• Just want to congratulate DirecTV

    for adding the Watch to their mobile app.
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  • HBO Network

    When searching for content by Network on the Mobile App, all channels are available except HBO. Is Directv having a dispute with HBO?
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  • Can't schedule record tv show using directv app

    recently, i dont know what happen but i can't schedule to record any show using directv app, same thing with 3 different phones, also already tried reset the receiver but i only happen when i using my cellphone intern...
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  • DirecTV iPad app only displays "out of home."

    DirecTV iPad app will not connect to home network.  Displays "out of home" when I am in fact home. Works fine on my iPhone. Called support and they said they have never heard of the issue. Can't believe I'm the o...
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  • Choppy Video on Android App

    I have an Acer Iconia A3-A20FHD.  Installed the Directv app and the video runs choppy.  App runs fine on my iPhone.  Netflix and Youtube apps work perfect. Tablet is on Android 4.4.2   Any sug...
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  • iOS recordings

    I've seen this occur countless times when attempting to record shows from the iOS app. What is the true meaning of "Definitely Record"? I see in the history on the console when I get home. "Failed".   Why doesn...
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  • Windows 8.1/Surface Pro 3 and GenieGo

    Hi- Like some others, I am trying to install the GenieGo app for PC on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1.  It seems like it shouls work based on everything I am reading.  I get through most of the instal...
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  • Where do I get the Directv app for a Surface tablet?

    Where is the DIRECTV app for a Surface tablet?
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  • Trouble with app

    Hello Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble setting recordings with the app.  Recently noticed that I can only set recordings when I'm at home and connected to home wifi. Both boxes are hooked up and c...
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  • I'm in an endless loop: "timed out due to inactivity?"

    I'm trying, as any normal human being direcTV user might try, to stream a DTV channel in my web browser.  It seems I'm in this endless loop: on the first attempt, the flash window comes up with the "watch" or "re...
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  • DirecTV App for Microsoft Surface

    Just bought the Microsoft Surface and found that DirecTV doesn't have an app. Also due to the Windows RT, you can't install any software that is not approved by the Microsoft App Store so I can't watch through the bro...
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  • DTV iOS security insanity

    New DirecTV customer. Initial home DirecTV experience excellent, so far. DirecTV IT (web, iOS) experience has been absolutely horrible.   I use 1Password to manage my passwords on all my devices, mobile and n...
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  • Watch DirectTV Online PlugIn Problem - Content stops loading @ 85%

    The Problem:  When I try to watch content online via the new "Watch DirectTV" interface, content stops loading at 85% and I get the following message: "Your browser may be displaying an alert asking you for your ...
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  • trouble uninstalling app

    Having trouble uninstalling the Direct Tv app from my mobile android.... any suggestions??? thanks
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  • Is it possible to remotely view and delete DVR programming from my tablet or computer

    While I can remotely set shows to record with DIRECT, I cannot see what has recorded and how much room I have remaining.We are often away from home for extended periods. Often we will watch a show while traveling and ...
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  • Watch DirectTV Online STILL Stops at 85%

    I posted this 2 weeks ago.  21 replies were posted and over 1000 people read it.  I tried all the suggestions, nothing worked.  I posted that nothing worked, but someone decided to close the discussion ...
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  • Mac OS X users are getting screwed.

    Hi.   Just so you know, When DTV says "streaming doesn't work on Mac OS X 10.9 or 10.10", they're sort of lying.  I'm sitting next to two machines, A MacBook 2009 and a MacBook Pro 2011.  One works fin...
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  • Cannot INSTALL Directvplayer on my PC

    I have downloaded the Directvplayer.exe installer Version 8.0.0 onto my Windows 7 laptop. When I try to install it, it extracts the directvplayer.msi file, pops up the license agreement, then when I continue the inst...
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  • I am trying to login to directv.com but keep getting invalid username/password when trying to watch on computer, phone, and tablet!!!!

    I keep getting invalid username/password message when trying to login to watch ANYTHING.  I can login to access my account balance so i KNOW the username and password is correct.  after chatting online and t...
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  • DirecTV Android app. can you play DVR recordings somehow?

    I have just downloaded the Android app, and expected to be able to manage and watch my Genie and DVR recordings.  It appears that I can only see the "To Do List" and only watch (Live or on Demand) TV , Streaming ...
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