• GenieGo app on Windows 8.1 file location

    I set up GenieGo to download to my Windows 8.1 tablet yesterday, then found out I could NOT change the location of the download to D:\ driver (my SD drive with capacity).  I can use internal C:\ drive, which is a...
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  • GenieGo on Mac OSX crashes..

    all -   Am wondering if this is a common occurrence out there or if its just me, but when i run GenieGo on my Mac (latest version geneigo, running latest yosemite osx) it will crash (spinning color ball) whenev...
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  • GenieGo Doesn't Work

    Directv should pay ME $99 for the frustration of dealing with this terrible piece of equipment.  This thing has failed to stream nine of ten times I've used it since getting it over Christmas.  Ports forward...
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  • Only some shows have artwork downloaded.

    Using the Mac app, only a few shows will have the album artwork for the shows listed. The others are all blue.  Any reason why or a way to force an artwork update.
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  • When adding app, it says unable to add device as I am missing one or more system requirements.  Directv engineering can not solve this issue.  Ongoing for over 4 months.

    Have been on the phone with DTV so many times.  Deleted the app.  Reinstalled.  Get to the add your device screen and die there.  Says one or more system requirements missing, but neither I nor DTV...
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  • Genie Go will not stream

    The Genie Go will not stream while away from home.  It has worked in the past and not working at this time.  Message that occurs: "Unable to Stream - Cannot complete your stream request at this time. Please ...
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  • geniego app crashes

    Was finally able to use geniego app on my nook hd but now I cannot "watch now". It starts to play something from my dvr playlist and then the app closes on its own without any message. It might playback for up to a fe...
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  • On-Demand and Genie issues

    I have been a loyal directv customer since 2010. I have enjoyed the service until I made the mistake of being sold on the Genie aka ***.  The first genie I received wouldnt power up after 3 months of usage. With ...
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  • Running GenieGo 2.1.067 on Android 5, blows up when downloading.

    So far I have tried un-installing, re-installing, resetting to factory defaults, but cannot get a movie or show to download. It will prepare a show, but as soon as it asked to download it, it blows up. Even tried loca...
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  • No network connection detected with GenieGo application for Windows 8.1

    I have been battling this issue for some time now.  Today I had a Directv installer out and he did the best he could but still no love.  The tech got onto the phone with Directv IS department to try to come ...
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  • no client id

    When starting session on my ipad i get a code 3004.  Failure to complete.  i check the system settings and it has no client id.  i go to another ipad and it works no problems
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    If I have a Genie Go to use on my MacBook Air, can I then use my MacBook Air with Apple TV to stream to a large screen TV?
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  • iPhone lost GenieGo connection after one month of it working, out of home

    I'm having my problems with the GenieGo.  The unit and the installation are fine, but the software on the receiving end is so security minded that it locks out legitimate users.   I'm up in Fairbanks AK...
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  • what is GenieGo connectivity test 6 looking for?

    OOH is not working on Win 8 laptop in Win 7 compatibility mode and connectivity test fails test 6.  What is this test looking for ?
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  • Genie insufficient storage space

    When I try to download a program I get an error message that says insufficient storage space, however when I go into system info and check my storage it says 6.2gb free of 14.9gb. So why can't I download my program?&n...
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  • GenieGo PC app "no network connection" error

    Hello, I have a GenieGo that has been working fine and I can access it from my iPhone both inside and outside my house.  It had been working on my PC as well, but now for some reason it has stopped working. ...
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  • DIRECTV2PC alternate solution for new Surface Pro 3?

    Hi all. I have to retire my desktop/Win7 computer and have purchased a Surface Pro 3. In going through the setup and looking online it appears that DIRECTV2PC does not work on the SP3.   Basically, my question i...
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  • Out of Home Does Not Work

    I am pretty familiar with routers and networking but for the life of me I cannot get OOH to work on my GenieGo.   GenieGo IP is Router is Linksys AC1900 GenieGo shows ports used are 8082 and 8083...
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  • Geniego "waiting to prepare"

    I asked for assistance on this issue 2 weeks ago but haven't received any responses.  My previous post is now labeled "assumed answered".  I have been using Geniego successfully for 2 years to download conte...
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  • Unable to add your device

    I am able to activate numerous other devices, but I can't get the app to activate on my iPhone 6.  My wife's iphone 6 works fine.  Any ideas? Mine recognizes the genie go, but will not add the device.  ...
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