• Tech support says my wireless router may not be compatible.  What routers work with GenieGo?  I'm using an early Airport by Apple.  Been trying to get my GenieGo working for a month!

    Tech support says my wireless router may not be compatible.  What routers work with GenieGo?  I'm using an early Airport by Apple.  Been trying to get my GenieGo working for a month!
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  • GenieGo internet connection problems

    I'm a new Genie Go user and have had problems with both my genie receiver and genie go frequently losing the connection to my home network. After several months of calls to tech support they finally sent out a tech su...
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  • System Info and Network Assistant

    I have a 2nd gen GenieGO - the light is blue.  I have reset the GenieGo (2 minute reset), and deleted and reinstalled the apps on my PC, macbook, iPad and iPhone.  Currently getting an error of 4-4001-1.&nbs...
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  • Installing two more boxes

    Direct TV was here yesterday installing the Geniogo.   Two more boxes need to be done. What do I need to do for this boxes to be connected? Thank you
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  • logging in

    I cannot log into Genie Go.  It worked fine a month or so ago, but this morning, getting ready to go on vacation, I found I cannot log in.  I keep getting an Incorrect Email/Password Combination (AR/2001).&n...
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  • Audio Problems with GenieGo

    I seem to have problems with the way the audio is processed with GenieGo..  It seems to have too much audio gain so the sound gets distorted.   I have to turn the volume to almost extremely low values o...
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  • Android KitKat 4.4.2 Kernel 3.4.67 Kills GenieGO Client

    So, all the Android GenieGo client issues seem to be related to 'Droid... And today, I had an update pushed to my tablet and now the GenieGO client crashes after load if you select (touch) any button or selection. &nb...
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  • GenieGo on Mac OSX crashes..

    all -   Am wondering if this is a common occurrence out there or if its just me, but when i run GenieGo on my Mac (latest version geneigo, running latest yosemite osx) it will crash (spinning color ball) whenev...
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  • Verizon Elipsis tablet with Android KitKat

    I upgraded my Verizon Elipsis tablet to Android KitKat and now i can't change my storage location to my SD card.  I understand that Google changed the SD card permissions, but I was hoping the app was getting upg...
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  • Can't Port Forward

    Port Forwarding wouldn't work and Windstream WOULD NOT help me.  I contacted SgemCom regarding this but am not exactly sure what to do.  I was in and out of my router through Windstream several times, changi...
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  • Receiver (GenieGO) No wireless internet connection.

    Today, I just had a tech come and set up a new Genie HR-700 w/3 mini clients.  I am unable to connect the main HR-700 unit to my wireless network/internet connection; I keep getting the same error code.  I c...
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  • Genie Go computer client not seeing network adapter

    This problom has already been posted PLEASE ANSWER
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  • GenieGo app on Windows 8.1 file location

    I set up GenieGo to download to my Windows 8.1 tablet yesterday, then found out I could NOT change the location of the download to D:\ driver (my SD drive with capacity).  I can use internal C:\ drive, which is a...
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  • Can't get Geniego to work on LG Flex (Kitkat 4.4.2)

    It worked once upon a time, but I've been having issues with my router and couldn't keep a connection.  That was fixed yesterday (got a new router), and now I can connect to my Kindle (so I know it's not the Geni...
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  • can't delete show from client

    Ever since the last update a week or two ago, I now have a couple of shows that I have watched that are on my computer that it will not let me delete.  I have deleted them from my DVR, and when I click "Delete fr...
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  • Ipad video aspect ratio.

    I was just trying out my new geniego on my ipad.  How do I get it to play in widescreen?  I put it in full screen but my picture was being badly cropped.
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  • What causes genie go programs to disappear?

    I lost 2 of 4 one hour TV shows within 24 hrs after downloading them. I know they downloaded successfully and I did not use my laptop at all after that. I do not have internet access at my destination so I could not r...
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  • GenieGo Doesn't Work

    Directv should pay ME $99 for the frustration of dealing with this terrible piece of equipment.  This thing has failed to stream nine of ten times I've used it since getting it over Christmas.  Ports forward...
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  • Only some shows have artwork downloaded.

    Using the Mac app, only a few shows will have the album artwork for the shows listed. The others are all blue.  Any reason why or a way to force an artwork update.
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  • When adding app, it says unable to add device as I am missing one or more system requirements.  Directv engineering can not solve this issue.  Ongoing for over 4 months.

    Have been on the phone with DTV so many times.  Deleted the app.  Reinstalled.  Get to the add your device screen and die there.  Says one or more system requirements missing, but neither I nor DTV...
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