• VOD, DVR, Audio failure for new install. Why?

    On demand and DVR are my go-to requirements; unfortunately, DirecTV is doing nothing to fix these problems for me aside from apprise me that I will owe nearly $500 if I cancel service now, which began sucking immediat...
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  • Trying to connect moden for OnDemand knocks out internet

    So I had trouble connecting the DirecTV modem to my wireless because i cannot run an Ethernet to the Modem.  After a reset, i was finally able to find the wireless connection and enter the password, etc.  It...
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  • Why is Genie slow at downloading

    I just got a Genie (HR44-500) installed this week.  Last night I had it download 10 one half shows of a series. I did it during the night because it slows down my computer quite a bit when it is downloading. ...
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  • Why does my Genie stop and drop a movie from on demand?

    I have an HR44-500 Genie receiver and have been experiencing the following issue : I will pay for a movie On Demand, and the movie will play about 2/3 of the way through.. then just kick out and put me back on a regul...
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  • audio drop

    audio use to be fine now if using ondemand I get audio drop?? If recording a live program all is fine??
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  • Why are my VOD/on demand downloads so slow?

    My speeds are great. 50Mbps down (though in the further part of our house Ookla reports more like 20 Mbps) and 16 Mbps up. Our modem has 16 down channels, 4 up. Our router is strong and my other devices stream/downloa...
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  • rwhinton results

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  • On demand not working. Viewing stops and download restarts.

    I got new DirecTV service a few weeks ago and the on demand movies and shows do not work whatsoever. This is the exact same issue found in discussions going back many months (all the way back to Dec. 2013). When viewi...
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  • AMC on Demand?

    What happen to it? It is gone. It was there tuesday morning but i checked later in day and it wasn't. Been waiting for new episode of  **** on wheels since i lost saturday night cause of storm. All other on deman...
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  • How am i supposed to resume my on demand movies?

    I was just watching a movie on HBO demand. I went to rewind and it exited out of the movie. Ok, no big deal I immediately hit play (as there was no resume option) and the movie proceeded to start from the very beginni...
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  • Error Code 132

    I'm getting an error code 132 when trying to watch OnDemand shows on my TV. Not sure what this means. Can anyone help???
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  • OnDemand from DTV Website Has Changed

    Have not used the DTV Website for quite some time to select an OnDemand Program to record.  I have an HR34 and 3 HR24-500s, I'm a TV Freak!!  In the past I was able to select which recorder the OnDemand prog...
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  • Unable to watch on demand

    I'm attempting to watch a show on demand.  I selected the show.  When I go to the "List", it says pending download so I select the show and select "watch".  It then says "preparing for playback" and the...
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  • Cannot log in without email error message

    I have been through 5-6 Directv representatives by phone on this issue. Every time I attempt to log in to my Directv account, a pop up box tells me that I must change or confirm my email. Well after 5 confirmations, t...
  • How can I filter OnDemand searches to things I can actually watch?

    I just installed a broadband connection to my receiver and want to start watching OnDemand TV on my computer.   Finding something to watch is hugely frustrating. Even though I can supposedly watch 10,000 things ...
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  • Slow On Demand

    We have been able to "watch now" On Demand until about a week ago.  We can still watch Netflix movies instantly.  But a tv episode On Demand takes two hours to download.  Two tech calls this evening has...
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  • Slow on demand speeds

    Hi guys first time poster To download a movie it is taking forever. I have a HR21/200 connected wirelessly with the Cinema connection kitt. my Comcast Internet speeds 26-28 Mbps  and what I keep trying to do is i...
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  • Experiencing problems streaming programing

    I am experiencing problems streaming programming with my DirecTV receivers (HR-24 and HR-22).  When trying to watch a streaming a message is received stating that the internet connection speed is too slow.  ...
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  • how do i shut off sharing on DT on demand  ?????

    how do I shut off direct tv on demand sharing ?? I don't want it on my other tv
  • On-Demand not showing up.

    Hi. I'm struggling to locate On-Demand options on my DVR. The choice no longer shows up on my menu button, nor on the guide. Any suggestions? I've rebooted the DVR, but nothing beyond that.
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