• tversity

    I keep getting adds from Tversity about newer versions. Has anyone tried any of them??
    created by hmcm
  • I am trying to get Amazon Prime

    How do I access Amazon Prime from my Genie?
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  • No sound when playing tracks located on my PC

    The components for Media Share from my PC are: DirecTV DVR HR24-500, LG 39LN5700 TV, and Dell PC running Windows 7. Three days ago I was able to listen to my MP3s located on my PC via Media Share, but now when I play ...
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  • concerning media share

    i have (2)  hr24-200  in bedrooms,and a genie hr34-700 , i have a tech. coming out to trouble shoot the following issue, and was just wondering if anyone knew of  any info i should inform the tech as to...
    last modified by dr.@home
  • Media Share Video Quality Issue

    A few weeks ago, I noticed that the Video Quality of my PC streamed videos was horrible with choppy/ lockup playback. It is only when I use the Media Share feature through my Genie. The Video files are all Blu-Ray qua...
    created by rmyers81
  • How do I get PC2 listed on Windows Media Player streaming options for "all networks" so as to be able to access my media?

    How do I get PC2 listed on Windows Media Player streaming options, "all networks" so as to be able to access my media?
    last modified by neblankenship
  • Directions for setting up PC for media share do not work

    I want to set up my laptop with the Media Share app from the Direct TV site. I clicked on "Set up PC" and got instructions to "set up network" and when I try to use them with my laptop it doesn't work like the steps i...
    last modified by gerir
  • why do my apps disappear sometimes

    Like sometimes I can use the youtube app on the extras on my menu then sometimes its not there. Now I dont have the video and pic app it is not there any more and I wanted to use it now
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  • Unable to start network Services (700)

    Hello, I have a good Internet connection (I can steam Pandora and Internet test is successful). I cannot access receiver while away from home to schedule recordings.  When I try and start network services, I get ...
    last modified by rsienrukos
  • "Unable to access media" from HR44/500 from home PC

    Whenever I attempt to access media content from my Windows 7 home PC, I get an "Unable to access media" from the Directv receiver. I am using a U-verse router and I have media sharing turned on on my PC system. All my...
    last modified by vsromero
  • Media Share will play most songs but not all

    Media Share works great, but there are a handful of songs that it cannot successfully play.  All my songs are mp3. For instance--I just downloaded an album and none of the songs will play on Media Share.  Th...
    last modified by barntiger
  • MP3 Play issue on Genie

    I have a Genie and an HR24.I can stream MP3 files through the HR 24 but on the Genie the files show up but have an x to the left of the file an they show a length as 0:00 and I get an error message when I try to play ...
    last modified by mvark
  • I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu

    I don't have "Music and Pictures' on my Extras menu at all.  (only 7 items in Extras:.Messages, Active, TVApps, CallerID, YouTube, Pandora, Showroom).   I know this worked at one point, but now, nothing...
    last modified by zox625
  • My log in information and password

    I am having issues with log in and password. Can you assist me  in this matter?
    last modified by edwardmcdevitt
  • Can someone assist me with the log in and my password

    I need assistance with the log in and my password.  Can someone help me in this matter?
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  • What free software do I need to play my pictures media share? I can view 96dpi with vista os but not my 300dpi.

    Is there some software that I can download that will allow me to view my pictures with 300dpi with vista os and media share?
    last modified by bigh
  • DIfference between "Security Key" and wifi network password, if any

    My HR22/100 DVR was connected to our wifi router, and the Internet, by the DirecTV-supplied Cisco/Linksys access point.  The access point looks like a skinny miniature toaster and it may be known here as a "CCK."...
    last modified by pettifogger
  • MediaShare and Genie

    i have an HR24, a Genie HR44 and an imac on my network.  i use eyeconnect to get to my itunes library via mediashare.  i can access the library from the HR24 but i cannot from the Genie.  i have checked...
    last modified by garryrse
  • Media Share

    Media Share is connected, but it does not know that the computer has a new name.  How can this be resolved?
    last modified by lavontonyarobinson
  • Problem with HR44/500 Media Share and Windows 8.1 PC

    I cannot see my Windows 8.1 PC in the Media Share device list, but I CAN see my Windows 7 laptop, I can play videos without any problem. Any help? I can also see and play music from my Pioneer Network Audio Player N-5...
    created by bobdupuy