• Watch DirectTV Online PlugIn Problem - Content stops loading @ 85%

    The Problem:  When I try to watch content online via the new "Watch DirectTV" interface, content stops loading at 85% and I get the following message: "Your browser may be displaying an alert asking you for your ...
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  • windows RT App?

    Are there any plans for a Windows RT App? I would like to be able to watch online content on my Windows Tablet.   Thanks
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  • NFL Sunday Ticket app not filling screen w iPhone / iPad HDMI adapter

    I have an iPhone 5s with the Apple Lightning > HDMI adapter.  The streaming game video goes almost full screen on my 720p plasma TV, but there's a narrow black border around the edges.  It's even worse on...
    created by paule123
  • WatchESPN

    Why is it that almost every other television service provider offers Watchespn but directv does not?? The "world wide leader in sports" shouldn't be dropping the ball on offering this.  When I called to directv t...
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  • My samsung galaxy s3 directv app will not find my receiver. They are both connected to my home network

    My samsung galaxy s3 directv app will not find my receiver. They are both connected to my home network
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  • ipad app nhl center ice : wrong channels for hd

    This has been giving on for years...when I attempt to tune to an Hd channel for NHL center ice games, it usually takes me to the SD channel instead. It seems the app is not loaded with the correct channel information ...
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  • iPad app/TV conflict

    I watch DirecTV via a Whole Home client on a Sharp TV. Things have been great viewing-wise. Two days ago, I downloaded the DirecTV app for my iPad. Problem: Since I first opened the app (which works fine on my iPad), ...
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  • Nexus 9 Direct TV Tablet App

    The direct TV app for phones will play TV shows correctly on the nexus 9 tablet, but the application for tablets hangs when trying to play the video.
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  • why does the geniego android app turn on wifi when watching downloaded content?

    I have downloaded content at home to my android Nvidia Shield tablet running Android 4.4.2. When I use the GenieGo app with the tablet in airplane mode, it will turn on wifi when I try to watch any downloaded content....
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  • Why is apple's latest OS not compatible with streaming?

    After many steps to try to solve a new inability to stream, including reinstalls, history clearing, and restarts, Directv now tells me it's Apple OS Yosemite that has rendered me incapable of streaming. They're only s...
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  • iPad App showing deleted shows on playlist

    The DirecTV iPad app is showing shows that have long since been deleted from my DVR playlist.  Has anyone seen this before?  This is a new issue that I had not seen before.
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  • Can't turn off Closed Caption in Android app live streaming

    The On Off button has no effect.  Using Motorola Moto X and the DirecTV Android app.  Captions are almost always on.  I can sometimes get them to turn off by repeatedly clicking the On and Off buttons b...
    created by svendrum
  • Cannot log in to Android directv app v3.6.006

    I have had installation and a directv.com for about 2 weeks, but cannot log into the Android app (case number: 140906-000656). I've tried this on several phones and tablets without any success. I have no problem loggi...
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  • GameMix Full Screen on Computer

    Hi, Is there any way to get the game mix on Sunday Ticket To Go fullscreen?  This is the MAIN reason why i added this and if you cant get this to go full screen then that is embarrassing (especially considering ...
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  • online NFL game mix mode no fullscreen

    I have found a number of forums, posts, and blogs about people complaining about how the NFL Sunday ticket Max online game mix mode does not allow full screen viewing. As other posts have pointed out, the lack of full...
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  • PS4 Sunday Ticket Streaming Issues

    We're at Week 7 in the NFL season and Sunday Ticket on PS4 is still unwatchable due to the streaming issues. This is absolutely ridiculous and DIRECTV obviously has no intentions of fixing this problem, or responding ...
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  • Streaming Unavailable Error 100?

    I am becoming increasingly frustrated with this media player. It works sometimes, but doesn't other times. Recently when I try to stream regular stations like CW or A&E it says Streaming Unavailable error 100. I n...
    created by baxman500
  • Incorrect blackout - Sunday Ticket - Cleveland

    NFL Sunday ticket is incorrectly blacking out the Chicago game from Cleveland (44114).  It is not shown on Fox (Dallas / Seattle is) and 506sports.com confirms this.  It is absolutely unacceptable with the c...
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  • In Home live streaming channels are grayed out on Ipad

    I Have an HR24/500 DVR without whole home service.  I recently installed the Directv App on my IPad and half of the live streaming channels are grayed out while connected to the home network.   The away...
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  • IPhone App not letting my log in

    I have downloaded the directv app on my iphone 4s. I can open the app, but when I go to log in, the system says that the user id-email and password combination dont match. How can I go about fixing this?
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