• On demand is not recording Fargo...then it kicks me off!!!

    I have tried everything to fix this issue...nothing seems to help...I read in the forums  this is happening to others... did everything...reset....deleted everything in the recording and play list..unpluged and r...
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  • Slow download...

    Why do some programs not download fast enough to keep the show playing, but can start a different one and it works fine?
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  • Error 1109

    First, let me say that the directv.com website S U C K S ! ! ! ! How many endless loops have you paid someone to create????? I'm guessing that whomever is responsible for the code has never logged in as a user. O...
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  • Connecting HR24/200 receiver to wireless network...

    I was connected to Internet with my HR24/200 receiver.  All was good until my wireless router died.  Now I cannot get it to connect again To the new router.  What do I need to do?  Haven't found wh...
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  • Want two DVR's on one TV. DirecTV said no.

    Asked the sales department about the recording capabilities of the Genie DVR and they said I can record up to 5 shows of my choosing without any additional hardware. I only have one TV and when I asked if I could ...
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  • Ordering PPV or On Demand from phone???

    I would like to be able order a PPV movie from my phone or rent an on-demand movie from my phone and be able to watch it on my laptop or my tablet.  I haven't been able to do either.  I called Directv and th...
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  • CCK setup issues - won't recognize password

    I have been trying unsuccessfully for a few days to set up my wireless DirecTV Cinema Connection kit.  I have the Method 1 setup, with the Ethernet cable from the CCK to the DTV DVR (which is a HR22) (this is not...
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  • ON DEMAND channels unavailable after update

    Received update last night (6/8/2014) and now I can not access ON DEMAND. I have checked many channels (HBO SHOWTIME ABC ESPN, etc) and get the same message "Channel is currently not available". ON DEMAND was working ...
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  • Is the free preview messing with HBO OD/HBOGO

    I've been merrily watching the first three seasons of the wire on HBOGo and HBO On Demand as time allows but now this morning I can't stream either way, HBO OD tells me streaming is currently unavailable and HBOGo tel...
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  • Xbox

    II'm going on vacation.  My children want to bring the xbox One.  But i'd like to be able to access my directv. Can I get my directv service on the xbox.  If so how do I do it.  I will have interne...
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  • Connecting to On Demand with ATT

    Hi All,   I have the HR24 receiver and have ATT DSL internet.  It is the all in one wireless router.  I connected an ethernet cable to the HD receiver and the router and when setting up it shows no con...
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  • FIX for VOD downloading issues

    After messing around with this for most of the day, I got VOD to work!  This may not work for everyone but it did work for me and I tired it on 4 different VOD channels and each one downloaded fully with NO probl...
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  • Problem downloading On Demand shows

    Hi, every time I try to download an On Demand show, it starts by showing the download is pending.  Then I can watch the progress bar as the show is downloading.  Once the download bar reaches 100%, it briefl...
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  • massive data usage

    DTV WIFI when I downloaded an on demand show (1hour ) used 1gig. Is that about the right amount? What can I do to get more for less.
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  • DirecTV On Demand vs. HBO Go on Apple TV for Game of Thrones? Does DirecTV offer Dolby Digital 5.1 and 1080P for On Demand HBO?

    Hi DirecTV On Demand vs. HBO Go on Apple TV for Game of Thrones? Does DirecTV offer Dolby Digital 5.1 and 1080P for On Demand HBO?
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  • Airport Express

    I have an airport express. Directv recognizes it but won't accept my password.  What do I do?
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  • Yet Another VOD Problem Genie HR44-500 - Is it Only Recording That is The Issue, if so Is it The Servers?

    There have been a number of posts recently - original posts, replies to the threaded discussions emanating therefrom. All bear a typical framework.   Subscriber says they have trouble getting a recording to fini...
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  • can NOT download ON DEMAND

    I have the hr44-500 Genie reciever and I used to be able to download ON DEMAND shows...last couple days I can't.  The only thing that has changed is new software...0x863 on May 21 at 12:54am.  I check the ne...
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  • Directv Online

    I was on the phone with tech support this morning for 2 hrs dealing with a couple of somewhat helpful people and two very rude directv.com people. No one can seem to figure out why, when I log into directv.com to watc...
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  • New to Directv

    Hello! I am new to Directv but am having some issues watching anything online. I have subscriptions to HBO, STARZ and so on but when I go to watch a movie online from one of those channels it tells me I need to upgra...
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