• Satelite Internet Provider said I can lower quality of on-demand films to save broadband

    When I first hooked up Genie it immediately ate up my satellite internet bandwidth so I blocked it from connecting to the internet via my router. I talked to my ISP and they said I could lower the quality of the video...
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  • The Jinx is not really available from HBO on demand here on Direct TV

    For several days I have been trying, and failing, to download episodes of The Jinx from HBO Pay per View.  There have been several problems.  First, episode 3 is completely unavailable, for reasons I can't i...
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  • Limited internet access for VOD

    Like so many people that use DirecTV we live out of town. Therefore along with satellite TV, we also have satellite internet, which has a limited amount we can use per month. We are fortunate that our internet provide...
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  • On demand

    Downloading on demand-program both takes hours to download & buffers several times....Took nearly 3 hours to download one 1hr program.. then after, program buffers & stops & repeats every few minutes. Argh!
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  • Guide Disappears - Says "To be announced" then "Regular Schedule"

    The guide suddenly disappeared and read "To be announced" on every channel.  After reading several posts, I did as many suggested and did a double reset - first pushing the red button, and after it completely loa...
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  • ON Demand HD

    Hi everyone, I decided to try my first time using On Demand.  I have an HD tv, and normal content comes through just fine on my HD.  However, I tried to watch Scorpion (on CBS) and it was not in HD.  H...
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  • On demand, watch trailer and rewind a channel won't work

    Hi there, Tried everything so I am posting here hoping someone knows the answer. I've been through the whole resetting the box, the router, the modem, the SWM power and the Deca...   Internet is connected prop...
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  • Game of Thrones keeps disappearing from On Demand

    Strange problem. I'm trying to watch Game of Thrones (GOT). I tried the HBOGO app and it simply wouldn't stream reliably. I decided to wire up my DTV HR20 receiver to my router so I could watch it from On Demand. I se...
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  • On Demand Content Not Available

    I've noticed several answers have been that the channel controls the server for OD.  I tend to disagree with that.  There have been shows that was not available on DTVs OD that have been available on other c...
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  • What s the point of having on demand when multiple episodes are missing from tv shows!?

    I just recently finished the 1st season of a show on Netflix. It is currently in its second season on mac. I want to start the second season but only the last few episodes are on demand. Episodes 12,14,15 and 18. What...
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  • Problems downloading Showtime on-demand content

    Similar issue others are encountering, but more specific to Showtime programming.  Trying to watch House of Lies.  Episodes appear available for download and/or viewing.  After selecting one to record, ...
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  • zoomed in picture on demand

    Some shows I watch on demand, I notice that the picture seems zoomed in. Top, bottom, and sides are cut off. It seems mostly network channels. Again it is only on demand. Is there anything that can be done to fix this?
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  • Why can't I fast forward VOD?

    There are a couple of times I've fallen asleep in the middle of watching a VOD movie or tv show and want to pick up where I left off but can't because VOD doesn't permit fast forwarding. Why? To force me to watch an h...
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  • Fast forwarding On Demand

    Why can we not fast forward on shows that are downloaded??  I can rewind but it says that "fast forward is not available for this".  I think we pay enough for tv that we should be able to fast forward when w...
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  • internet connection problems

    I cannot connect to the internet.  my router broke but am using a T-Mobile router that has been working.  someone else set it up for me, unfortunately, he is not available to help me now.  I did the das...
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  • HBO On Demand Missing episodes from Season 4 Game of Thrones

    Missing episodes 7,8,9 from Season 4 of Game of Thrones. I am able to see episodes 7 & 8 via Direct TV for which I can view via the computer, phone or tablet but not record. Episode 10 is available for recording. ...
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    The On Demand programs on my Genie box keeps showing up and disappearing..Directv's tech support says that they have been aware of the issue for about a month and their engineers are still working on a fix!...Another ...
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  • Internet connection repeatedly lost

    I have a HR22/400 receiver that continually loses internet connectivity.  I have contacted DirecTV Technical Support 5 times in the last few days (3x last night).  They are not any help and now they want to ...
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  • Did I get charged?

    I accidentally clicked "Watch Now" on a cinaMAX movie, and did not watch it, I deleted it before it went pass 0%, did I get charged for this?
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  • DirecTV and Xfinity Router vs PPV

    Last straw is to complain here an hope someone out there has the correct information.   This all began 2 years ago. I got the error 736 when trying to order a movie on demand. "Sorry you have no phone line conne...
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