterday. Now whenever I try to watch an on demand show it tells me my internet connection is not fast enough...
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