• Changing Local Channels

    Both the Neilsen DMA and the FCC tell me that the satellite companies can provide an exemption for subscribers whose zip codes were on the border to ensure the most appropriate local broadcast stations.  That is ...
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  • Why is MSNBC in letterbox?

    What is causing my MSNBC (356) to no longer transmit in HD?   The aspect ratio is 16:9, but is rendering in letterbox.  I've checked my TV settings.  Aspect ratio is set to "Set By Program" which l...
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  • ENCeHD Disappeared

    I've had DTV since 2007 with the CHOICE XTRA CLASSIC package.    About a month or so ago, ENCeHD (ch.535) is grayed out...error 721...channel not purchased.  I've had that channel since the day DTV wa...
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  • OSD "Remote Control Programming is Limited to five unique Brands per Month. Only one attempt left"

    Genie system with C41 mini, Proscan LCD TV, and RC71 remote. At the C41 location I recieved this OSD "Remote Control Programming is Limited to five unique Brands per month. You have one attempt left." The format of ...
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  • TV won't access DirecTV box when turned on

    OK just had my direcTV installed today and everything seemed to be working fine.  Then the installer left and I finally decided to turn the TV off (the remote has been programmed to turn off both the TV and Direc...
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  • picture flickering in and out of focus

    I have a 43" Samsung 720p Plasma and I'm trying to find out how I can get the best picture on my tv. When I change the format to 1080i, the picture is very sharp for the most part, however there are moments when it fl...
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  • various issues

    I know the quick freeze framing and stuttering on Live sports from time to time is more than likely an issue with the temporary broadcast equipment especially on regional channels but why is it persistent on espn duri...
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  • Please help. What sites can I use my Dtv login creds to view content

    I am going to be away from the home for a bit and would like to know what web sites I have the ability to log in to with my directv login creds. I know NBC Sports and CNN, but would appreciate the others I can use it ...
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  • Encore Westerns

    Ch538 Encore Westerns, 10 minutes into movie picture freezes for about 1/2 second and then pixelates. I wonder is this some kind of "Copy" protection?? I have aH21/200 receiver.   Anyone else having this happen?...
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  • Delete a recorded show while watching it?

    Hi All,   I just switched to DirecTV and I'm loving it so far. I have the HD Genie setup. If I'm watching a recorded show and decide to delete it, is there any way to do that without going to the List first ?
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  • Is COZI TV available on DirecTV?

    I'm trying to find COZI TV so I can watch McMillian & Wife and Fantasy island.   Is it out there somewhere?
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  • Where do I go for help?

    I have posted several times with several problems. I have never got a satisfactory response. My latest problem was "screen saver", posted last January. I got no help from this forum. I contacted Direct TV and talked t...
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  • SportsNet LA & MLB Network!

    Trying to watch the MLB season opener (Dodgers & Diamondbacks) in Australia! Feed was being shown on MLB Network for a few minutes and then... BLACK OUT! Of course that would happen! Thanks a lot "Magic" group! Th...
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  • screen saver

    The screen saver comes on while watching live TV, I lose picture and sound.   I defy anyone to show me a need for a screen saver on a HD television. You could leave a still picture on for 10 years and it will n...
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  • DirecTV with the basic HD receiver.

    I plan to order DirecTV with the basic HD receiver. Is there a brand name or model for this receiver? Does this device include an RF remote control and what is the model number of that device?   Thanks for a...
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  • How do I get sound on my Insignia soundbar through a HR-44 receiver?

    They are connected by digital audio optical. All I get is crackling. However, the music channels (800s)  and the Military channel (not hd) work fine. The sound bar worked fine when I had the HD-25 receiver. I had...
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  • 1080p movie problems

    Every time I try watch a movie in 1080p, I get a flashing green bar at the bottom of the screen. My TV supports full HD and if I switch the resolution on the reciever down to 1080i it works fine. Any ideas?  ...
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  • I Need Help With Wireless Headphones

    I have an LG HDTV and of course DirecTV. I have attempted connecting wireless headphones to my TV following the headphone manufacturer instructions (Auvio) but no sound. This should be very simple... advice please? T...
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  • Red rings around dark subject matter

    Recently just added a new flatpanel to my HD service, on some channels darker subject matter has a red ring around it, such as a person wearing a dark suit a red line goes around the whole body of the person, called ...
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  • Root Sports Network:  Utah Jazz Games being "blacked out"

    I live in the Salt Lake City area, and for the past 2 to 3 weeks, have experienced blackout of the Root Sports Network broadcast of several Utah Jazz games.  We've watched these games via Root Sports Network (cha...
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