• GenieGO OOH is  successfully set up, but will not work outside of the home network

    GenieGO OOH is successfully set up on my laptop and iPad.  When I test the OOH access from my home network, it says that it has been set up correctly.  On the iPad app, all of the receivers are shown as conn...
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  • after connecting a external drive can i take the drive with me to view the movies

    i want to use the external drive to download content and then take the drive with me so i can view it later.
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  • GenieGO stuck on solid yellow light

    I'm very extremely frustrated because the GenieGO worked for a week and then it's not worked since. It's just stuck showing a solid yellow/amber light and not the 3 blue lights. I have the Genie Receiver connected to ...
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  • Transferred GenieGo show playing on Macbook through Apple TV no sound

    I recently got a GenieGo and transferred a number of shows to my MacbookPro.  I am trying to watch them on my Macbook using the GenieGo app and Airplay through a MacTV to my HDTV.  The picture is showing on ...
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  • GenieGo is junk

    I've had a GenieGo for a couple of months now and it is totally useless.  I stayed on the phone with a DirecTV rep for about an hour to get it set up.  Ever since then I haven't been able to use it for what ...
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  • Geniego not downloading or streaming

    I noticed I was having the same problem today as others have recently described.  I called the Geniego technical assistance department.  They immediately indicated it was a known problem that started to occu...
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  • My GenieGo is stuck on "waiting to prepare" I have resetted everything from the nomad to the router to the DVR and nothing works.  What could be the problem?

    Directv is going to send me a cinema connection kit but I don't think that is the problem.
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  • Help please!

    Hi, I've had my GenieGO for a while now and I've never seemed to got it to work. I have the app on my iPhone, iPad and Macbook. I've tried the Out of Home Access and it didn't work. I did the firewall settings and not...
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  • Genie Go Stops at "Waiting To Prepare"

    I have recently installed my new Genie HR44 with two wired Genie Mini Clients. Everything with the Initial install appears to work, I am able to use my iPhone, Nexus 7 and Original Surface Pro 8.1, with Live Streaming...
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  • genie go storage on android devices

    Downloaded programs do not seem to use my sd card on my android device.  It looks like it only uses internal storage.  It's there a way to get it to use my sd card for downloaded programs rather than interna...
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  • how to delete items from history

    I am a new client and the history section for recordings is already cluttered, how can I delete all of the cancelled and deletions from this area?   If this isn't possible can I move or list the recorded program...
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  • Support for Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro.

    Everything works streaming over my network, but will not play downloaded content from the device. Any suggestions?
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  • How to delete device on Genie Go

    I already have 4 devices connected to GenieGo. Added a 5th device which, ultimately, I did not like and returned to the store. I have now purchased a new device I'd like to connect, but that would be my 6th device a...
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  • "Not supported on a rooted device"

    But my new tablet is not rooted. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?
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  • Adding an external disk to GenieGo

    I haven't yet done initial setup of the GenieGo.  What does adding the external disk allow? Just -- More programming to be prepared for loading onto my laptop for offline viewing?  Are there any advantages f...
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  • GenieGO remote access problem Solved

    I received a new Arris TG862 modem from my internet service provider Time Warner Cable last week. I was unable to access the Out of Home feature with my GenieGo. After about a week of back and forth between TWC, Direc...
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  • Unable to login to Directv app on iPad

    I am unable to login to the Directv app on my iPad. I can login through the website just fine but when promoted to enter email and password in the app it gives me and invalid email password combination error message. ...
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  • Genie Go - iPad background download

    Genie Go for the iPad/iPhone is not working very well for me.  Every time I want to download a show I have to bring up the app and babysit it to keep the download going.  If the pad/phone shut down or the ap...
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  • Can't find GenieGo, Can't remote access.

    (This is a new post for an ongoing problem)   Main question, can I set up a remote access from outside my home network?   I'm in the UK.  I've been streaming my GenieGo for two weeks.  The electr...
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  • GenieGO remote access problem.

    I'm sure this question has been presented and answered here already, but I couldn't find it.   Anyhow, I'm in the UK.  I've been remotely connecting and streaming from my GenieGo for the past two weeks unt...
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