• Bandwidth error on iPad

    When watching live TV on the iPad, I get an error that is something like "Due to insufficient bandwidth, only the audio portion is available."   While watching a show, the screen goes black and the error pops up...
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  • Movies will not fully download on PC

    I installed the direct TV player  on my PC (Win 7 64 bit) and am having a recurring problem. when I chose to watch a movie the download will get to 85 percent and just hang. Twice I have uninstalled and then re...
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  • Please allow series options to be set when setting season to record via website and app!!

    Please allow series options to be set when setting season to record via website and app!!  When setting a recording, I can select the DVR, but I cannot set how many to store (5,10,all).  Also should be able ...
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  • All my devices are ethernet connected - so why the "not on the same wifi network" errors?!?

         I have two HRxx DVRs, both ethernet connected.  When I attempt to use the DirecTV app on any wifi connected devices (iPads, iPhones), and often times at any wifi connected *OR* ethernet c...
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  • Watch espn

    Directv needs to become a provider of the "watch espn" app.                          &n...
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  • Watching ESPN on mobile app

    Why can't I watch games on ESPN on my mobile app (Ex: The Michigan/Penn St game is not available)? I have also found that I can't watch any network NFL games on the mobile app (or the Sunday ticket app). Why not?
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  • Downloaded show will not play

    I downloaded a show onto my iPad using the direct tv app and I keep getting the video streaming is temporarily unavailable.  please try again (2100) error.  Why would I need streaming if the show has been al...
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  • How do I uninstall DTV Everywhere for Mac?

    As subject states - how do I uninstall this useless piece of software?
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  • Web PLayer

    They're web interface is ridiculous. It's not like we're making financial transactions here,we're watching TV!! They need to re-do entire web p[layer/interface and simplify. Absolute joke.
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    Almost all of the shows that I watch are on ABC. OF COURSE, every time we get an inkling of bad weather, our satellite stops working and gives us choppy pictures, distorted sound etc. (And I live in Ohio so this happe...
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  • app for samsung

    Shows two receivers bedroom which is my genie and living room which is my auxiliary  or mini. I can only select bedroom green dot) living room haa no dot therefore cannot be selected.any Suggestions ?
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  • Android vs. IOS setup DirecTV app?

    Side by side, my directv app in IOS identifies my receiver no problem and I got my geniego set up just fine.   But not in android. Even when I type in my receiver's IP address using a new nexus, it doesn't find ...
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  • Error on ipad - "this show is not available to watch on your ipad right now"

    Hello!   I recently started receiving this error when trying to watch recorded shows on my DVR on my ipad   "this show is not available to watch on your ipad right now"   Some shows will work, some w...
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  • Clarification on DVR to mobile:

    After reading in these forums it appears the only way to watch anything on a mobile device in my home from my DVR recordings is to have the GenieGo. I don't care to watch on the go, just inside my home, on the same ne...
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  • Chromecast with DTV website

    I am a DTV customer, however I am out of my home quite a bit. Will the Chromecast work with the DTV online streaming on the DTV website?
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  • Why doesn't the receiver name change on my iPad app even though I've changed it (moved rooms) on the receiver itself?

    Just got DIRECTV and installed the app on my iPad2.  I had to move receivers around for better WiFi connectivity.  So I changed the name of the receiver from "Living Room" to "Master BR".  Yet when I lo...
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  • Why is the Mobile App Even Offered?

    I can sign in at the DirecTv website with my username and password fine. When I try to sign into the mobile app with the exact same credentials, it gives me invalid email and password. What is even the point of this a...
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  • Cannot login to Direct TV Mobile App for Over a Year

    Cannot login to my mobile apps for over a year.  I'm able to login into my account via a web browser.  Spent hours with customer support and it never gets resolved.  Does anyone out there have an answer...
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  • Mobile app does not find or will not connect to receivers

    Android (Samsung Note) and iOS (iPhone 6+) mobile apps will not allow me to connect to either receiver.  Tried entering local IP address but this did not help.  Spoke to DirecTV tech support: verified intern...
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  • Android phone cannot access receivers for remote control, but Android tablet can

    I have the exact same problem as some other in this forum, with my Android phone (LG G3 running KitKat 4.4.2) and my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 [2012 Edition] running Jelly Bean 4.1.2.) The tablet is using DirecTV for ...
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