• on demand connectivity

    after recently having to replace both my router and modem for my internet connection I am no longer able to use the on demand system. I get a failure to connect code 71-73-687. I am also unable to use Pandora through ...
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  • Why are my VOD/on demand downloads so slow?

    My speeds are great. 50Mbps down (though in the further part of our house Ookla reports more like 20 Mbps) and 16 Mbps up. Our modem has 16 down channels, 4 up. Our router is strong and my other devices stream/downloa...
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  • Directv Viewer on my PC stops at 100%

    I have tried this on 3 different browsers with pretty much the same results. The movies never play and there are no errors. Support is unable to resolve the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Unable to watch on demand

    I'm attempting to watch a show on demand.  I selected the show.  When I go to the "List", it says pending download so I select the show and select "watch".  It then says "preparing for playback" and the...
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  • audio drop

    audio use to be fine now if using ondemand I get audio drop?? If recording a live program all is fine??
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  • Genie always breaks and doesn't work.

    So that means the recording of the Blacklist that I wanted didn't record.   When will Season 2 Episode 3 become available?   It's been on Hulu for 2 days now, does Direct TV just hate it's entertainment cu...
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  • On Demand recording

    I cannot record any shows because it will not connect to my network. I tried testing the system but it still does not work. What can I do?
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  • Standalone Windows Streaming

    Hello,   Does anyone know if DTV is working on a standalone streaming application that gets the current method outside of the web browser?  The audio is usually not framing with the spoken words.   If...
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  • Problem watching Haven Episode 2

    Is anyone else having an issue watching Haven Episode 2?  It keeps giving an error that it is not available due to a problem at broadcast time when you choose to watch it from SysFy On Demand.
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  • does anyone know how to setup a CCK-wireless through web address?

    I have a CCK wireless that disconnected and couldn't reconnect. Last time I set it up through web and worked but forgot how to.Does anyone know how to set it up through the internet/web?If so,can someone give me a ste...
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  • Need help setting up a Port

    Im having issues with streaming on demand even though my internet connection is more the fast enough.,. I was told by DirectTV tech support to make sure a port was open on my router, but could not do it while on the p...
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  • On Demand is slow to download (pauses/times out/stops)

    Not sure what else to say outside of the title.   When I run a bandwidth test, I have in excess of 30mbps up / 3mbps down.   I didn't see a forum dedicated to On Demand, and I'm really reluctant to pull ...
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  • Genie HR44 - VOD Downloading too slow

    Hello,   I just received the Genie and everything seems to be working fine except vod.  I have a wireless connection.  I have Comcast for internet and wired is rated at 125mbps.   On wifi my ...
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  • rwhinton results

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  • Internet problem

    When I try to download an on demand program I get an error saying internet connection is too slow. I have verified my connection  to the modem is very strong. I'm using a genie receiver.  Any ideas where the...
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  • On Demand Instant Play no longer working. Says "Current internet connection does not support instant play"

    I am having an issue where instant play is no longer working on my HR34. It was working perfectly up until yesterday. Now whenever I try to watch an on demand show it tells me my internet connection is not fast enough...
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  • Poor audio quality with recorded on demand

    I've been hearing noise, random crackles, on 9 out of 10 programs I watch.  I've only watched on demand from HBO so far. Regularly recorded shows from live TV have no issue.  I for the most part record all o...
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  • VOD not working on USA channel. Anyone else?

    VOD not working on USA channel, others work fine. Anyone else? I've never seen this before. Tried different shows, seems to be just this channel. Doing the same thing on my other DVR also.
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  • Trying to connect moden for OnDemand knocks out internet

    So I had trouble connecting the DirecTV modem to my wireless because i cannot run an Ethernet to the Modem.  After a reset, i was finally able to find the wireless connection and enter the password, etc.  It...
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  • Need help optimizing wifi settings for on demand.

    I need help port forwarding.  I have a netgear 7550.  I need the port numbers as well.  Can anybody help me? 
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