• Can I hook up my geniego to one of my other DVR's instead of the HR44 since they are all tied together in the system?

    Can I hook up my geniego to one of my other DVR's instead of the HR44 since they are all tied together in the system?
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  • New GenieGo

    I have installed a GenieGo unit.  It has a solid Blue light now.  I try to connect to it through a PC, or an IPad.  I get different errors depending on what I am trying to hit it with.  From the IP...
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  • New GenieGo very hot to the touch

    I just hooked up GenieGo last night and it is very hot to the touch.  It's this normal?  It feels like a fire hazard!
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  • Out of Home Access - AT&T Uverse

    Anyone else been told, after they bought the product, that Out of Home Access will not work with AT&T Uverse?
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  • Problem with GenieGO Out of Home on MAC

    I successfully connected with GenieGo and streamed programs 3 days ago (out of home) using my MAC. Now I am getting 'Your DirecTV GenieGo was no found' when I start the app from the same physical location... I can con...
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  • Macintosh with Parallels running Windows 7 GenieGo fails

    Running Parallels Desktop Version 10.2.1 (29006) on a iMac running MacOS 7 (Lion) with the virtual operating system Windows 7 Pro. Installing GenieGO for the first time and trying to add virtual machine PC get message...
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  • GenieGo Issue

    The GenieGo works fine at home.  I have now tried it twice away from home.  It worked on my laptop but did not work on my Android Tablet.  When I got home the tablet worked fine.  Now I am about 16...
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  • GenieGo will not work?

    I have an HR34/700 Genie HD DVR.  I purchased the GenieGo.  It has worked for about 1 week. I have had so many excuses why it won't work.  I even had my Internet service upgraded. Last week I had a tech...
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  • Insufficient Bandwidth

    I do not have very good luck with my 2012 MacBook Pro streaming DTV.  The computer has plenty of memory, and a fast processor. The picture freezes up regularly, and today I got the message "insufficient band widt...
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  • GenieGo DRM Connection Issue???

    GenieGo Won't stream due to drm connection issue. It has been working fine for a month. How do I remedy this?
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  • Geniego Storage

      I have a Geniego up and working with a PC app. From what I read the Geniego has its own storage and you can add an external hard drive. When I download a show to my PC the “Download List” pull dow...
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  • Show Not Showing Up on GenieGo

    I recently hooked up GenieGo and everything seemed to be working just fine within my home network. On Sunday I was able to watch The Walking Dead on my laptop in bed while it was being recorded on the DVR in the livin...
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  • How do i get my genie  to connect to the internet?

    I am having I guess basic problems
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  • GenieGo App, Update broke working install, Android Tablet

    Been troubleshooting for some time now.  Had a working GenieGo App installed on my  tablet (now OS ver 5.0.2), with latest GenieGo version.  Latest update stopped the App from being able to view downloa...
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  • GenieGo not showing picture when Surface Pro 3 is connected to TV

    I recently got a Surface Pro 3. I can watch shows using my GenieGo with no problem. But, when I connected the Surface Pro to my TV, I lose the picture, both on the Surface and on the TV. I used to do this on my older ...
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  • How to control access when in a shared internet connection

    I live in a small rv resort and they have a very good internet, which is free.  But free comes with a price, several people have Genie systems and since we all share the same internet connection, people can view ...
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  • DIRECTV2PC alternate solution for new Surface Pro 3?

    Hi all. I have to retire my desktop/Win7 computer and have purchased a Surface Pro 3. In going through the setup and looking online it appears that DIRECTV2PC does not work on the SP3.   Basically, my question i...
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  • External hard drive for genie problem

    I Just upgraded to a genie and cannot get my external sata hard drive to work.  This is the system that I removed from my HR24 that worked fine.  I installed and powered up the hard drive before adding power...
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  • ?

    I don't know why they emailed me about this but they say I must do a status report or something can you please email me what to do or call me at 505-359-9167. Thank You Rubin Gonzales the name of the bill is Irma Go...
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  • Hard drive

    If I add a hard drive to the GenieGo will the GenieGo format the hard drive?
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