• Genie go app - ipad

    The app seems to be getting worse. Login and response time is terrible.  Downloads don't seem t be working as it keeps showing no downloads.  App seems to hang at Downloads.  No easy way to clean up sto...
    created by esko
  • GenieGo IP address & mac address issue

    I'm having an issue where the IP address of the GenieGo changes. I have done a setup in the router DHCP IP address reservation. Another thing I've noticed, is there appears to be different mac addresses for the GenieG...
    created by rfhogskin
  • How to delete GenieGo show off iPad

    I can not find any buttons to delete a show downloaded onto the iPad except for shows that are in a list with multiple episodes. Shows with a single episode show only the "play" triangle icon with no controls to delet...
    last modified by brucemck
  • GenieGo Doesn't Work on Airplanes on Ipad

    GenieGo is a complete joke.  I spent like 30 mins on the phone with tech support after the Chat representative told me she wasn't really smart on GenieGo.  The "expert" I spoke with really had no clue either...
    last modified by pcourt
  • Your Directv GenieGo was not found

    I installed the app on my pc, tablet, & phone and on all of them I get this message. Your Directv GenieGo was not found {find/501}
    last modified by wr981st
  • Genie To Go being blocked by internet filter.

    My Genie To Go was doing just great until they put a iboss filter on our wireless network.  Now it just says searching for my Genie To Go all the time.  They ran an ip check and couldn't see anything being b...
    last modified by slatimer72
  • Here is one for you genie go only works if hooked up direct to genie DVR

    I have genie HD DVR upstairs and a HD 200 downstairs and whole-home which works really great BUT my new genie go with the single light will not see my DVRs. connected to a wireless modem .. If  hooked direct into...
    last modified by garrickw
  • Show titles not visible when changing channels (or using info)

    Just got a new Genie system. When changing channels or hitting info the show title doesn't appear at the top of the screen. Everything else is there. Also when using the search function the numbers and letters are bla...
    last modified by thetambo
  • Trying to hook up my genie hr44 up to my motorhome

    I recently moved and am living in a RV.  Having a hard time setting up my direct tv up.  Have a genie HR44 reciever.  Left dish on house so i need help, what dish do I need and how do I conect it all up...
    last modified by sunrancher
  • Trying to register ipad

    Trying to register an ipad to GenieGo and get error code: 65535. Already registered two iphones and an imac with no problems.
    last modified by drjr
  • GenieGO wont find DVRs, Solid Amber Status, Solid Blue Network, Connected directly to router, All DVRs have internet

    My GenieGO stopped working. It is connected directly to the router/cable Modem Motorola SBG6782-AC. All my devices (iPhone, iPad, Laptop wireless and wired) find the GenieGO but the GenieGO can't find my DVRs.  I...
    last modified by cescoral
  • att genie go help

    I have my in home access setup for my genie go with my att Internet.but i am unable to get it to connect for out of home access i have set up port forwarding with the 8084 to 8085 range ..but still no luck ... i have ...
    last modified by dvks463572
  • GenieGO on Samsung Tab A2

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 running Lollipop 5.1.1 and when I go to install it downloads and eventually comes back with error -504. The DirecTV tablet app installed fine no problem. I've cleared cache on the ...
    last modified by arius
  • genie go with UBNT Edgemax Lite

    Has anyone successfully configured an Ubnt Edgemax Lite for Genie Go out of home access?
    last modified by habells
  • Current Series Download Procedure?

    I know this probably seems stupidly basic to some, but now that I no longer use the dedicated GenieGo app on my iPad, in favor of the regular, current DTV app, I am unable to consistently find where to designate a ser...
    last modified by davoman
  • Frustrate with GenieGO & iPad

    We have had the service now for 4 months, and finally I got the iPad to register with the GenieGO.  Yeah!!!  I have actually had a few episodes of Homeland transfer so I could watch offline.  Yeah! ...
    last modified by thebrewerfamily
  • Out of Home Access Set-up

    This is a 2-part question. I need suggestions on how to get the setup to hold on my Genie Go. I use the app, go through the process to configure the router, then get my congratulations message. I doesn't stay any lon...
    last modified by k-dub
  • Unable to stream using GenieGo Out of Home:  GenieGo/131

    I am unable to stream outside of the home using GenieGo.   If I run the test in the GenieGo app on my MacBook Pro or my Android Tablet, It responds "Congratulations! Your Router is sup up for Genie Out of Home A...
    last modified by oklahomahippy
  • GenieGO reporting different MAC address

    I noticed that in the sysinfo (as part of setting up port forwarding), the MAC address was off in the last character (8 instead of 9).  The box, as well as my router, reports a MAC address that ends in 9.  T...
    last modified by johnjlewis
  • How can I watch Genie/GenieGo recordings on another TV?

    I have a TV in my home office that does not have a Genie or wireless Genie box.  I'd rather not get one there, as I'd only want to occasionally watch a recorded show on that TV.   Is there a way for me ...
    last modified by heredetik