• RC72 won't program to samsung tv LN46b65

    Does anyone know of any other codes? I tried all the codes in the hr34 multiple times and still won't program tv controls.  Please help!!!!
    created by ufxnow
  • Program RC71 remote to TV

    I searched for hours on how to correctly program this remote to work with my TV and after messing around with it in frustration I found the correct way to program it to your TV. First, have your Genie Mini receiver co...
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  • Just got a Genie, can RC66RBX DTV remote be programed to genie?

    Once again I am here at the fountain of knowledge, DTV Forum to learn more about the system.   First off, I could use another remote and have a brand new RC66RBX with background lighting that is programed on the...
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  • How to change programming of RC66X remote control

    I have a new setup (new house) with an HD-34 Genie controlled by an RC66X remote.  After some struggles I was able to program this remote to power on a Panasonic TV along with the Genie and to use the Panasonic T...
    created by diitto
  • Cannot connect RC72 remote to LG 42LD450 TV

    I have a Genie Mini connected to an LG 42LD450 TV. I am attempting to program the RC72 Genie remote to this TV and none of the LG TV codes in the remote setup menu are working. I was able to use code 10178 on my other...
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  • Programming Genie remote RC71

    Have new Genie equipment and need help programming remote. Installer programmed remote to turn on/off DVR and TV and to control volume of Denon receiver. Want to program remote to turn on/off Denon receiver, and also ...
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  • Remote control issue using a TERK.

    I have an HD receiver in my main tv room. I use a TERK to send the signal to my bedroom. Both TV's are HD. Lately my remotes originally programmed for each room started acting up. I've reset and reprogrammed them (RF)...
    created by hifromkate
  • Samsung TV "Power Cycle" vs "On/Off"

    I have a new RC71 that I programmed to work with my Samsung LN52B750U1F, the problem is that pressing the "On" button just sends the "Power Cycle" command to the TV, resulting in my TV shutting down.  On my old r...
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  • DirecTv code to program Insignia NS-WBRDVD2

    I can't seem to program my DirecTv remote for my Insignia Blu-Ray (NS-WBRDVD2).  What is the code? I have a RC65 remote.
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  • Help....electronically challenged

    I just got the upgraded DVR.  I used to be able to control the volume from my Direct Tv remote.  Now I can't.  I have a LG NB3530A sound bar.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  • Unable to fast forward during commercials

    I have the HR44-700 Genie and mostly watch recorded TV series. I just found that I could not skip commercials while watching "Marriage" recorded from the FX channel. An error message appears that says "this program ca...
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  • Vizio Sound Bar Not working with Directv Remote

    Hello - I have a Vizio Sound Bar (VSB211) and can't get this working with my Directv Remote (RC64R).   I used the codes of 31517 and 32454 as suggested by Directv but neither works with the AV2 input.  Vizi...
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  • Remote control for Genie pauses and queues up commands

    I have the following:   Gene HR34/700 - running soft are 0x8d4 Direct TV Universal Remote (I do not know the model number - I have the same one for an HR24/500 DVR - it is also on this web page: http://www.dire...
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  • Remote not skipping ahead

    direct tv must have changed their software.  I can no longer skip ahead more than 30 seconds to skip ads.  Also there is a new addition on the screen when you press the skip ahead button once.  It now s...
    created by j50sadie
  • How can I separately control several d12 receivers that are close to each other like a dialysis clinic?

    I have a clinic with 20 d12 receiver. They are on TV sets and they are close to each other. I need to code every other remote dif so that one patient doesnt change the ch on the next patients receiver. How can that be...
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  • RC65x remote not working

    We have had this remote for about a year with no issues.  Noticed yesterday some of the buttons were not working (volume down, #7, up button over the select button).  I have tried to reset it (mute + select)...
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  • I have the hr34 genie.

    Will the new genie remote work with this? When I go to add accessories, it is not listed with the available items to buy.
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  • hr34 not responding readily to remote

    My hr34 often fails to respond to the remote, often despite repeated attempts.  This happens with the DTV remote and also the universal remote.
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  • getting rid of closed caption?

    How do you do this with the regular remote?
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  • Do you have the code to program a vizio tv model E650i-A2

    Do you have the code to program a vizio tv model E650i-A2 so remote will control volume and on & off? Tried the codes under program remote and those codes did not work.
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