• Your GenieGo DVR is busy and GenieGo cannot stream video at this time."

    GenieGo "Your GenieGo DVR is busy and GenieGo cannot stream video at this time."  When away from home this is the message I get when trying to stream already recorded dvr content. Out of Home access is set ...
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  • Will Genie Go stream previously recorded dvr shows when away from home?

    Genie Go streams my previously recorded dvr shows on my computer, phone and tablet when I am on the home network. When away from home and on another wireless network I can see my dvr recordings, but I can not stream t...
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  • Unable to stream using GenieGo Out of Home:  GenieGo/131

    I am unable to stream outside of the home using GenieGo.   If I run the test in the GenieGo app on my MacBook Pro or my Android Tablet, It responds "Congratulations! Your Router is sup up for Genie Out of Home A...
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  • New router Asus RT-AC66U and now can't find GenieGO

    I just got a new router and set it up exactly the same way as my previous linksys.  When I go to launch the geniego app on my Win7 PC it comes up saying your geniego wasn't found.  I've reset the app/uninsta...
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  • Video "drags" when playing back recorded shows.  Is there a fix?

    Anyone else having this problem?
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  • GenieGo Out of Home worked but quit

    Got GenieGo working fine and have left on a contract and will not be home till Dec.  After 30 days it quit working.  Had them try resetting back home and when it still did not work, tried calling.  Afte...
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  • Attention Directv

    Please get more software support for Samsung galaxy tablets with android OS. Updates are way behind.
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  • GenieGO, NVG510 and Out of Home Access

    This question has been touched on but not really solved. Here is my situation. I have Uverse DSL with an NVG510.  Directv Tech Support indicated that this modem is not supported by them to use the GenieGO Out o...
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  • My recordings are being recorded next door

    The house next door gets my recording and vice versa.   We have the same last name, but separate modems and internet accounts but same key.   We have each had direct tv for a year and never had thi...
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  • GenieGo will not work?

    I have an HR34/700 Genie HD DVR.  I purchased the GenieGo.  It has worked for about 1 week. I have had so many excuses why it won't work.  I even had my Internet service upgraded. Last week I had a tech...
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  • Can I download programs from Geniego to thumb drive to watch on a Blu-Ray player or other media player?

    Just curious because we have multiple players around the house and my husband has a Netgear NeoTV player at work and would like to watch recorded television.  Leaving the laptop on all night to download televisio...
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  • No audio, but get video when playing GenieGo on new ASUS PC

    I recently setup a new ASUS PC running an AMD A10-6700 with Windows 8.1 X64, and when I try to watch shows via GenieGo I see the video, but there is no audio.  Other streaming apps do have audio.  I checked ...
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  • Is there a way to setup my new iPad to genieGO when I am not able to connect to my home network?

    I am on a two month business trip to China and before I left I bought a new iPad Air. We have genieGO connected on our other devices but I only downloaded the app before I left and didn't register the device until I r...
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  • Genie will not Connect to WiFi

    Had a Genie installed this weekend, HR44. When the tech was here he had me connect to my WiFi and it worked fine. I noticed today, trying to use the GenieGo, that the Genie Receiver is no longer connect and will not c...
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  • I cannot use vod or anything else on my genie..says no internet

    Yes in the info it shows connected to the internet. yes it is connected wireless.  My android app says its offline. I cannot use any apps on the directv as in vod pandora.
    created by dirtydogbar
  • we called direct tv regarding the message on the tv menu stating the $500 Genie DVR was being offered and to call in for it but we were told we dont qualify? we are 3yr customers?

    We called Direct tv after seeing the message on the menu of the tv that stated the $500 Genie Upgrade for free and to call 888-632-3646.  We explained why we were calling to two different people and the second gi...
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  • HR24-500 GenieGo will not prepare or stream

    I have 4 DVRs. HR20-700, HR20-700, HR24-500, HR44-500 I've had GenieGo since the first month it was released (as nomad) and it's the older Nomad model.   For the years I've had it, I've become really good at tr...
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  • Geniego "waiting to prepare"

    I asked for assistance on this issue 2 weeks ago but haven't received any responses.  My previous post is now labeled "assumed answered".  I have been using Geniego successfully for 2 years to download conte...
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  • GenieGO OOH is  successfully set up, but will not work outside of the home network

    GenieGO OOH is successfully set up on my laptop and iPad.  When I test the OOH access from my home network, it says that it has been set up correctly.  On the iPad app, all of the receivers are shown as conn...
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  • after connecting a external drive can i take the drive with me to view the movies

    i want to use the external drive to download content and then take the drive with me so i can view it later.
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