• On Demand channels not available.

    Is anyone having problems with the On Demand channels? All the On Demand channels show up blank with a statement saying (example) 1501 (HBO) is currently unavailable, this is on ALL thje On Demand channels. Also Faceb...
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  • On Demand Not Working "Sorry! Right now, we don't have any programs..."

    Having some issues with getting on demand videos to work properly.Sometimes they work. Other times, I go to a channel, find a show, and pick an episode, and get the message:   "Sorry! Right now, we don't have an...
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  • (AMC) Not available with your programming package

    I switched back to Directv about 3 weeks ago and have been having multiple VOD issues since that time.  I am using a Genie with 2 Genie Minis.  I also have the SELECT (cheapest) service plan.  The issue...
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  • Loss of content!

    Since the last software update on April 7, we lost Sports Guide, Movies, My Directv content, and Pandora, and other social apps.  We contacted DirecTV and they said it's a known issue and the engineers are workin...
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  • Cannot pause DirecTV Cinema movies that I have downloaded

    Recently have been having problem with DirecTV Cinema movies.  Usually record movies to watch when I have time.  But now, if I need to pause and come back later, the movie will only restart and it won't let ...
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  • Why are my VOD/on demand downloads so slow?

    My speeds are great. 50Mbps down (though in the further part of our house Ookla reports more like 20 Mbps) and 16 Mbps up. Our modem has 16 down channels, 4 up. Our router is strong and my other devices stream/downloa...
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  • FOX On-Demand

    I discovered a + sign on my local FOX station Easter Sunday. FOX On-Demand is now on Direct TV.
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  • Watch TV Without a Box?

    This website will not let me post, I've been trying to post for days, I keep getting an error message!!!!  Let's see if today is any better....   When I'm on my computer and it shows "Watch on TV" as an opt...
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  • On demand sheduling

    Is there any way to schedule on demand programing to download to my dvr during "free time zones" (ie 12-5am)?
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  • my demand episodes I want to see are not listed and should be...

    on demand episodes I want to see are not listed as available and should be?
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    I have a subscription to all premier channels however when i try to watch HBO / SHOWTIME / STARZ on demand it asks if i want to subscribe to them which i already have. Customer support reports that it is an issue with...
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  • Post your Specs If your On Demand Works Flawlessly

    People are claiming that their Directv On Demand works completely "flawlessly" 24/7. If you can even come close to this claim, can you please describe your setup. Please include the way you are connected to the networ...
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  • On demand channel enquiry

    Is there a reason that DirecTV does not carry the CW or FOX on demand? 
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  • Sorry!  Right now, we don't have any programs that match the filter you just selected

    I get the above all the time for all kinds of shows on all different Directv Channels.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.  I'll have to say that the only thing that was better about cable was tha...
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  • On Demand Viewing - Audio Drop-Out

    I just hung up with DirecTV customer service.  After going round and round with them, I think I finally convinced them that this is a problem for many of us.  A supervisor named 'Donna' was supposedly going ...
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  • Watch TV online with no ads?

    Hello,   I don't know if this matters, but just in case, I'm on my desktop, running Win7 Home Premium, 64-bit Operating System, running I.E.9.   I just recently started watching free shows online, is ther...
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  • On Demand is Hit and Miss and Not Reliable

    I have 50 mbs download and 5 mbs upload so can stream anything and do it with multiple shows etc.  I have no problem watching other streaming services like Netflix.  Good thing I have HBO Go because Directv ...
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  • Directv Cinema is not compatible with Hughes Satellite Internet Gen 4

    After a month of trying to get something to download from the Directv Cinema, i finally got someone smart enough over there to tell me that Directv Cinema dcck box is not compatible with Hughes Internet Satellite even...
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  • Cant use my VOD

    Everytime I try to use VOD it says Im not subscribed, I have used it before without any problems, but for the last month I havent been able to.
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  • Satelite Internet Provider said I can lower quality of on-demand films to save broadband

    When I first hooked up Genie it immediately ate up my satellite internet bandwidth so I blocked it from connecting to the internet via my router. I talked to my ISP and they said I could lower the quality of the video...
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