• On Demand not working, YouTube and Pandora missing

    I have a Genie - HR44 and a Genie Mini - C41.  I've had them each for quite a while, maybe a year or two.  My On Demand stopped working a couple of days ago - it gives me a message about there not being anyt...
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  • On Demand Connection Issues

    Since having DirecTV installed I have nothing but problems with OnDemand.  I have read some of the threads and I do have a Gateway.  I did buy a separate router and that did not solve the problem.  I ev...
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  • ON Demand HD

    Hi everyone, I decided to try my first time using On Demand.  I have an HD tv, and normal content comes through just fine on my HD.  However, I tried to watch Scorpion (on CBS) and it was not in HD.  H...
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  • Will the Zoom Telephonics 5341 Modem with Comcast Internet work with Directv On Demand Service. I see that the modem does not support ipv6. So i need to know before purchasing the modem. Thank You.

    Will the Zoom Telephonics 5341 Modem with Comcast Internet work with Directv On Demand Service. I see that the modem does not support ipv6. So i need to know before purchasing the modem. Thank You.
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  • Limited internet access for VOD

    Like so many people that use DirecTV we live out of town. Therefore along with satellite TV, we also have satellite internet, which has a limited amount we can use per month. We are fortunate that our internet provide...
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  • why do I lose internet connection when trying to schedule recordings via the website?

    Every time I try to schedule a recording via the website it kicks me off the internet.  It doesn't matter if I'm at home or at work.  I have attempted to schedule recording via the app on my phone but it alw...
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  • kelvinator

    kelvinator 35699066
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  • HR24 Needs to be on all the time?

    Hello,   I have an HR24 DVR for about a week now. A few days ago I had quite a few choices to watch On Demand. Particular the Nickelodeon and TeenNick channels. I saw shows like Hey Arnold and Doug available to ...
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  • HR44-500 On Demand Problems

    I am getting no programming on my HD-DVR, an HR44-500. It was working last week, no recent software upgrade. Netflix, Hulu and all my services are running just fine. Speeds at 30 mbps, via Xfinity. Connection is hard-...
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  • How to configure SonicWall TZ105 to access VOD?

    I have recently installed a firewall SonicWall TZ105 and am unable to access VOD.  Receive error "1000 (DTV) is currently not available".    I have and HR21/700 and have tried opening up various ports...
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  • On Demand Not Working "Sorry! Right now, we don't have any programs..."

    Having some issues with getting on demand videos to work properly.Sometimes they work. Other times, I go to a channel, find a show, and pick an episode, and get the message:   "Sorry! Right now, we don't have an...
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  • my demand episodes I want to see are not listed and should be...

    on demand episodes I want to see are not listed as available and should be?
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  • Satelite Internet Provider said I can lower quality of on-demand films to save broadband

    When I first hooked up Genie it immediately ate up my satellite internet bandwidth so I blocked it from connecting to the internet via my router. I talked to my ISP and they said I could lower the quality of the video...
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  • Penny Dreadful ondemand?

    I have tried to watch Penny Dreadful on demand and keep getting the message that directv can,t connect.  All other programs I have tried to watch on Showtime on demand download and work fine.....any ideas out the...
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  • On Demand is Hit and Miss and Not Reliable

    I have 50 mbs download and 5 mbs upload so can stream anything and do it with multiple shows etc.  I have no problem watching other streaming services like Netflix.  Good thing I have HBO Go because Directv ...
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  • Cannot pause DirecTV Cinema movies that I have downloaded

    Recently have been having problem with DirecTV Cinema movies.  Usually record movies to watch when I have time.  But now, if I need to pause and come back later, the movie will only restart and it won't let ...
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  • (AMC) Not available with your programming package

    I switched back to Directv about 3 weeks ago and have been having multiple VOD issues since that time.  I am using a Genie with 2 Genie Minis.  I also have the SELECT (cheapest) service plan.  The issue...
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  • Loss of content!

    Since the last software update on April 7, we lost Sports Guide, Movies, My Directv content, and Pandora, and other social apps.  We contacted DirecTV and they said it's a known issue and the engineers are workin...
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  • FOX On-Demand

    I discovered a + sign on my local FOX station Easter Sunday. FOX On-Demand is now on Direct TV.
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  • Watch TV Without a Box?

    This website will not let me post, I've been trying to post for days, I keep getting an error message!!!!  Let's see if today is any better....   When I'm on my computer and it shows "Watch on TV" as an opt...
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