• portable dish for HR-44 receiver

    I am looking for a portable dish to use with my HR-44 receiver.  With or Without HD
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  • Not all of my recorded playlist content is appearing in GeineGo.  Suggestions?

    I periodically get a message to check my HDDVR's to make sure, in the whole home settings, playlist is set to share and external device is set to allow.  They are.  Suggestions?
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  • Genie HR44-500 freezes during playback on a recording

    I have an over 3 hours movie recorded and during playback the HR44-500 suddenly freezes and shows the window asking if I want to delete or keep the show.   This is not the first time it happens, I tried rebootin...
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  • Shows won't play on iPad

    I have the GenieGo all set up and I see my DVR playlist on my iPad, but when I try to watch a show, a screen comes up with the circle like something is loading, but the show never starts playing.  Help!!
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  • Cannot register my iPad to GenieGo

    after entering my Directv.com password, I am informed that it is incorrect. Yes, I tested the password online and it worked so I am at a loss. I reset the GenieGo box, deleted and reinstalled the app. ... any sugge...
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  • What tablet is best to go with the GenieGo?

    I'm going to buy a tablet that I want to download from the GenieGo so watch the HD DVR content on a long plane trip.  What tablet would be best?  I don't want to buy an Ipad, I'd rather have one that I can i...
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  • Question about recording and streaming live programs on GenieGO

    I wanted to watch a baseball game on my ipad Air last night.  I started recording it on my HD DVR and then found it in my playlist on the GenieGO app on my ipad.  I was able to stream the game but it was not...
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  • geniego ooh setup with cincinnati bell

    I think I setup my GenieGo for OOH access, at least it passes the test from the app. I have Cincinnati Bell Fuse Internet and a Linksys Router.   My GenieGo uses ports 8082, 8083 according to the app clic...
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  • Can you download onto a flash drive?

    Can you download from the Genie Go onto a flash drive?  If so can you then watch on a Microsoft Surface 2?
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  • Unable to download to iPhone5 or iMac

    I haven't been able to use the genie go app on my iPhone5 or iMac since around September 2013.  I have a windows based laptop and haven't had any issues with it, so I know my DVR and my Genie Go is connected to t...
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  • 1.3GB LIMIT?

    I recently acquired the GenieGo. I really got it to play videos on an android tablet during a road trip I'm taking next month with my grandson. I have a micro SD card with 16GB of space on it, which according to what ...
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  • Can a Genie Mini support a non HD TV?

    Can a Genie Mini support a non HD TV?
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  • how come I can't watch what is currently watching on my tv on my ipad?  I get a message that says "This show is not available to watch on your ipad right now".  When will it be?

    how come I can't watch what is currently watching on my tv on my ipad?  I get a message that says "This show is not available to watch on your ipad right now".  When will it be?
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  • genieGO PC app stopped working - unable to add your device

    genieGO all of sudden stopped working on my Windows 7 PC. I did a reinstall and now I keep getting "Unable to add your device, You are missing one or more system requirements". It was working before.....   I hav...
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  • Geniego App freezes on Galaxy Tab 3 10.1

    I have the GenieGo App on my Galaxy S3 phone and it works fine. I installed it on my Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and tried to run it I just get a black screen and nothing happens. Ideas?
    M T
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  • GenieGo - out of home access

    have not been able to setup out of home access.  Have a i38HG router, instructions did not work.  Does anyone know how to setup?
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  • I can log in from outside the house and see the recordings on my DVR'S. When i go to download it says that I can only download in the house.  I thought that this feature was available

    Still not time to give up the sling box. 
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  • Number of connections??

    I understand you can only have 5 connections and it seems like a lot.  But just so I understand.  Is that on their end.  Or its it just geniego is limited and can only handle so much.  It seems lik...
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  • GenieGo OOH Issue with Westell Modem and WRT54GS

    I'm having a GenieGo OOH issue.  Downloading content onto devices is working fine on my home network.  However, I've not been able to get the Network Connection test for Out of Home to work at all.  I h...
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  • OOH not working and I give up

    So I am not one to give up on something but I have  tried for  the past week to get this thing to work done search after search after search etc.  for answers but I cannot get the out of home to work. I...
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