• DirecTV lack of Technology

    By the world having advance technology  you will think by now DirecTV would have all of the bugs and kinks worked out by of their system by now. I used to be a subscriber about 10 years ago, and I figure I will g...
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  • Help Setting up new PC

    I just got a new PC with windows 7 that I need help with setting up with Media Share. Let me explain, what I USED to have on my old PC.   I was running windows XP with Tversity (old version 1.78 I think),  ...
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  • How to get 72 Hour rewind on Genie

    I have a whole home system, including a genie and some mini genies,  it is hooked to internet.  How do I get 72 hr rewind to work?  I understand it is available only on certain channels, but when I go t...
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  • Have receiver HR44-700. How to I access the 72 hr. rewind feature?

    I can't seem to access the 72 hr rewind feature following the directions provided. Do you have to be connected to the Internet to access this feature? If not..what am I missing? Thx
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  • Music & Photos (Media Share) option missing after update 0x9f6

    Hello,   Last night my HR44/700 reciver updated to the latest software: 0x9f6 at 03:49am. After this happened the Music & Photos option disappeared in the Extras menu option. It's not my network. It works up...
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  • ???????????? Genie Media Share missing ???????????

    Went to use my Media Share today and it is NO WHERE to be found in the Directv menu.  Software update?  Another service DTV is going to charge us for?  I will switch if that is the case.  Get it fi...
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  • Is Media Share gone for good?

    Is Media Share gone for good now with Genie, or will it be restored at some point in the future?
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  • Streaming to Ipad frequently stops...

    Today streaming to my Ipad interrupts frequently, maybe every two minutes.  I get the message that my bandwidth is not enough.  I ran a speed check and I have about 10 meg through my wireless network.  ...
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  • sattelite internet

    I recently upgrade my Wild BluExede. Have unlimited internet and the VOD looks great. I highly recommended.
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  • Windows 8 visable in DirectTV?

    I got a new machine- Windows 8  and now I cannot see my PC on the Menu/Extras list. Has anyone with Windows 8 connected and if so, how?   Thanks! Denise
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  • Problem with HR44/500 Media Share and Windows 8.1 PC

    I cannot see my Windows 8.1 PC in the Media Share device list, but I CAN see my Windows 7 laptop, I can play videos without any problem. Any help? I can also see and play music from my Pioneer Network Audio Player N-5...
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  • Help Setting Up New PC Continued

    For some reason, I cannot reply to people comments on my original post, any reason for this???   I'll copy the post here and the replies...   I just got a new PC with windows 7 that I need help with settin...
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  • Is Your Media Share AWOL?

    HR44/500 software update 0x9f6 on May 7, 2015 caused my Media Share to disappear. I switched to DISH Network because of this. When I called to cancel DirecTV, they lured me back with discounts and a promise that they ...
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  • الفائقون خدمة فريجيدير 4 1 3 9 9 9 5 9 0 1 0 اصلاحات فريجيدير  6 6 0 9 9 6 5 3 خط الزمالك

    الفائقون خدمة فريجيدير 4 1 3 9 9 9 5 9 0 1 0 اصلاحات فريجيدير  6 6 0 9 9 6 5 3 خط الزمالك
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  • directv should take lessons from netflix on streaming, netflix works perfect directv always problems

    streaming on computer is horrible, Netflix works fine, directv always a problem
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  • Media Share Windows 7

    Whenever I attempt to access media content from my Windows 7 home PC, the Extras do not show "Music & Photos".The Directv devices appear on the network map as, "The following discovered device(s) can not be placed...
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  • Media Share showing my folders,but says there empty,none of my media showing up?

    Media Share showing my folders,but says there empty,none of my media showing up? My mp3's, images and mp4 movies don't show up at all.
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  • Media Share - Not Working

    Like many of you, I have been having trouble setting up my Media Share.  I have never seen Music & Photos in the Extras.  I have read some of the suggestions on other threads and have tried mos...
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  • No sound when playing tracks located on my PC

    The components for Media Share from my PC are: DirecTV DVR HR24-500, LG 39LN5700 TV, and Dell PC running Windows 7. Three days ago I was able to listen to my MP3s located on my PC via Media Share, but now when I play ...
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  • Media Share not showing WMP Playlists

    Running windows 8.1. Can see my WMP music files but can't see my WMP music playlists. Is there a specific format required for playlists and if so, what is it? There are so many posts all of the internet and in these f...
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