• GenieGo not downloading to iPad

    I have not been able to download programs from my playlist to my iPad (or any other device). GenieGo otherwise appears to be working properly. All 3 blue lights are on, it is connected to my internet - directly to the...
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  • Genie Go stopped working  flashing amber light alternates with solid blue

    Hello,   Our Genie Go worked for about a week, and then it started alternating between a solid blue light and flashing amber light (it's the Genie Go 2 -- single light).    After resetting everyth...
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  • Airport Extreme and GenieGo IP Addresses

    I'm having an issue establishing the Out-of-Home access on my GenieGo.  The Airport Extreme is a version 7.6.4.  The issue is that the router is changing the IP address of the GenieGo.  I've read some g...
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  • Can Genie Go 2 be connected directly to the router?

    The tech told me that attaching directly to HR44 with coax was the best, but I'm apparently having network problems and wonder if it will work better (or at all) if I connect it directly to the router.   Thi...
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  • OOH Install woes...

    I have an Wireless Actiontec Router Rev I from Verizon (FiOS) as my main router w/ DHCP enabled on the 2nd fl on IP and SSID "2G2"  My CCK is connected to this router.   I have a Wireless Li...
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  • Port forwarding

    Does port forwarding have anything to do with using Genie Go INSIDE the home?   Seems like everything I'm reading says it's related to out of home use, but we were told by a DTV tech we needed to do port for...
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  • My GenieGO came via mail with no installation instructions.  Can't seem to find them on this site.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?  TIA

    My GenieGO came via mail delivery with no installation instructions.  Can't seem to find them on this site.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?  TIA
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  • will not encode

    recently , say over the last 2 months, the geniego will not encode anything from one of the 3 dvr's that I have in my system.  I was willing to overlook this as much of the programming on that dvr was migrated to...
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  • Cannot get GenieGo setup !

    have the ipad and iphone apps. Neither one can find the dvr on my network. I have entered the sn of the dvr and still cannot find. On the ipad by selecting setup and network, i believe, it will show the name of my net...
  • Help with GenieGo Out of Home Access-Device selection

    I have been trying to help my dad install GenieGo and have come into issues.  When I test the out of home access, it passes the 1st 2 tests but fails the final one.  It recommends I try to manually change th...
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  • GenieGO iPad Problem

    I recently had a GenieGo installed and my kids are trying to watch shows on the iPad that were recorded on the DVR. When they select a show from the playlist, they receive a message that reads, "this show is not ava...
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  • Your GenieGo DVR is busy and GenieGo cannot stream video at this time."

    GenieGo "Your GenieGo DVR is busy and GenieGo cannot stream video at this time."  When away from home this is the message I get when trying to stream already recorded dvr content. Out of Home access is set ...
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  • Will Genie Go stream previously recorded dvr shows when away from home?

    Genie Go streams my previously recorded dvr shows on my computer, phone and tablet when I am on the home network. When away from home and on another wireless network I can see my dvr recordings, but I can not stream t...
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  • Unable to stream using GenieGo Out of Home:  GenieGo/131

    I am unable to stream outside of the home using GenieGo.   If I run the test in the GenieGo app on my MacBook Pro or my Android Tablet, It responds "Congratulations! Your Router is sup up for Genie Out of Home A...
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  • New router Asus RT-AC66U and now can't find GenieGO

    I just got a new router and set it up exactly the same way as my previous linksys.  When I go to launch the geniego app on my Win7 PC it comes up saying your geniego wasn't found.  I've reset the app/uninsta...
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  • Video "drags" when playing back recorded shows.  Is there a fix?

    Anyone else having this problem?
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  • GenieGo Out of Home worked but quit

    Got GenieGo working fine and have left on a contract and will not be home till Dec.  After 30 days it quit working.  Had them try resetting back home and when it still did not work, tried calling.  Afte...
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  • Attention Directv

    Please get more software support for Samsung galaxy tablets with android OS. Updates are way behind.
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  • GenieGO, NVG510 and Out of Home Access

    This question has been touched on but not really solved. Here is my situation. I have Uverse DSL with an NVG510.  Directv Tech Support indicated that this modem is not supported by them to use the GenieGO Out o...
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  • My recordings are being recorded next door

    The house next door gets my recording and vice versa.   We have the same last name, but separate modems and internet accounts but same key.   We have each had direct tv for a year and never had thi...
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