• GenieGo hangs trying to verify account

    I travel for work and have been able to successfully view content from the GenieGO on my iPad.  I recently travelled overseas and had pre-loaded several items onto my iPad.  I was using my iPad in airplane m...
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  • Do i have to reset my GenieGO after I've upgraded my receiver?

    I just upgraded my receiver to a Genie HR44, and although all my lights on the G-GO are blue i cannot see any recorded programs.. i made sure the Genie was set to share my playlist... before i go through the hard res...
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  • setting up out of home access with motorola nvg510 router -- anyone done it?

    I ordered a GenieGo specifically so that I can watch dvr content when I am away from home..  I can't set up the "out of home" access... I am trying to set it up with a Motorola NVG510 router -- ATT UVERSE is my I...
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  • Geniego not processing series

    iI've recorded many shows in the series, but every time I've had to manually process them.  Once I select a show to be processed and select the series to download to my ipad, shouldn't all the shows in that serie...
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  • Genie GO Stuck in 'Waiting to download' when using an SD Card on Android 4.4.2 / Galaxy S4

    When I would configure Genie GO on my Galaxy S4 to use the SD Card, the Genie would finish 'preparing', then go to 'Waiting to download', and just sit there.   After much frustration I figured out how to solve t...
    created by flintster
  • 24 does not show up in Genie Go playlist

    Why doesn't Fox show 24 Live another Day show up in my playlist on Genie to Go app? I am not able to see it to download to ipad or other devices.  Every other broadcast show on either of my DVRs shows up in the...
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  • Firewall is getting in the way of GenieGo

    My question is what is the AT&T U-Verse 2Wire 3600HGV Gateway blocking that keeps my GenieGo from being able to stream or download programs on my PC, Tablet or Phone?   I spent a good chunk of the day yester...
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  • Genie Go versus Slingbox Pro HD

    Does the Slingbox have the same usage as the Genie Go?  What are the advantages of one over the other?  When I visited a Directv demonstration at a recent show they said that Slingbox would be just as good.&...
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  • GenieGO internet connection option

    Can GenieGO be internet connected through a Gigabit Switch to a Gigabit Router (to which Whole Home is connected) to ATT Uverse Router/WiFi for local and remote use?
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  • GenieGo App on iPad always in OOH mode

    I was working fine up until a few days ago. I noticed my status in the upper right hand corner was Out of Home. I get "No Connected Receivers Found," when trying to select a receiver. In settings, I see my LIVING RM r...
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  • airplay issue with latest directv app on ipad

    anyone else now getting ****** resolution using airplay and the directv app, the old geniego app worked great, the replacement directv app works great on my iphone 5s but not on the Ipad air, on the ipad you get the v...
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  • GenieGO update for Android KitKat SD card access?

    Anyone know if there are plans to upgrade the GenieGO android app to KitKat (4.4.2)?   Android KitKat disables a lot of external SD card access and as of the upgrade I am back to being forced to store my program...
    created by kganz
  • What is the point of out of home access??

    I can access my genie from outside my home.  I can prepare my shows.  I cannot download my shows.  And it states that i cannot do this from outside the home.  What is the point of this functionalit...
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  • portable dish for HR-44 receiver

    I am looking for a portable dish to use with my HR-44 receiver.  With or Without HD
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  • Not all of my recorded playlist content is appearing in GeineGo.  Suggestions?

    I periodically get a message to check my HDDVR's to make sure, in the whole home settings, playlist is set to share and external device is set to allow.  They are.  Suggestions?
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  • Genie HR44-500 freezes during playback on a recording

    I have an over 3 hours movie recorded and during playback the HR44-500 suddenly freezes and shows the window asking if I want to delete or keep the show.   This is not the first time it happens, I tried rebootin...
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  • Shows won't play on iPad

    I have the GenieGo all set up and I see my DVR playlist on my iPad, but when I try to watch a show, a screen comes up with the circle like something is loading, but the show never starts playing.  Help!!
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  • Cannot register my iPad to GenieGo

    after entering my Directv.com password, I am informed that it is incorrect. Yes, I tested the password online and it worked so I am at a loss. I reset the GenieGo box, deleted and reinstalled the app. ... any sugge...
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  • What tablet is best to go with the GenieGo?

    I'm going to buy a tablet that I want to download from the GenieGo so watch the HD DVR content on a long plane trip.  What tablet would be best?  I don't want to buy an Ipad, I'd rather have one that I can i...
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  • Question about recording and streaming live programs on GenieGO

    I wanted to watch a baseball game on my ipad Air last night.  I started recording it on my HD DVR and then found it in my playlist on the GenieGO app on my ipad.  I was able to stream the game but it was not...
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