• A solution for GenieGo OOH not working on Time Warner network with Linksys Wireless Router

    Equipment that I have: Time Warner Cable Modem Router:    UBee Linksys/Cisco Wireless Router:         Linksys EA6500/AC1750 GenieGo client:   &n...
    created by jedwards11938
  • GenieGo OOH not working and Support couldn't help

    Tried to install today without any success. The GenieGo works fine in home and all my PC's and IOS devices connect to it fine and see the content on all my DVR's.  However, nothing I tried to get the OOH to work ...
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  • CBS is currently off air, anyway to get the recording of the show?

    CBS has been off for over an hour I suppose, recording SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE... is there anyway to be able view the Criminal Minds episode that should be recording, but isn't? I've already tried to see if I ca...
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  • Ideal USB drive for external storage? USB 2.0 or 3.0? Flash drive vs. self powered or external powered? Does performance even matter?

    My GenieGo will be here next week and would like to prepare appropriately with additional storage. Not sure If I should just grab a 64gb USB 2.0 thumb drive, or perhaps a 256gb or larger self powered drive? On that no...
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  • GenieGO and Airport Extreme

    I just received a GenieGO and have had no success at setting it up with the app. I have tried the app on a PC and a Mac. When my installer spoke with tech support they left it as the issue resides with the fact I have...
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  • Can I record a saved program onto a DVD from a Genie?

    Believe it or not, I've just about filled the drive on my Genie, thanks to recordings of all the Hawks' Stanley Cup games.  Anyway, is there a way to transfer programs to or record them on a DVD or hard drive?
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  • cable internet and dish connections required for genie go?

    I do not have a physical cable internet. It is not available in the country. I use my cell phone to create a personal hotspot. Directv is now telling me that to use Genie Go I have to be connected to the internet with...
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  • Need Help with GenieGO with Sonicwall TZ 210

    Customer has a Sonicwall TZ 210 router and I'm trying to get his GenieGO "Out of Home" working.  The router help guides have older model Sonicwalls listed, so that information is out of date.  I've added the...
    created by mbmitt
  • GenieGo Out of Home Access with Apple Airport Extreme

    I am having issues getting my Out of Home Access to work.  I followed the instructions as listed on Directv's website - How do I configure my wireless router? | DIRECTV Support.  After several hours I called...
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  • GenieGO OOH connection issues iOS.

    I have an iPad and iPhone both with the GenieGO app installed. I can get the app on the iPad to recognize the GenieGO perfectly. The iPhone will not connect, though. I also have the same issue with the GenieGO Windows...
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    Any idea when they may become available for EVERYONE except a select few? It's really not fair. I'm considering jumping to DISH to check out their hopper. Please? somebody? Thanks... Joey
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  • GenieGo for Fire HDX?

    Has anyone figured out how to sideload the GenieGo app and install it on their Kindle Fire HDX?  What is the picture like?   I have this running on my Yoga laptop, my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and my Samsung Gal...
    created by dlr
  • You are missing one or more system requirements

    I was trying to install geniego on my husband's Surface.  I kept getting an error message, and thought I must have too many devices, and uninstalled Geniego from my Tab. I found out the error was due to not insta...
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  • Is there a place to download the .apk for an android phone.  The google play store indicates that my phone is incompatible.  I have an LG Optimus G Pro with Android 4.1.2.  My phone is not rooted.

    The google play store indicates that my phone is incompatible.  I have an LG Optimus G Pro with Android 4.1.2.  My phone is not rooted.
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  • Remote setting for the Genie?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows how to set the remote to respond to the TV? I can use it to turn channels, use the guide and turn the box off. I can't use it to change the volume, adjust the TV screen settings,...
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  • How long to download content?

    I am new to GenieGO and have a few questions.  How long does it typically take to download content to the GenieGO?  It doesn't seem like it would be dependent on your internet speed as it is a transfer form ...
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  • waiting to download

    I recently installed the genie go and the genie go ipad app, first night, connected and prepared and downloaded a show with no problem... ahhh I got this.   Started to prepare four other shows (none PPV or On D...
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  • Sorry, DirecTV- GenieGO is a Waste of Money!!

    From another forum:   Last word before I give up on this.   My original post's title stands:  The GenieGO is not, in my opinion ready for prime time in any way, and if I had known then what I do now, I ...
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  • In Home Access Not Working for Wireless Devices

    I have my GenieGo and DECA accessing my DLink DIR-655 wireless router via a wireless bridge (Linksys WES610N).  I was unable to get my phone, tablet, or PC to discover the GenieGO when wireless.  I was only ...
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  • Bad design on the Genie remote

    Maybe it's just me but it seems that the Genie remote has a major design flaw.  The guide button is right in between the record button and the on button (which when I hit turns the TV off when it's on).  Sin...
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