• More of a request phrased as a question:

    Would it be possible to add the 3 CSPAN channels to those capable of live streaming to the mobile app?
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  • Live TV does not work saying need to be connected to same network as receiver

    Im getting an error when trying to watch Live TV that states must be connected to the same network as the receiver. However my IP address are the same for the domain with the receiver being xx.xxx.xx.18 and the iPad b...
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  • I am trying to login to directv.com but keep getting invalid username/password when trying to watch on computer, phone, and tablet!!!!

    I keep getting invalid username/password message when trying to login to watch ANYTHING.  I can login to access my account balance so i KNOW the username and password is correct.  after chatting online and t...
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  • GenieGo and Directv Tablet app

    According to Directv's YouTube channel I'm supposed to be able to watch GenieGo content from within the Directv Tablet app.. does anyone know how to set this up?  I have a GenieGo box... thanks!   Here is t...
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  • Cannot login to Direct TV Mobile App for Over a Year

    Cannot login to my mobile apps for over a year.  I'm able to login into my account via a web browser.  Spent hours with customer support and it never gets resolved.  Does anyone out there have an answer...
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  • DIRECTV App & HBO Go Not Logging In

    Is anyone else having an issue with this?   For the DIRECTV App, I can only sign in online on my computer. When I try logging into my mobile app I get always get an error saying "Account Not Active" and I once g...
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  • Android remote app

    Looking for an Android app that will let me use the keyboad to enter search text
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  • Does anyone know if the mobile app will work on an iPhone 4?  (NOT a 4S)

    Does anyone know if the mobile app will work with an iPhone 4?  Saw a similar question, but it was locked and unable to be read.  Thanks
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  • Can't live stream channels without the + sign on Android phone

    Even though my receiver and (Android) phone are connected to the same network, I can't live stream those channels without the + sign. I can stream those channels with the + sign without problems. Anyone else has this ...
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  • FXNow app saying the series is not in your package but...

    I have been watching it all day!! All of a sudden yesterday afternoon the FXNow app decided to not let me use it, saying that THIS FX SERIES IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE.   Anybody have a clue wh...
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  • In home live tv streaming

    Is anyone able to currently watch any live tv channels,that require you to be on the same network as your receiver, via iPhone or iPad?
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  • HBOGO on Samsung Smart TV will not activate

    First let me say that I have Direct TV AND subscribe to HBO. That being said, I have been trying for more than a week to "activate" my Samsung Smart TV to use the HBOGO app. I go to www.hbogo.com/activate and follow t...
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  • Kindle Fire HD NFL Sunday Ticket App

    Hello, I live in a condo and can't have a satellite dish and I'm considering signing up for the Direct TV Sunday Ticket "To Go" package, as it appears the Kindle Fire HD is a compatible device.    My quest...
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  • DTV iPad app not working after update

    All I am getting is the DIRECTV logo and nothing happens? Deleted and re-installed a few times and nothing changes. Any help will be greatly appreciated! 
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  • iPad App Access to Nomad - Crashing

    Hello!   I'm wondering if anyone is seeing this issue.  I have a Nomad unit (now GenieGo) that was working fine until the recent app update to the iPad app.  I am still able to see my recordings on the...
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  • Directv Iphone App not logging in?

    Anyone else experiencing this?   For the DIRECTV App, I can only sign in online on my computer. I use the same log in credentials for the Iphone mobile app and receive the following error messages:   "Err...
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  • Stream at home

    I'm a new customer  ON the Windows version of the guide, I cannot see channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN News. However on my tablet or smartphone I can see these channels. Am I doing something wrong.
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  • iPad App - how to set a Download as a "Series Download"?

    Hello -   On the GenieGo app, I'm able to set a radio control button that sets a series to record and download automatically to the GenieGo.    How do I do this with the iPad App?   Thanks! &n...
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  • New customer unable to login to DirecTV app

    Since I had home service installed last week I have been unable to login to the DirecTV app on my iPad or access third party apps (HBO, ESPN, etc). At first I received an "incorrect email and password combination" err...
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  • Unable to log into the DIRECTV Android app

    Can not log into the android app on ANY of our Samsung devices. "Error code 0651 Account Not Active" My iPad on the other hand works just fine and I can log into the webpage on my computer. Tech Support has been no he...
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