• Trouble Connecting to Receivers since iOS8 upgrade

    I've been using the DRECTV app on an almost daily basis for two years or more with no problems. Three days ago, I had an HR44 installed in my living room, and the existing HR20 added to a new location. Once everything...
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  • Sunday NFL Ticket and Devices

    Ok, so, my question is, how many devices can you have connected at the same time watching Sunday NFL Ticket, using the app?
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  • downloading directv player for windows 8/8.1

    I can download directv player installer, but cannot install the directv player. using windows 8/8.1 i keep getting error code 1310. possibly need to change something in p.c. settings since P.C. is only 3 weeks old.
    created by bengalstu
  • Unable to log into Sunday Ticket support says too bad?

    So I went to a friends house for the first weekend of nfl football. I used my log in on their computer to watch games. The second weekend I did not use it i was home. The third weekend I was with the friend again. So....
    created by jwheel
  • NFL Sunday Ticket streaming issues on PS3 and PS4

    We are streaming NFL Sunday Ticket over PS3 and/or PS4.  The service is horrible.  If you can even get a game to start, it freezes, randomly repeats already seen plays and eventually just kicks you out of th...
    created by jmubumblebee
  • Problem installing DirecTV Player with Windows 8.1 64 bit?

    I have a Dell laptop running Windows 8.1.  I have tried many times to install DirecTV Player without success.  Every time I try, it says I need FlashPlayer and then when I try to install it I get an error me...
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  • Directv Player Install

    I download the Directv Player but when I try to install I get the message as Access Is Denied. What do I need to have access to download this player.  Is there a player that will work with Windows 64bit?
    created by bamagirl243
  • Playlist update after delete from dvr

    when I delete a program from my dvr the playlist on the app does not update. The programs are piling up. When I try to delete them using the app, it won't let me. It does add programs when I record a new one though. W...
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  • DIRECTV scheduler issue

    I have been trying to record tv show via computer and cellphone for 5 days. Contacted DIRECTV and after 4 days was finally told that they are having scheduler issues.
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  • I can't login to NFL Sunday ticket

    I keep getting "Login error."  I know my username/password are correct, I triple checked both of them.   No success
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  • NFLSundayTicket.TV: Ability to full-screen the 4-game view

    NFLSundayTicket.TV has various viewing options in the web-application (I am accessing it from my computer), including fullscreen and a tiled view (which allows you to select up to four different games). One huge short...
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  • In Home live streaming channels are grayed out on Ipad

    I Have an HR24/500 DVR without whole home service.  I recently installed the Directv App on my IPad and half of the live streaming channels are grayed out while connected to the home network.   The away...
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  • Android App "Receiver Error" We are unable to retrieve your receivers

    I just installed the new Direct TV app for Android and I cannot get it to connect and find my receivers.   I called Direct TV and they send me a Cinema Connect Kit.   I connected this but still have th...
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    Hello,      In trying to log into hbogo and I keep getting a message that says incorrect email or password. Im using the same info that I use to log into my directv account. I did call directv and spen...
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  • NFL Sunday Ticket web app cuts off screen when going full screen

    Is there any way to fix this? Going full screen cuts off a big chunk on the right and the bottom of the screen. Doesn't matter if I extend my browser to go all the way to the edges of the screen, the webcast is just s...
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  • How do I control volumn on iPad/iPhone remote app?

    How do I control volumn on iPad/iPhone remote app?
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  • Stream at home not working

    Whole house is set up on the network. When I go through the process of network setup on the DVR, home streaming seems to work for a little while; sometimes for hours and sometimes only for 30 min. What gives?
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  • IOS 8 Issue?

    After my update this evening to IOS8 I noticed I am unable to watch anything in fullscreen on my iPad.   Anyone else experiencing this issue?  Am I doing something wrong?  Thank you in advance. &nb...
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  • Cannot get mobile apps to work

    First things first, my HR24-200 is connected to the internet, I can play youtube videos and on demand just fine.  I have reset the box and redone internet setup. I also reauthorized through direct.com  Every...
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  • Unethical / Legal Issue with DirectTv

    I was just advised by DirectTv to share a DirectTv account with another user (friend/family) in order to take advantage of the NFL Sunday Ticket Mobile since DirectTv is unable install services at my location. I was v...
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