• Netgear N900 OOH

    I recently purchased the GenieGo and have a Netgear N900.  Everything seemingly went well during installation, but I can't seem to connect OOH..I keep getting a test connection failed message.  I went throug...
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  • Genie Go not playing full time

    When I record The Bastard Executioner the recording time is correct, the length is correct, including on the progress bar, but it stops playing early. The other night I added 30 min. to the record time, so that the to...
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  • GenieGo Frustration--OOH has NEVER worked

    I purchased a GenieGo about a month ago.  This is advertised as a way to access your DVR playlist and stream recorded programs ANYWHERE. NO WHERE is more like it. After extended issues and multiple efforts to g...
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    I have installed GenieGo app as instructed. I can watch recorded shows on other devices in my home network but can't get Out of Home access to work.   I enabled port forwarding on my NETGEAR WNDR3400V3 wireless r...
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  • GenieGo audio doesnt't work when used on a PC with Windows 10

    I called a while ago about it and was told Window 10 is not supported for GenieGo.   Has anyone else heard when they will support Windows 10
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  • GenieGo cause periodic network outages

    I stream financial data to my desktop.  It is imperative that I get a continuous network signal.  About 4 weeks ago,  I started experiencing frequent outages,  lasting 15 to 30 seconds,  about...
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  • GenieGo - Unable to stream due to DRM connection issue

    I bought the GenieGo in June and was able to stream away from home while on vacation with no problems at all - actually really liked it.  I used several times after that away from home to stream a live show and n...
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  • The orange connector on a genie mini box

    I want to add an inexpensive speaker set to my genie mini connected TV. The woofer only has RCA input jacks which then go to the speakers. I finally realized that connecting the TV to the genie mini via the hdmi plug ...
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  • Still like directv2pc better than GenieGo

    No matter how often I try, directv2pc always performs better than GenieGo, especially for in home viewing.  Better quality, no stuttering, no lockups.  Is there any hope for the future?  I'm not sure if...
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  • GenieGo is junk

    I've had a GenieGo for a couple of months now and it is totally useless.  I stayed on the phone with a DirecTV rep for about an hour to get it set up.  Ever since then I haven't been able to use it for what ...
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  • Can't download or stream

    I haven't been able to download a show or stream for the past week. Is anyone else having a problem?  I've tried on both my apple iPad and sauna galaxy s4 both of which have worked for months. HELP!
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  • Dowloaded shows will not play

    Using my GenieGo I downloaded several shows onto my iPad for viewing while travelling.  None of these shows will play.  All are listed in "My Downloads" but there is no option for watching the show on my iPa...
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  • GenieGO on Samsung Tab A2

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 running Lollipop 5.1.1 and when I go to install it downloads and eventually comes back with error -504. The DirecTV tablet app installed fine no problem. I've cleared cache on the ...
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  • Directv is baiting and switching me, right?

    I was considering switching my television provider and I called Directv in this regard and spoke with customer retention on September 6, 11, and 12 (twice).    An installation of a genie system was perform...
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  • GenieGo Out of Home Access with Frontier Netgear 7550

    I need some help with the GenieGo Out of Home Access with the Frontier Netgear 7550.   I set up the app on the computer & on my iPad mini. Everything works fine in the home, but when I setup for out of home...
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  • Windows10 and Genie Go

    Just got the new Windows 10 OS... and now my Genie Go won't sync up.. Any ideas...Thanks
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  • GenieGo Out-of-Home Access

    I purchased the GenieGo over a month ago and I have not been pleased with it once since getting it. Every time I try to use the out of home access there is an issue. I regret purchasing this product and I would like t...
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  • DirecTV iPad - Geniego Playlist (Show not available)

    Unable to watch shows in the DirecTV iPad app. iOS 8.4. App 4.0.2. Error: This show is not able to watch on your iPad right now.   I can see my entire DVR playlist, but nothing plays on the iPad. Any suggest...
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  • NFL 4-Game Mix channel

    Does anyone know how this works? I just see four games that I cannot change, and audio is always in the upper left channel. Can this be customized?
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  • why can't i watch dvr content out of home on my iPad anymore?

    since AT&T bought DirecTV, the out of home feature stopped working.  What changed?
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