• Programming my Directv remote to work with my Samsung smart tv

    Hello, I attempted the procedure in my setting section of the Directv remote setup by plugging in my TV model number and by just saying Samsung. They don't seem to be talking since the latter timed out rather quickly...
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  • Remote Codes (both standard remote & smaller Genie) for LG 55EC9300

    I have a new LG 55EC9300 (amazing OLED picture BTW) and would like to add codes to both my Genie remote and the usual (bigger) DirecTV remote.   Does anybody know the codes to use?  The Genie Remote tries t...
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  • Remote compatibility with Genie in RF mode

    I am trying to get my RC64R remote control to work with my Genie mini C41-100 receiver.  I have followed the on-screen instructions to no avail.  I gather from this form that the RF systems on the two are no...
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  • HDR not responding to the standard remote for quite a few min after the dvr is woken up

    fresh batteries and an ir repeater is not flashing either so i don't think there remote is transmitting   if i hold down a button till i see the blue flash it can take a min or more for each button to start work...
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  • other than the rc71/72 what other remotes  will control the hr 44?

    The hr 44
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  • Which universal remote?

    Which universal remote works best with DirectTV?  I don't like a zillion remotes in my de.
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  • Code for LG WebOS TV

    The new Smart TV from LG now uses WebOS.  The model number is 49UB8500, 55UB8500, or 65UB8500.  Thanks!
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  • using 2 rf remotes on an h20

    I would like to use two rc66rx remotes in different rooms on an H20 receiver and another pair of remotes on an H25 receiver.  How do I program the remotes?   Jim
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  • NFL Game Mix

    About 95% of the time I am unable to change the channel on the Game Mix bc it will either load TV apps or do nothing at all when I hit the right arrow on the remote.....Is there any fix for this because otherwise that...
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  • Sony BX320 remote code

    Since I had a heck of a time finding this, I thought I'd post it here.  It also works for BX510 and probably other Sony Blue Ray players   The code for the DirecTV remote is 21516.   Good luck to all.
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  • How to program my TV and HR 34 Genie to turn on and off at the same time?

    I currently have a Vizio TV, HR 34-700 Genie with a RC65X remote. I'm trying to get them to both turn ON and OFF without having to change the selection switch on the RC65X remote between DirecTV and TV to turn them ON...
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  • Trying to use a RF option for the remotes.

    Trying to use a RF option for the remotes. I have a H25-100 receiver and RC65RX remote.  I've plugged in a H25RFR0-19 adapter plugged into the receiver.  I am not getting success in the set up.  Is my e...
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  • RC72 remote and hitachi L32BD304 tv

    Just had genie setup installed on Tuesday.  I cannot get the RC72 remote to work with my hitachi L32BD304.  I've tried all of the codes as well as codes that were similar to the remote that came with the tv....
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  • Receiver no longer responding to EXIT button

    I just recently noticed that my Genie HD DVR receiver is no longer responding to the exit button from the remote when attempting to leave any menu, guide or list. I use a Harmony 900 Universal remote and confirmed tha...
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  • Power off problem with remote

    I have a Genie DVR with a RC72 remote and a Mitsubishi TV model WS-311.  When I hit the Off Button it turns off the receiver and the TV, but the TV comes right back on.  The receiver remains off.  The O...
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  • yamaha receiver code

    Just got a Yamaha RX-V377 receiver, and DTV doesn't have a code for it. A couple of codes will do volume and mute, but not power. Any suggestions?
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  • Remote Code for Speler 32" LED TV

    Hi all, I'm looking for a remote code for a DirecTV RC64 remote for a 32" LED Speler brand TV.   I've gone through the manual setup mentioned in the following thread code for Silo TV  and managed to get...
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  • Programming Genie remote RC71

    Have new Genie equipment and need help programming remote. Installer programmed remote to turn on/off DVR and TV and to control volume of Denon receiver. Want to program remote to turn on/off Denon receiver, and also ...
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  • On / Off Button

    I have a Genie DVR with a RC72 remote and a Mitsubishi TV model WS-311.  When I hit the Off Button it turns off the receiver and the TV, but the TV comes right back on.  The receiver remains off.  The O...
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  • RC65 remote and Proscan 32 inch LED tv model PLDED3273A-B

    Just bought this TV and would love to being able to use the DirecTV remote to control the volume and turn the TV on and off but so far all attempts have been futile.   I've tried a whole lot of codes and also t...
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