• In Home Access Not Working for Wireless Devices

    I have my GenieGo and DECA accessing my DLink DIR-655 wireless router via a wireless bridge (Linksys WES610N).  I was unable to get my phone, tablet, or PC to discover the GenieGO when wireless.  I was only ...
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  • Bad design on the Genie remote

    Maybe it's just me but it seems that the Genie remote has a major design flaw.  The guide button is right in between the record button and the on button (which when I hit turns the TV off when it's on).  Sin...
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  • Can I permanently save a downloaded program?

    How can I permanently save a program downloaded on my computer from GenieGO? My daughter and I were on the Nate Berkus show and I recorded it on our HD DVR then downloaded it on my computer. However, it expires every ...
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  • GenieGO wont find DVRs, Solid Amber Status, Solid Blue Network, Connected directly to router, All DVRs have internet

    My GenieGO stopped working. It is connected directly to the router/cable Modem Motorola SBG6782-AC. All my devices (iPhone, iPad, Laptop wireless and wired) find the GenieGO but the GenieGO can't find my DVRs.  I...
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  • settings error

    Running GenieGo App on Windows 7, after a download, and restart, the GenieGo app gives me a "Settings Error" with the message "Sorry, some client settings have been corrupted! Certain functionalities will be disabled....
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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and GenieGo

    I have a Galaxy Tab 3 10.1.  The GenieGo App downloads without problem however when I try to open, it is just a black, blank screen.  Occasionally, it will give an error message saying GenieGo is not respond...
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  • Unable to Stream and Prepare ***SOME*** Content

    I just purchased the GenieGO 2 weeks ago. I have an HR20-700 and an HR24-500, Whole Home.   The very first week I tried out the GenieGO and only one program it got stuck on "Waiting to Prepare...".  Everyt...
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  • Reactivate geniego in directtv app

    I have had 2 iPads connected to Geniego for over a month.   This morning one of the ipads is getting a can not connect to geniego message.   I read the docs online and find that it says to reactiva...
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  • Amber Light On GenieGo after setting up Out of Home

    My set up is an HR44/200 with 2 satellites, whole home, swim for internet. Hooked up my GenieGo via cable to switch. Worked fine for 2 days. Set up my OOH, worked fine for a couple of hours. Now I get solid amber ligh...
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  • Trying to enable out of home on SAGEM Fast1704 Router

    Trying to enable out of home on SAGEM Fast1704 Router.  Following instructions on Directv, however, on step 3 it says to get the Port info from the Directv app ... the App says "Out of Home is Not Setup".  I...
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  • install geniego app on work computer

    I would like to stream shows from GenieGo on my work computer.  How can I setup?  It keeps telling me it can't find my GenieGo device, which is NOT on my network at work.  I can't exactly take my work P...
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  • GenieGo app will install but won't open on Android tablet (black screen)

    I'm trying to get this app to work on a brand new (stock, unrooted) Dell Venue tablet with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.  It installs fine, but when I open the app all I see is a blank (black) screen, then Android sa...
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  • Got GenieGo Update, and now I can't read the entire show description

    This is more of a note to the developers -   With the new update (that I am irritated that I was forced to accept when I didn't really have time for it at the moment), the description of the show cuts off after ...
    created by caycifish
  • is internet needed for out of home?

    Today,  I open my new version of the DirecTV app on my ipad mini with no internet access and the program keeps saying  "Loading".  I have downloaded some programs, but it keeps saying "Loading...". ...
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  • Have genie system.  One of sat tv's frequently loses it signal for under a minute before returning. Check cable etc no luck????

    Not sure Genie upgrade was wise.  Problems constantly.  Newest one involved one (of 4) sat. TV's is regularly losing signal for under a minute before it returns.  Checked cable, reset, no help...  ...
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  • GenieGO status lights not lighting up

    I installed my GenieGo to my wireless router per the instructions.  I have 4 HD DVRs, including one Genie, and they are all connected using Whole-Home with the SWiM system.  The GenieGO network light is blue...
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  • Geniego won't finish preparing

    Had Geniego installed 6 days ago and all it will do is prepare for about 20 minutes and then restart the preparing process. Had a tech out to fix it(he did all of the same things I did) and he told me they weren't tra...
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  • GenieGo Will Not Work on Latest MacBook Air?

    I just purchased the GenieGo box and installed on my iMac desktop, iPhone5, and the original iPad.  All work fine.   I went to install on my brand new MacBook Air with the upgraded 1.7GHz Intel Dual Core i7...
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  • Tips for using GenieGo on S4?

    I just bought a GS$ phone.  Does anyone have any tips for installing and using the GenieGo app on the S4?  Any tips on how to move the app and content to the external micro SD card to free up space on the ph...
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  • New DVR and now GenieGo doesn't see my list

    I just installed an upgraded DVR (R24) and everything went well except that now I cannot see anything in my DVR list.  I talked to support and they told me that Windows 8-64bit is not supported but from what I ca...