• Season/Episode display on HR24

    The latest update on Genie shows the Season and Episodes of shows it records. It even puts them in order when an earlier episode is recorded later. That is nice binge viewing.   Will there be an update to HR24's...
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  • Samsung 4k TV problems

    I have a Samsung 4k TV, 65 inch. I get pixelation on some HD channels, including Disney HD as well as others. Directv has been out 3 times and I have done tech support via the phone and they have told me that it is th...
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  • Why are two genie's in the same household tuned the exact same channel out of sync with each other? (ex. close to 1 second difference)

    Why are two genie's in the same household tuned the exact same channel out of sync with each other? (ex. close to 1 second difference)
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  • 4K TV Issues

    I have a Samsung 4K TV connected through the RVU server on my Genie. On some channels, I experience audio and video "stuttering." To correct the issue, I change the channel and change it back to the channel I was wa...
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  • occasionally no sound on Genie mini

    I have a Genie mini that has occasionally no sound. We can change channels a couple times then the sound comes back. There is usually a high pitched tone we hear when the sound comes back. Vizio TV but we have 3 Vizio...
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  • am21 off air tuner Houston

    Does anyone have experience with the am21 off air tuner in the Houston area?  I live in Katy and my inquiry is to whether KHOU (11.x) or KTRK (13.x) are received with this antenna.
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  • am21 off air tuner / WMC

    Can the am21 off air tuner be used with Windows Media Center and a tuner instead of connected to the DirecTV equipment?
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  • Genie Freeze Picture

    I just replaced my 2 year old Genie which died with another HR-34. I recorded on the new unit a local basketball game and the picture froze up during most of the game but I stopped the recording and started it again a...
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  • Choice of local channels

    First, I hope this is the right forum for this question...   Many of us live "on the borderline" between two DTV markets for local channels. In our case, for example, many people living physically closer to San...
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  • longhorn network

    apparently DirecTV has finally reached a deal with Disney to carry the Longhorn Network (U of Texas sports).  when exactly will it be available and on which subscription plans?
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  • H10-200 with slimline 3 conversion

    I have an h10-200 that was used with a slimline 3 for a standard def tv until recently. last summer my lnb died and the tech replaced it with a newer style, it's still the slimline oval dish, but the original lnb was ...
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  • New 240Hz TV = Pixelation?

    Last week my husband and I decided to upgrade our existing television from a Sharp Aquos 42" 1080p LCD to a VIZIO 50" 1080p LED. We chose to go one step further and picked the 240Hz version of the 50" VIZIO line (m-se...
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  • TV doesn't support content format error. Please help!

    I'm not sure of the exact wording because it disappears quickly, but it reads something like this:  TV doesn't support content in current format. I only get the error with HD premium channel content or VOD HD c...
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  • How do I remove adult channel content descriptions?

    I have gone into my settings and selected "Hide adult content" but when you scroll through the channels using the Guide button on the remote the titles and descriptions of the shows still appear on the TV.  We ha...
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  • cost to get a hr24 dvr

    hello all, i want to replace my current standard dvr with a HD HR24 dvr. i will keep the 2nd tv on standard receiver because i dont need hd in that room. ive been quoted several prices, does direct tv charge you a f...
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  • kind of an odd one

    I have a 2009 Samsung LCD HDtv, it's a dinosaur of a unit but its still kicking and quite frankly, I have come to love it. It's not perfect, it has its flaws but this is something I have been noticing recently and wou...
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  • WRSP Ch. 55 Springfield IL

    Ch. 55 Springfield IL is having a problem with it's feed about every 45 to 60 seconds the picture momently freezes and "Stutters" this also happens on WCIX 49 and WEIU 55. These are both locals in my home market. Anyo...
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  • switching from standard to hd

    hello all, going to switch from SD package to HD package. what extra fees will i be charged? i have 1 dvr and 1 box.   thanks.
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  • SD channels look great in guide but poor when selected

    Most of the SD channels with my H25 HD receiver look so bad, like '80s VHS tapes, ghost around faces and logos. But when I go to guide, the small screen that shows the current channel looks spectacular HD. Why is that...
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  • No audio when first turn on TV

    So when I push my on button it turns on my HD DVR then my TV and I have no audio until I change my TV channel up then back down. However, if I turn on my TV then my HD DVR receiver I have audio from the start. This st...
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