• Series Recording Cut Short

    Recorded Bastard Executioner series on FXHD with 30 minute extension. Episode 6 cut off at the 1:05 mark. Confirmed no conflicts, no satellite feed loss, and highest priority. Same with OnDemand and recently watched. ...
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  • Bastard Executioner on FXHD  cut off at the 1:05 mark. Why?!!!

    Recorded Bastard Executioner series on FXHD with 30 minute extension. Episode 6 cut off at the 1:05 mark. Confirmed no conflicts, no satellite feed loss, and highest priority. Same with OnDemand and recently watched. ...
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  • On demand movie availability date.

    Hello,   Is there a place to find when content is going to be available on-demand? I'm interested in watching a movie but on the first available platform ie. netflix,amazon,googleplay,directv. Directv has the qu...
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  • Sorry!  Right now, we don't have any programs that match the filter you just selected

    I am a new user of Directv, and I was aware of this problem, but hoped it was corrected by now since the last discussion about this subject was back in April.  But I am hitting the same problem.  VOD seems t...
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  • Forum reply not saved due to an error

    I keep getting this message when attempting to reply to a discussion - it says I may have been logged out by clearly I am logged in. Anyone else having this issue?
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  • hr44-500 On Demand buffers to much (50 mbps internet, receiver says good wifi signal)

    My receiver says I have a good wi-fi signal. I have 50 mbps internet pipe.  I can stream other services to other devices without buffering.   My DirecTV HR44 buffers chronically.  Watch a minute of vid...
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  • Directv enhanced content on Tivo HD dvr

    I have the Directv TiVo HD dvr, THR22, and I'm having trouble with the enhanced content. Basically the Tivo dvr's have 2 tuners recording a 30 minute cache at all times on which ever channel they are on, so that you d...
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  • I can't find On demand. I have a pk5001z and Gene lite

    I go to menu and down to extras and on demand isn't there.
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  • What equipment to set up RV for Directv

    I have a H-25-500 receiver from my home service. What else do I need to get service in the RV? What dish/LNB, inserter, ect do I need and how to hook them up ( i.e. Dish to inserter to receivet to TV).
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  • Internet Problem - Device Not Making Successful Callback

    All,   I have a very frustrating problem with my Direct TV receiver/system. The model is HR44-500. It never makes a successful callback with the main Direct TV system, so Direct TV does not think I have an inter...
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  • disable on demand

    I have a limited capacity internet connection (30GB per month). I want to readily be able to enable and disable on demand, watch from beginning, and any other internet hog capabilities.
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  • How long does On-Demand banner stay on the screen?

    I was about to order an On-Demand movie and noticed it started playing with the "buy now for $5.99" and "Cancel" option.  This banner in the lower right hand corner stayed on a long time. How long will that s...
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  • OnDemand Shows Will Not Download/Stream

    I have a whole home Genie DVR (HR44/500) and I cannot stream/download full shows through OnDemand. I can start streaming/downloading a show or movie, but after a certain percentage, the download will fail and I get an...
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  • Direct TV TIVO has no downloadable programs available.

    (Yes, I know this has been discussed before..since 2013!.. but I've yet to discover a satisfactory answer...or any answer for that matter)   What happens is that I periodically will get one downloadable episode ...
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  • Online streaming no longer works

    Over the past few days (it's 06/15/15), online streaming from Directv.com stopped working.  It was previously working on several Win7 PC's on Chrome 43 and IE 11.   After requesting a show, we were aske...
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  • Audio out of sync

    Recently returned to DIRECTV. Original install was flawless. The two years of service only let me to call customer service essentially trivial questions. No problems to speak of. Recently returned at the end of last m...
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  • On-Line Streaming STILL does not work

    New customer since just 6/17.   I have never gotten on-line streaming to work.  I am not trying to stream outside my house,  just to a computer desktop in my home.  Initially,  the proble...
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  • Directb Player Installed several times, but still asks me to install

    So I recently moved.I don't want to move my directv as my brother and mom still use it at their house and I can't have installed where I live so I'm fine streaming it. It had been working the past few days on Chrome a...
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  • On Demand Movies-Brightness/Gamma Issues

    I was hoping someone can help verify this for me to ensure its not just my HR44 having issues. The last few on demand movies I’ve downloaded, Captain America Winter Soldier, and Guardians of The Galaxy, Have had...
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  • On Demand channels not available.

    Is anyone having problems with the On Demand channels? All the On Demand channels show up blank with a statement saying (example) 1501 (HBO) is currently unavailable, this is on ALL thje On Demand channels. Also Faceb...
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