• Geniego IOS9 Issues

    I did the IOS9 upgrade on my iPad, and now it will not connect to Geniego.  It still works on my wife's iPad on IOS 8, so I'm pretty confident it's related to compatibility.  Anyone having issues?   U...
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  • Android Mobile App - Episodes not loading

    Hello,   Since the latest update, my Android Mobile App is "stuck" on one show in the episodes folder.  No matter what network I go to, or what show I select, when it brings up the episodes, it shows the sa...
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  • GenieGo issues anyone?

    Ever since DTV has been updating their mobile app (since AT&T bought them), nothing seems to be working.  I've gone from not being able to stream shows recorded on my DVR out of home any longer to now being i...
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  • Sunday Ticket now compatible with Blackberry OS 10.3?

    Has anybody figured out a way to get Sunday Ticket to work on a Blackberry (specifically Q10) running the new OS 10.3?  I've tried downloading from Amazon App store and Snap, but can't get past the initial accept...
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  • SWM receivers with non-swm satellite dishes

    What equipment is needed for a swm d12-500 receiver to work with a non-swm winegard m3500 in-motion satellite dish?
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  • Stream to Chromecast

    Is it possible to stream the DirecTV app to a Chromecast?  I am an employee and I don't have LOS so I cannot have DTV installed at my apartment.  I am getting rid of my current TV provider and I want to stre...
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  • Why can I not watch some channels even though I am connected to my network? The remote in the app works but the live watching says Im not connected

    I can work the receiver from the app, but when I try to watch tv from phone it says I need to be on the same network as receiver. I am on the same network. The remote portion of the app works. Whats wrong here?
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  • Chromecast - not working with tablet app

    i usually get the chromecast button to cast the screen when Im in my directv application for my tablet, and all of a sudden its gone. 
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  • TV Shows Spanish

    When I watch a TV show, there are Spanish subtitles. I couldn't see anywhere in "Settings" where I can turn off subtitles. I'm using an iPad2.
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  • New ATT/DirecTV privacy policy is cause for concern

    Just tried to log into my iPhone app and was hit with the insidious new agreement policy. Read this to learn more: AT&T making it even harder for you to protect your privacy - LA Times   "In completing his...
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  • DirecTV iPad app only displays "out of home."

    DirecTV iPad app will not connect to home network.  Displays "out of home" when I am in fact home. Works fine on my iPhone. Called support and they said they have never heard of the issue. Can't believe I'm the o...
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  • Can't login to any mobile apps using DirecTV credentials

    Can't login to hbogo, watch ESPN, or NFL Sunday ticket. I have been able to login in the past. This recently started about a day ago.  I get an error "system error -idebtity manager". Not only do mobile apps not ...
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  • Directv App recorded shows watch on tablet not available.

    Why is is I do not even have an option to watch some of my recorded shows on the directv app?   I have a  couple Doctor Who episodes that the only option is to watch on TV,  That is when I have the...
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  • Apple Watch app not connecting to receiver after last directv iPhone update

    I have already checked my receiver HR-44 where it shows the "whole home" and made sure all the settings in external devices were set to allow. It had worked fine before, but ever since updating it to the new directv a...
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  • Watch DirecTV Win10

    I did a clean install (well as clean as you can get) and went to watch some content online.  Get the prompt to install DirecTV Player, follow that and NOTHING.  Reboot, reinstall, nothing.. It keeps telling ...
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  • Deleted programs still in iPad app playlist - Geniego

    I cannot delete programs from the iPad list that have already been deleted directly on TV from the remote. I receive error messages that either say to try again later, or cite "error 0": "The operation couldn't be com...
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  • ios9 GenieGo app player issue

    Hello,   I recently updated my iphone6 to the new IOS9 software and apparently this causes an issue with the GenieGo app.   When I open the app and play my content, the player has shifted down to the midd...
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  • Error : Unable to retrieve configuration.

    I love to use my Directv for tablets mobile app to manage my account and play around with my receivers.  I only use the Android version of the mobile app, and before recently it had been working very good.  ...
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  • Insufficient Bandwidth on iPad

    I am trying to watch a show on my iPad and it now says insufficient bandwidth only the audio will play. Is this an app, iPad, direct tv, or Internet issue? I am not very tech savy so any help would be appreciated.&nbs...
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  • Streaming to Yourself

    Why is it that your are only allowed to locally wireless stream certain channels to your PC, IOS device, or Andriod?  I just changed form Dish where I had the sling device and could locally stream any channel I w...
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