• massive data usage

    DTV WIFI when I downloaded an on demand show (1hour ) used 1gig. Is that about the right amount? What can I do to get more for less.
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  • DirecTV On Demand vs. HBO Go on Apple TV for Game of Thrones? Does DirecTV offer Dolby Digital 5.1 and 1080P for On Demand HBO?

    Hi DirecTV On Demand vs. HBO Go on Apple TV for Game of Thrones? Does DirecTV offer Dolby Digital 5.1 and 1080P for On Demand HBO?
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  • Airport Express

    I have an airport express. Directv recognizes it but won't accept my password.  What do I do?
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  • Yet Another VOD Problem Genie HR44-500 - Is it Only Recording That is The Issue, if so Is it The Servers?

    There have been a number of posts recently - original posts, replies to the threaded discussions emanating therefrom. All bear a typical framework.   Subscriber says they have trouble getting a recording to fini...
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  • can NOT download ON DEMAND

    I have the hr44-500 Genie reciever and I used to be able to download ON DEMAND shows...last couple days I can't.  The only thing that has changed is new software...0x863 on May 21 at 12:54am.  I check the ne...
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  • Directv Online

    I was on the phone with tech support this morning for 2 hrs dealing with a couple of somewhat helpful people and two very rude directv.com people. No one can seem to figure out why, when I log into directv.com to watc...
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  • New to Directv

    Hello! I am new to Directv but am having some issues watching anything online. I have subscriptions to HBO, STARZ and so on but when I go to watch a movie online from one of those channels it tells me I need to upgra...
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  • DirecTV not working with FlashPlayer v.13

    Adobe issues, trying to view trailers on HP desktop PC (only device I have), DirecTV says need to install FlashPlayer; Adobe says I have the latest version installed (v.13).  Have had no problems viewing trailers...
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  • Major networks on demand??

    I missed an episode of American Idol and tried to watch it on demand.  I couldn't find Fox on demand anywhere.  Does Direct still not have the major networks on demand or am I missing something?  Thanks...
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  • can't access VOD after Genie upgrade!

    Help! I just had my receiver upgraded from a HR21 to the Genie HR44 and now i cannot access VOD(nor can i use in home live streaming).. VOD and live streaming worked perfect on the old receiver.. are there any specia...
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  • Why is DirecTV so far behind on Live Streaming

    I have been a DirecTV user since 2004, and I am family love our DirecTV, but....   ...recently as more and more TV networks allow subscribers to view programming on-line, you never, ever see DirecTV as a cable/s...
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  • Is there a way to search for previous academy award nominee movies for best picture?

    I'd like to know whether it is possible to identify movies which have been nominated and/or won for Best Picture, or perhaps other Oscar awards.  I've tried various key word searches, but have not been able to ob...
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  • Watch Online error #1100 streaming not available at this time

    i get that error every time i try to watch something via PC does not matter what computer, happens on my new Mac, my windows7 PC, my windows XP pc. No problems streaming other things, CNN CWW etc direct from their si...
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  • Directv tivo hd is missing some "on demand" channels for networks

    I Am not super into network tv so I never noticed this but apparently the directv branded DVD has on demand channels for ABC CBS and NBC the tivo does not seem to have.   DOes anyone onow know why this might be...
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  • Episodes Missing from VOD?

    Last night I was watching VOD episodes (Suits) from 2013. Today when I went to resume watching they are now all gone and can only watch VOD episodes from 3/14 and later. Is there anything I can do to get them back? &...
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  • connection

    I have dtv plus hd dvr and Linksys gamer, I am connected to the Internet but can't get my demand to download, Pandora to work or tv apps.
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  • Hello I am unable to set up my on demand.

    Hello I am unable to set up my on demand.  intially i think the issue was due to having a WEP key so i needed to enter the code in HEX with a little googling your forums answered my question yeah! unfortunatly in...
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  • On Demand Connectivity Issues - "There was a problem connecting to DIRECTV. Please try again later"

    I have HD DVR model HR24-100 with premium channels.  All normal programing works as does my internet.  My On Demand options are present and selectable up to the individual show I want to watch, however once ...
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  • HR24 Bad Box

    After 3-4 weeks of: 1. Ordering and downloading VOD or Direct TV movies and then when you go to play they revert back to ordering screen and error 871. 2. Searching forums, changing ports settings etc 3. Numerous c...
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  • Linksys WGA600n vs DirectTV Cinema Wireless Kit

    I have both devices available and have used both to connect DVR's to the internet.  It seems to me that the DirectTV Cinema Kit has a stronger wireless reception antennas.  However, I can find no input on co...
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