• Are we to forward just the 2 GenieGO ports?

    I had to do the manual port forwarding since my router (Netgear Nighthawk R8000) was not listed among those for the automated port forwarding.   Are we to forward solely the 2 ports (e.g. 8032 & 8033) that's...
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  • Copying from PC to ipod/iphone/ipad

     Already ordered my nomad, yesterday ! have a question, is it possible to transfer from nomad to PC and then later on to iOS ? like if I go on a trip would like to take with me several movies on my laptop and the...
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  • GenieGO reporting different MAC address

    I noticed that in the sysinfo (as part of setting up port forwarding), the MAC address was off in the last character (8 instead of 9).  The box, as well as my router, reports a MAC address that ends in 9.  T...
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  • Unable to initiate install

    I've downloaded Nomad PC App on my Windows 7 laptop.  Get an error message of "Could not create user setting folder".  Any advice to work around this error would be much appreciated
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  • Samsung Android tablets

    Has anyone gotten there samsung android tablets (or any Android tablet) to play videos downloaded to the device? Mine will prepare and download shows from the geniego. When I try to play them all I get is "optimizing ...
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  • Out of Home Streaming Not Working

    I setup my GenieGo and everything works except Out of Home streaming.  I have tried from three devices - Win8.1 laptop, Android tablet and Android phone.  All three devices connect to Out of Home, and when r...
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  • why won't picture show when i hit full screen?

    i'm using geniego on a surface pro 3. when i am playing a show if i hit the full screen button then the screen goes black. i still have sound but no picture. the only way for me to expand the picture is to pull the co...
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  • Out Of Home Issues with ATT ARRIS/NVG510

    I'm calling it a night for now but noticed a similar thread a few days ago that was never resolved.   Have ATT ARRIS router NVG510. Followed all router instructions to set up ports 8082 and 8083. I can pull up ...
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  • Geniego out of home access is working with the exception of one network

    I have been able to access out of home streaming content on a few different wifi networks. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on the out of home network I use the most.  It  plays for a few seconds and freezes o...
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  • Geniego Not Connecting With Laptop

    Geniego was working on my Lenovo Yoga laptop with Windows 8.1 before. There was a client update that I had to download and now it cannot find the DVR and complete the last connection status. The client update appeared...
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  • Can I hook up my geniego to one of my other DVR's instead of the HR44 since they are all tied together in the system?

    Can I hook up my geniego to one of my other DVR's instead of the HR44 since they are all tied together in the system?
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  • New GenieGo

    I have installed a GenieGo unit.  It has a solid Blue light now.  I try to connect to it through a PC, or an IPad.  I get different errors depending on what I am trying to hit it with.  From the IP...
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  • New GenieGo very hot to the touch

    I just hooked up GenieGo last night and it is very hot to the touch.  It's this normal?  It feels like a fire hazard!
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  • Out of Home Access - AT&T Uverse

    Anyone else been told, after they bought the product, that Out of Home Access will not work with AT&T Uverse?
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  • Problem with GenieGO Out of Home on MAC

    I successfully connected with GenieGo and streamed programs 3 days ago (out of home) using my MAC. Now I am getting 'Your DirecTV GenieGo was no found' when I start the app from the same physical location... I can con...
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  • Macintosh with Parallels running Windows 7 GenieGo fails

    Running Parallels Desktop Version 10.2.1 (29006) on a iMac running MacOS 7 (Lion) with the virtual operating system Windows 7 Pro. Installing GenieGO for the first time and trying to add virtual machine PC get message...
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  • GenieGo Issue

    The GenieGo works fine at home.  I have now tried it twice away from home.  It worked on my laptop but did not work on my Android Tablet.  When I got home the tablet worked fine.  Now I am about 16...
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  • GenieGo will not work?

    I have an HR34/700 Genie HD DVR.  I purchased the GenieGo.  It has worked for about 1 week. I have had so many excuses why it won't work.  I even had my Internet service upgraded. Last week I had a tech...
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  • Insufficient Bandwidth

    I do not have very good luck with my 2012 MacBook Pro streaming DTV.  The computer has plenty of memory, and a fast processor. The picture freezes up regularly, and today I got the message "insufficient band widt...
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  • GenieGo DRM Connection Issue???

    GenieGo Won't stream due to drm connection issue. It has been working fine for a month. How do I remedy this?
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