• Deleted programs still in iPad app playlist - Geniego

    I cannot delete programs from the iPad list that have already been deleted directly on TV from the remote. I receive error messages that either say to try again later, or cite "error 0": "The operation couldn't be com...
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  • ios9 GenieGo app player issue

    Hello,   I recently updated my iphone6 to the new IOS9 software and apparently this causes an issue with the GenieGo app.   When I open the app and play my content, the player has shifted down to the midd...
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  • Error : Unable to retrieve configuration.

    I love to use my Directv for tablets mobile app to manage my account and play around with my receivers.  I only use the Android version of the mobile app, and before recently it had been working very good.  ...
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  • Insufficient Bandwidth on iPad

    I am trying to watch a show on my iPad and it now says insufficient bandwidth only the audio will play. Is this an app, iPad, direct tv, or Internet issue? I am not very tech savy so any help would be appreciated.&nbs...
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  • Streaming to Yourself

    Why is it that your are only allowed to locally wireless stream certain channels to your PC, IOS device, or Andriod?  I just changed form Dish where I had the sling device and could locally stream any channel I w...
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  • I can't watch directv online anymore.

    I keep getting this error message: Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player.   I cleaned out my history,uninstalled the online player, logged back in and went through all the steps to reins...
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  • MLB.tv Account Loses Authentication

    This usually happens to me once or twice a season. My MLB.tv will randomly lose its authentication. My MLB.tv account will show that I do not have any video or audio subscriptions. I subscribe to MLB Extra Innings whi...
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  • DirecTV App Lag on Android.

    Really bad lag streaming live tv on the DirecTV App. Video starts up fine but as soon as the video quality increases after a few seconds the video looks like it's in slow-motion. Getting 35 mbps download speed so band...
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  • Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player.

    Went through the entire troubleshooting script with a Chat Tech including installing the Beta Flash player with NPAPI and PPAPI.  Video player still won't load.  It used to work for me months ago before the ...
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  • How do I update my receiver in my app?

    I just had a Genie 44 installed in my home today.  I went to use my iPhone Directv app and it has my previous receiver listed.  For the life of me I can't figure out how to remove the 24 and update my app to...
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  • iPad app only allows out of network programming when connected to home network

    When launching the iPad DirecTV app on my iPad it acts like I am not connected to my network and will only allow streaming of out of network programming. The app identifies both of my receivers which are on the same n...
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  • DirecTV App for iOS will not accept login/password

    I rejoined DirecTV in 2014. I have the Choice+ entertainment package. I am unable to login to the DirecTV mobile app using the login and password that works for the DirecTV website. I have called in and spoken to tech...
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  • iOS app won't accept password for GenieGo

    I've decided to post this problem here since the phone technical team can't solve the problem. I have a second generation GenieGo which is properly setup on our home network. We have two Mac clients installed can conn...
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  • Re: Streaming to Yourself

    Just curious .... why did you leave Dish?
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  • Uninstall Directv Player for mac

    How do I uninstall Directv Player 4.0 from a Mac running Lion? The installer gives no option to uninstall, and it isn't a regular application.   And it doesn't work, and is logging errors at a furious rate.
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  • I am trying to register HBOGO.com but it gave the message HBO isn't a part of my package

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  • Ipad App Says Out of Home after about 3 days .

    This is a sports bar with about 25 receivers.  All the receivers are connected to the same network and the app works perfectly for about 3 days and then says "out of home".  We need to re-enter the ip addres...
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  • DirecTV Player Download Page Not Found

    Hi, I'm attempting to download the DirecTV Player Application for Windows.   The download page redirect to http://directv.vo.llnwd.net/e5/cinema/plugin/DIRECTV_Player_11.0.exe gives a 404 (not found) error. &nbs...
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  • Problems with iPhone app, version 4.0.107

    iPhone 6, iOS 8.3. Three DVRs: HR44 and two HR24s. Whole Home authorized, configured, and verified (confirmed at DTV's end). Only two DVRs show up in the receiver list: the 44 and one or the other of the 24s (changes ...
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  • Directv player has issues with freezing and playback controls after installing newest version

    As the title says,   I have used the directv player for a few years now, and have never had this issue before.  But just recently I went to watch something and it told me to install the new player, so I did...
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