• Does Premier League Extra on DirecTV Not Carry All the Games?

    I am interested in getting DTV and would like to watch the Premier League.   Does the DTV Extra Time package by NBCSports not carry all the Premier League games? I'm looking at the schedule and I don't see the A...
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  • Watch DirectTV Online STILL Stops at 85%

    I posted this 2 weeks ago.  21 replies were posted and over 1000 people read it.  I tried all the suggestions, nothing worked.  I posted that nothing worked, but someone decided to close the discussion ...
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  • What is the point of a Mobile App?

    If my tablet/phone and my receiver have to be on the same network???? I will NEVER need to watch TV on my phone if I am at home...that is why I have a TV! The whole "mobile" aspect is to watch it while I am mobile... ...
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    I tried to use ESPN on my APPLETV with a Samsumg TV and there is no selection for DIRECTV in the ESPN/Appletv application. Will there be ?
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  • Can't Play Anything Recorded on DVR on IPad Air

    I Have an IPad Air and cannot play my DVR recorded shows on it. The message always says something about "temporarily unavailable" with a code 2100 in parenthesis.   WHat what is wrong here?
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  • Tablet App

    Tried reseting HR44 and C41-100 before I posted. Thanks.
  • iPad App showing deleted shows on playlist

    The DirecTV iPad app is showing shows that have long since been deleted from my DVR playlist.  Has anyone seen this before?  This is a new issue that I had not seen before.
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  • Tablet app

    When I try to watch a DVR program I get "program not available at this time". I can watch tv or movies but not recorded programs.
  • Directv app will not work with Android 5.0

    Update showed up on my Nexus 7 for Lollipop 5.0. I couldn't resist it. Now most everything works except the DIrectv app. When I select a movie or a show it errors and the app aborts. Is there a work around or is there...
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  • ESPN 3

    Was trying to watch the Ireland vs Spain match today at work and really disappointed to find out that I can't do so with Direc TV.  What's the deal?  Why doesn't this work just like HBO GO?  I pay for E...
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  • Android mobile app error "Unable to connect to Receiver", tablet app works fine

    I am unable to get my Android mobile app to connect to any of my three receivers.  When I input the IP address of the box into the app, I receive the following message: "Control Status: Unable to connect to Recei...
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  • Two homes, two accounts, one app - HELP

    I have two homes with two separate directv accounts. How can I control the app features of both locations from one device? Or can I? Do I need to use my phone for one location and then set up the ipad for the other? &...
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  • Mobile app DVR scheduler indicates program not in package when it is indeed in my package.

    Recently I am unable to schedule an NHL Center Ice program from my Mobile App. It indicates "The program is not available with your programming package". I do indeed have NHL Center Ice on my package and it works as d...
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  • Deleted programs still in iPad app playlist - Geniego

    I cannot delete programs from the iPad list that have already been deleted directly on TV from the remote. I receive error messages that either say to try again later, or cite "error 0": "The operation couldn't be com...
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  • Cannot log in to Android directv app v3.6.006

    I have had installation and a directv.com for about 2 weeks, but cannot log into the Android app (case number: 140906-000656). I've tried this on several phones and tablets without any success. I have no problem loggi...
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  • Direct TV boasts that it is #1 in customer satisfaction.  Who determines this?

    So far none of my questions to Customer Service have been answered. 1) Why can't I log on to either my Direct TV or Sunday Ticket app?  (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) 2) Why can't I program my VIZIO TV to work with th...
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  • NFL Sunday Ticket volume is low

    I have a new Nokia Lumia 830 running Windows Phone 8.1. The volume level with NFL Sunday Ticket is very low. All volume settings are set to max on my device. I have to strain to hear it. If there is any noise in the a...
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  • Out-Of-Market Sunday Ticket Issues

    Hi,   I live in Dallas and have been using Sunday Ticket the past few years to watch Houston games being out of market. I have had no issues which is why I bought it again this year. However, starting this year ...
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  • iPad will not validate IP Address Issues

    Hi, I have a HR21/100, a NetGear N300 Router, and my new iPad and new iPhone will not validate. I found in the troubleshooting section of the Direct TV site that the IP addresses on both the iPad and The DVR must matc...
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  • Sunday Ticket via online "Watch now" fails to load streams.

    I'm on a PC, Win7Ultimate 64bit tried IE, Firefox, and a few other browsers. I can log into my account and the Sunday Ticket interface loads but the streams do not. Once highlight videos start to load I can watch th...
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