• DIRECTV online buffering

    I sometimes pay for movies from Directv to watch online using my computer and viewing on a projection screen. They look great when the work. Invariably there are times when the picture freezes, or pixilates, before re...
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  • Watching On Demand on a Surface Pro

    I have a Surface Pro 3 and I am trying to watch on demand shows through the DirecTV website. I have found that if I try to use the "app" version of IE (the one on the home screen), it doesn't work - it continually pro...
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  • Sorry!  Right now, we don't have any programs that match the filter you just selected

    I get the above all the time for all kinds of shows on all different Directv Channels.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.  I'll have to say that the only thing that was better about cable was tha...
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  • Orphan Black

    anyone able to watch season 3 episode 9 of OB??
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  • Why are my VOD/on demand downloads so slow?

    My speeds are great. 50Mbps down (though in the further part of our house Ookla reports more like 20 Mbps) and 16 Mbps up. Our modem has 16 down channels, 4 up. Our router is strong and my other devices stream/downloa...
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  • Does DirecTV have the worst On Demand system?

    People complaining about On Demand here may as well understand that as much as I like DirecTV for many reasons, their On Demand system is the worst I've ever encountered.  There is no real streaming -- everything...
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  • Slingbox to Genie ?

    New customer.  Streaming to desktop clearly not working.  Before I go out and spend huge money to overcome that fact that DirecTV can not offer a viable streaming alternative ...   HAS ANYONE READING T...
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  • Can't download Season 2 and 3 of Homeland from Showtime

    We downloaded Season 2, Episode 1 of Homeland successfully.  But ever since, for all the other Season 2 and 3 episodes, it only does a partial download and only shows 1 minute on the time bar at the bottom of the...
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  • Directv is worthless on..

    Mobile devices outside of your home. The DTV app says you can watch Discovery Deadliest Catch on your Ipad but you can't it says you can only watch it at home on your tv lol. I swear whoever sets up these restrictions...
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  • How do you access ESPN3 on DirecTV?

    Can you get it through On-Demand?
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  • Do movie on demand come in via the Directv dish or the internet?

    I know I have to be hooked to the internet in order to get the on demand movies but is that just to place the order or does the actual movie come in via that internet connection.  I'm hoping the movie actually co...
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  • Masters of *** deleted from DVR

    I was downloading season 2 of Masters of *** and after a week I had about 8 episodes done and the others pending (my VOD speed totally ***** for some reason but that's a separate issue) and suddenly they were all dele...
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  • server software download... about 3x a day

    Starting just a couple weeks ago, I game down to turn on the TV and see that my HR44/500 was reset.   It was asking me to 'name' the primary DVR, and then add clients.   I had to go to each genie c...
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  • movie price increases??

    has anyone noticed that the prices for pay per view movies has gone up?! used to be 3.99 but i rented one last night for 5.99. i'm sure the studios are hitting directv with fees, etc. just looking for thoughts. perso...
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  • On Demand not working, YouTube and Pandora missing

    I have a Genie - HR44 and a Genie Mini - C41.  I've had them each for quite a while, maybe a year or two.  My On Demand stopped working a couple of days ago - it gives me a message about there not being anyt...
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  • On Demand Connection Issues

    Since having DirecTV installed I have nothing but problems with OnDemand.  I have read some of the threads and I do have a Gateway.  I did buy a separate router and that did not solve the problem.  I ev...
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  • Will the Zoom Telephonics 5341 Modem with Comcast Internet work with Directv On Demand Service. I see that the modem does not support ipv6. So i need to know before purchasing the modem. Thank You.

    Will the Zoom Telephonics 5341 Modem with Comcast Internet work with Directv On Demand Service. I see that the modem does not support ipv6. So i need to know before purchasing the modem. Thank You.
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  • why do I lose internet connection when trying to schedule recordings via the website?

    Every time I try to schedule a recording via the website it kicks me off the internet.  It doesn't matter if I'm at home or at work.  I have attempted to schedule recording via the app on my phone but it alw...
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  • kelvinator

    kelvinator 35699066
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  • HR24 Needs to be on all the time?

    Hello,   I have an HR24 DVR for about a week now. A few days ago I had quite a few choices to watch On Demand. Particular the Nickelodeon and TeenNick channels. I saw shows like Hey Arnold and Doug available to ...
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