• Dowloaded shows will not play

    Using my GenieGo I downloaded several shows onto my iPad for viewing while travelling.  None of these shows will play.  All are listed in "My Downloads" but there is no option for watching the show on my iPa...
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  • Windows10 and Genie Go

    Just got the new Windows 10 OS... and now my Genie Go won't sync up.. Any ideas...Thanks
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  • DirecTV iPad - Geniego Playlist (Show not available)

    Unable to watch shows in the DirecTV iPad app. iOS 8.4. App 4.0.2. Error: This show is not able to watch on your iPad right now.   I can see my entire DVR playlist, but nothing plays on the iPad. Any suggest...
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  • Port Forwarding for a 2wire-2701HG-B router

    I've spent hours trying the start up and manual set up to use the Out of Home Access for my GenieGo. I've troubleshooted the issue with DirecTV and completed a ping test to check if the ports (8082, 8083, 8088, 8089) ...
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  • GenieGO "purple" light...

    My GenieGO (which has never been stable from the day I bought it) has altogether stopped working.  The content that I downloaded to my iPhone 6 refuses to play.  I hit the "Play" button, it appears as if it'...
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  • Geniego OOH

    I travel a LOT and purchased geniego after speaking with several Directv staff who assured me that once the initial setup is complte and geniego is activate from within the home network, I would be able to access it a...
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    This is Friday August 14 2015 ,and it has been raining here in Arlington wa. Would the rain cause me to have issues with the sound cutting in and out? and the sound of peoples voices on the program sound way deeper th...
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  • DirectTv Everywhere Help

    I have tried to get directtv everywhere to work in IE, Edge, FireFox, and Chrome and have been unsuccessful.  I have contacted tech support twice, and their only suggestion is uninstall and reinstall the player g...
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  • Geniego on android fails unless one is on their home network

    Geniego will not work for offline viewing.  If in airplane mode it loops for minutes signing in then gives a blank screen for a few minutes then ends.  It has always had problems when not on the home network...
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  • New retina macbook fails

    Trying to install GenieGO on the new Macbook.   The app installs but won't connect to genie go.  the error say the date and time is wrong when it is not  When I run again the error changes to missi...
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  • NVG589 Uverse router.  Has anyone successfully connected out of home?  If so, how?

    I have tried everything, including port forwarding per AT&T and Directv instructions, with no success.  I am directly connected to the router.  Have also had a tech visit with one hour phone call to tech...
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  • Geniego installation fail with Arris NVG589 router.  Any suggestions?

    I tried to self install with my ATT Arris NVG router and failed.  After consulting tech support, Directv sent out a tech, who announced that he knew nothing about Genie Go.  Then they sent another tech who d...
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  • Genie Go stopped working  flashing amber light alternates with solid blue

    Hello,   Our Genie Go worked for about a week, and then it started alternating between a solid blue light and flashing amber light (it's the Genie Go 2 -- single light).    After resetting everyth...
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  • Still like directv2pc better than GenieGo

    No matter how often I try, directv2pc always performs better than GenieGo, especially for in home viewing.  Better quality, no stuttering, no lockups.  Is there any hope for the future?  I'm not sure if...
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  • Genie says its recording TV Live???

    I currently have the Genie to where you can record 5 channels at once.  In the past couple of wks I have noticed that it has only been recording 3 programs not 5 and I am missing some shows.  Finally I was h...
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  • GenieGO keeps resetting ip address and ports

    Sometimes it happens within seconds if I just close the GenieGo system info window and then reopen it without doing anything else. Mostly it happens after I gather the ip address and ports and using Airport Utility ed...
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  • Season passes will not record. Anyone have a solution?

    Season pass is set up but shows do not record. This started when new format listing individual seasons went into effect. I even replaced my genie and it made no difference. Has anyone found a solution other then recor...
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  • Recording too long to play back?

    I have a Genie DVR with a Genie Go. I recorded the final round of the British Open and when I tried to stream it to my Samsung Tablet I got an error that the recording was too long to stream.  I was at home on th...
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  • Shows GenieGo downloaded to iPad vanish from device

    Indeed, buggy operation, but most frustrating is to prepare AND download several programs to the iPad. After verifying they are downloaded and ready to watch, we return to the iPad later to find all the programs have ...
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  • Are we to forward just the 2 GenieGO ports?

    I had to do the manual port forwarding since my router (Netgear Nighthawk R8000) was not listed among those for the automated port forwarding.   Are we to forward solely the 2 ports (e.g. 8032 & 8033) that's...
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