• Home Cinema Kit

    I will be installing a new DTV Home Cinema Kit. The install seems fairly staraightforward. My system has a power inserter. I have not been able to find any info regarding installation of the kit when a power inserter ...
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  • Solved security key not accepted

    There are a number of posts around getting the security key not accepted message with the Cinema Connection Kit.  I had that problem after I changed my cable modem.  I use an Apple Time Capsule for my wirele...
    created by stevezchicago
  • "on demand" issues

    Having essentially the same "on demand" issues as others here. When I try to download on-demand programming, the warning pops up that my internet connection speed is not fast enough. I have an HR-44 Genie with remote ...
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  • HR21-100 CCK wireless and internet error 22

    I have a Whole-Home setup with a CCK-W.The CCK-W is connected great.My receivers are a HR34 Genie,HR21-700,HR24-200 and HR21-100.All 3 receivers(HR34 Genie,HR21-700,HR24-200) besides the HR21-100 will connect and are ...
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  • says internet is not fast enough for on demand but worked ok before upgrade to genie equipment

    When trying to download on demand movies I get a message that says internet speed is to slow. Before upgrading to Genie equipment downloads worked OK for on demand movies.
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  • On demand via satellite connection?

    I live in a rural area with limited Internet access.  I'd like to be able to stream on-demand or rent pay-per-view, but this isn't possible for me via the Internet.  Can my directv equipment be conf...
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  • I am unable to watch "Madam Secretary" on Demand. Do I have to hace CBS channels in my package to watch CBS on Demand shows?

    Any body help?
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  • On Demand multiple errors: channel not available, episodes not playing

    Put a call in to Directv customer service about these issues yesterday.  Would like to know when a solution becomes available.  (None was given yesterday but to wait for a software update.)   In any ca...
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  • HBO On Demand Errors

    For some reason I am suddenly having issues with HBO On Demand, specifically with Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire and have had this issue with other on demand shows in the past. I watched seasons 1-3 of Game of T...
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  • Part or all of program was not recorded because of problem at broadcast time

    I am getting this error message for On Demand of some episodes of The Wire. The error happens when I try to download the same episodes on both of my receivers: HR34-700 (Genie) and HR24-200. There were no storms when ...
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  • can watch on pc but not on tv

    I'm trying to watch the first episodes of Gracepoint and thedirectv site says that the first episodes are ony available to watch on computer. What's going on ?
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  • Help! VOD working fine on new service until I replaced my DSL modem??

    Hi, My service was installed a little over a month ago (though it's been such a nightmare, it feels like 5 lifetimes ago-sorry, had to rant) and the VOD was working fine until I installed a new modem a few days ago. ...
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  • Still no Fox on Demand?  Why not?

    A friend of mine with Comcast CATV reported that he has been watching the new series "Gotham" on Fox On Demand.   I checked the DirecTV lineup and was amazed to see that Fox On Demand is not carried, even though...
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  • How do I speed up "On Demand" to be truly "on demand"?

    I have been having very slow download speeds with my on demand.  It is taking hours to download a movie, and it is not possible to "Watch now" because it buffers so badly.    I have CenturyLink intern...
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  • on demand connectivity

    after recently having to replace both my router and modem for my internet connection I am no longer able to use the on demand system. I get a failure to connect code 71-73-687. I am also unable to use Pandora through ...
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  • Directv Viewer on my PC stops at 100%

    I have tried this on 3 different browsers with pretty much the same results. The movies never play and there are no errors. Support is unable to resolve the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Unable to watch on demand

    I'm attempting to watch a show on demand.  I selected the show.  When I go to the "List", it says pending download so I select the show and select "watch".  It then says "preparing for playback" and the...
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  • audio drop

    audio use to be fine now if using ondemand I get audio drop?? If recording a live program all is fine??
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  • Genie always breaks and doesn't work.

    So that means the recording of the Blacklist that I wanted didn't record.   When will Season 2 Episode 3 become available?   It's been on Hulu for 2 days now, does Direct TV just hate it's entertainment cu...
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  • On Demand recording

    I cannot record any shows because it will not connect to my network. I tried testing the system but it still does not work. What can I do?
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