• Directv App on tablet have video, but no sound.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 tablet. I have installed the Directv app on it for watching live TV or movies. I have video, but no sound. It appears all of my switches are OK.
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  • WatchESPN

    Why is it that almost every other television service provider offers Watchespn but directv does not?? The "world wide leader in sports" shouldn't be dropping the ball on offering this.  When I called to directv t...
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  • cost of nfl ticket

    what is the renewal cost vs. the cost now of nfl ticket max
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  • No volume watching live on tablet

    Live TV on tanlet streams but produces no sound. Im on a samsung galaxy tab 10. Any thoughts on how to fix?
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  • Unethical / Legal Issue with DirectTv

    I was just advised by DirectTv to share a DirectTv account with another user (friend/family) in order to take advantage of the NFL Sunday Ticket Mobile since DirectTv is unable install services at my location. I was v...
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  • I can't login to NFL Sunday ticket

    I keep getting "Login error."  I know my username/password are correct, I triple checked both of them.   No success
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  • Sync ipad favorites with receiver

    I have just spent a couple hours getting the favorites list on my genie to a nice cleaned up states.   now it's possible to scan the guide and see only channels I care about   how can I get the ipad app to...
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  • Android App "Receiver Error" We are unable to retrieve your receivers

    I just installed the new Direct TV app for Android and I cannot get it to connect and find my receivers.   I called Direct TV and they send me a Cinema Connect Kit.   I connected this but still have th...
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  • iPad will not connect to DirectTV

    I appear to have some limited access to my DirecTV account from my iPad.  From my home setup, I appear to have access with my iPad to my account but when I try to watch I get the frequent message "To tune to this...
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  • "not available during next two weeks"when attempt viewing on my laptop?

    I get "Sorry program not available in next two weeks" whenever I try to watch a DIRECTV program on my laptop.  I have downloaded and installed the necessary software.  What am I doing wrong?
    created by hindu420
  • Directv app version 3.3.010 not working on ios 6.1.2

    I have an iphone 4s running ios 6.1.2, directv app version 3.3.010, when I launch the directv app I get a message saying: update required Your software version 3.3.010 is lower than the required version 3.5.008 please...
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  • DirecTV App not streaming shows

    My receiver DirecTV Genie HR 44-500 is connected to the internet, (I reset and tested it - twice) as are the other 3 which are all C41-100 (minis). I am able to see and control them using my kindle. They all have "gre...
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  • manual rcording on android app. How?

    The help screen says tap on "more" I don't see where the "more" is or how to set up manual recording. Help please.
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  • DirecTV app on iPhone 3GS says I need to upgrade to use it.

    iPhone 3GS running iOS 6.1.6, DirecTV app 3.3.   I tried to use the app today but it told me I had to update it to version 3.5. So I went to the App Store app on my iPhone 3GS to see if there was an update avail...
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  • Problem installing DirecTV Player on Windows7

    I get to the download page, click on the blue "Install DirecTV Player" click on the "run" for the application that pops up and it tells me that there are two items I need to install (both Adobe Flash items, one Player...
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  • Directv Everywhere live streaming of wifi (in home) channels does not work on computer.

    My HDDVR receiver HR 24-500 is connected to the internet and to my wifi network.  I am able to control the DVR and stream live tv (both in home and away from home channels) using both my iPad and iPhone apps.&nbs...
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  • Anyone having problems replying to this forum?

    Every time I try I get an error message about there being an error and my reply was not posted.   I can't seem to copy/paste the error message itself.   Is anyone else getting this?
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  • will directv phone app work with live tv

    can i work live tv with directv phone app
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  • Suddenly iPad doesn't recognize receiver?

    Hi. Suddenly I am unable to connect my iPad to my receiver. The app was working great. I've removed & reinstalled the app. I am able to use the app on two other devices (same network & receiver).  I've tr...
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  • Limited channels live stream on ipad

    Used to get a large number of channels to live stream on ipad app but now only get about 15. All the other channels that show up under live stream, 50+, only have option to record. Did something change, did we lose fu...
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