• DirecTV app on iPhone 3GS says I need to upgrade to use it.

    iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1.6, DirecTV app 3.3.   I tried to use the app today but it told me I had to update it to version 3.5. So I went to the App Store app on my iPhone 3GS to see if there was an update avail...
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  • I can't login to NFL Sunday ticket

    I keep getting "Login error."  I know my username/password are correct, I triple checked both of them.   No success
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  • Problem installing DirecTV Player on Windows7

    I get to the download page, click on the blue "Install DirecTV Player" click on the "run" for the application that pops up and it tells me that there are two items I need to install (both Adobe Flash items, one Player...
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  • Anyone having problems replying to this forum?

    Every time I try I get an error message about there being an error and my reply was not posted.   I can't seem to copy/paste the error message itself.   Is anyone else getting this?
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  • will directv phone app work with live tv

    can i work live tv with directv phone app
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  • Android App "Receiver Error" We are unable to retrieve your receivers

    I just installed the new Direct TV app for Android and I cannot get it to connect and find my receivers.   I called Direct TV and they send me a Cinema Connect Kit.   I connected this but still have th...
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  • Suddenly iPad doesn't recognize receiver?

    Hi. Suddenly I am unable to connect my iPad to my receiver. The app was working great. I've removed & reinstalled the app. I am able to use the app on two other devices (same network & receiver).  I've tr...
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  • Limited channels live stream on ipad

    Used to get a large number of channels to live stream on ipad app but now only get about 15. All the other channels that show up under live stream, 50+, only have option to record. Did something change, did we lose fu...
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  • On same network, but Live streaming acts like I am not

    I can not watch the live streaming channels that require you to be connected to the same wireless network as your receiver. I am definitely connected to the same network The IP address are the same, and the app even s...
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  • DirecTV iPad app won't control my setup.

    I had DirecTV installed on August 2nd, 2014. I have a Genie HR44-700 in living room and two Genie Mini clients C41-700 in my master bedroom and second bedroom. The installer connected my HR44 to my wireless network du...
    created by icrcanty
  • Iphone app and PC streaming claim receiver not on the same network...

    So my receiver is on the same network as my Pc and iPhone. It is connected to the router with ethernet but I have also connected to the actual WIFI connection with no change in result. The Living Room receiver is show...
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  • DirecTV iPhone App - Choppy audio/video with Airplay/Mirroring to ATV

    I was happy to hear DirecTV activated Airplay and updated to 4.2.3. However, I am experiencing choppy audio/video when using airplay to my ATV from my iPhone 4S. THe video plays as expected on the iPhone so the proble...
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  • Why does a show I'm already watching on my Kindle Fire suddenly go out and come up with a message that says I need to have the same Wi-Fi connection as my HD receiver?

    Today I downloaded the app for Direct TV to my Kindle Fire. I was happily watching the ID channel when all of the sudden it stopped working and a message pops up saying I need to have the same Wi-Fi connection as my H...
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  • Kindle Fire HD NFL Sunday Ticket App

    Hello, I live in a condo and can't have a satellite dish and I'm considering signing up for the Direct TV Sunday Ticket "To Go" package, as it appears the Kindle Fire HD is a compatible device.    My quest...
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  • kindle fire...can't connect?

    I'm kinda new to this whole kindle fire thing so forgive me if I sound stupid...but how do I connect my device to my TV? I thought that I was supposed to be able to make my kindle fire screen appear on my TV when I we...
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  • can't get the android app to allow me to watch content on my galaxy s5. All other functions work correctly

    The watch on phone button stays gray when I select content.
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  • Control status disabled

    I have two receivers that the Android app has found. Both have valid ID addresses. One receiver is marked "disabled"  for control status. It is set for "allowed" for all 3 settings of whole-heartedly. Is there a ...
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  • Android DirecTV app constantly closing?

    My android app is constantly closing on its own. Unable to use the app at all and is very frustrating. Moto X running Android 4.4.2. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and still have the same issue...An...
    created by tjbay
  • GenieGo Android App won't run on my tablet

    I have the same problem as described in a couple old threads (unable to post reply). Installed the GenieGo app on my Android tablet, its an HP 7 tablet. The app installs fine. But when I try to open it it just display...
    created by bmccarty
  • iPad Live Streaming error You are not Authorized

    Hoping that someone else may have run into this problem and perhaps has a fix as Directv Customer Support does not currently have a fix.   iPad iOS 7.2.1 Directv App 2.6.5   I am trying to use Live Stream...
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