• not "seeing" all my DVR's in the Genie Go app

    I am starting to encode more programs and watch them on my iPad, mac etc. but I seem to have a problem.   I noticed that the programs on one of my DVR's, the genie in fact with most of my programs, does not show...
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  • GenieGo Preparing file problems

    I have the same problem even worse it will prepare the file but in the process will stop preparing the Download and disappear and I have to restart the whole process again.  This happens only on my Ipad the Iphon...
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  • How do I use GenieGO on my rooted tablet?

    How do I use GenieGO on my rooted tablet?   Since when is Directv the Android police?
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  • what are the differences between the GenieGo and GenieGo2?

    what are the differences between the GenieGo and GenieGo2?
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  • Waiting to Download - iPad

    I've seen several posts about people unable to get out of waiting to prepare.  However, I get through that point but then get stuck in waiting to download.  There is space on my iPad and they are not VOD tit...
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  • What are the differences between the GenieGo2 and SlingboxM1?

    What are the differences between the GenieGo2 and SlingboxM1?
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  • Genie Go - Programs downloaded to PC will not play.

    Greetings,   No problem installing and setting up new Genie GO.  Successfully downloaded program from DVR (HR24) and can see mp4 file in target folder.  But it will not play.  The Genie GO player ...
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  • 3 major issues

    I finally got my ISO provider to get the ports open to work with Genie go but I'm finding 3 major problems with it.   1. Inconsistent streaming. I get a msg that show can't be streamed at this time, try again l...
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  • GenieGO MDR1R0-01 and Genie HR44 receiver

    Is the GenieGO MDR1R0-01 compatible with the Genie HR44 ?
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  • New System Install

    Just had a new direct tv system installed yesterday. Having difficulty with the genie go. I have the 3 blue lights, my tv is connected to the internet. I have tried to reset the genie go, re-install the apps etc. ...
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  • GenieGO, supposed to be slow and poor quality?

    I've had this device for about a year now. It didnt work right when we first got it and it still runs like junk. On our gigabit in home network, that has no issues with any other device, streaming quality seems locked...
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  • I have the genie go on my ipad air and recently I cannot get past the verifying stage on sign in when I am out of home.

    I have Genie Go on my ipad air and recently cannot get past the verifying your ipad screen when signing in?? It never used to have these problems but now it is most of the time??
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  • GenieGo setup with Zyxel P-663HN-51

    I am having great difficulty trying to set up my GenieGo for OOH with my Zyxel P-663HN-51 modem/router. I have spent literally hours on the phone with both Directv and my ISP. I have the ports forwarded and my app on ...
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  • PC can not find genie go

    genie go installed on my pc while traveling away from my home network. When I open it for the first time, my PC can not find the genie go. my IOS devices connect just fine.
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  • streaming to Mexico

    We currently use the Comcast Blast! internet connection in conjunction with Dish's hopper. We are able to watch all channels on a computer in Mexico in high definition as if we were at the home location in Colorado.&n...
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  • Geniego on iPad mini won't activate

    My daughter's iPad mini just stays on the "activating your GenieGo" screen but it just turns and turns and never finishes. I've reinstalled the app twice, powered down the GenieGo and done a red button reset on it as ...
  • GenieGo will not connect to my network

    Received my geniego yesterday. Hooked it up plugged it in and started down loading two movies. The light on the GenieGo turned amber and it disconnected from my network. I have tried several different cat 5 cables on ...
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  • No audio, but get video when playing GenieGo on new ASUS PC

    I recently setup a new ASUS PC running an AMD A10-6700 with Windows 8.1 X64, and when I try to watch shows via GenieGo I see the video, but there is no audio.  Other streaming apps do have audio.  I checked ...
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  • Genie go stopped working with ipad

    I got a Geniego about 3 weeks ago and set it up with no problems. Even though it is a little slow I was able to watch and download programs from my dvr. Then I starting having problems with downloads where it was sayi...
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  • SonicTap Piano: No longer exclusively piano music

    I've been very pleased with the Piano SonicTap channel for several years. It actually plays exclusively piano music without a hint of any other musical instrument. Bravo!   Today, May 11, 2014 at about 8:40 AM P...
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