• yamaha receiver code

    Just got a Yamaha RX-V377 receiver, and DTV doesn't have a code for it. A couple of codes will do volume and mute, but not power. Any suggestions?
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  • Remote Code for Speler 32" LED TV

    Hi all, I'm looking for a remote code for a DirecTV RC64 remote for a 32" LED Speler brand TV.   I've gone through the manual setup mentioned in the following thread code for Silo TV  and managed to get...
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  • Programming my Directv remote to work with my Samsung smart tv

    Hello, I attempted the procedure in my setting section of the Directv remote setup by plugging in my TV model number and by just saying Samsung. They don't seem to be talking since the latter timed out rather quickly...
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  • Programming Genie remote RC71

    Have new Genie equipment and need help programming remote. Installer programmed remote to turn on/off DVR and TV and to control volume of Denon receiver. Want to program remote to turn on/off Denon receiver, and also ...
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  • How to program my TV and HR 34 Genie to turn on and off at the same time?

    I currently have a Vizio TV, HR 34-700 Genie with a RC65X remote. I'm trying to get them to both turn ON and OFF without having to change the selection switch on the RC65X remote between DirecTV and TV to turn them ON...
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  • On / Off Button

    I have a Genie DVR with a RC72 remote and a Mitsubishi TV model WS-311.  When I hit the Off Button it turns off the receiver and the TV, but the TV comes right back on.  The receiver remains off.  The O...
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  • RC65 remote and Proscan 32 inch LED tv model PLDED3273A-B

    Just bought this TV and would love to being able to use the DirecTV remote to control the volume and turn the TV on and off but so far all attempts have been futile.   I've tried a whole lot of codes and also t...
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  • what is the difference between RC66 and RC66rx does one have more codes in it?

    what is the difference between RC66 and RC66rx does one have more codes in it? I know that RC65 has less code in it that RC66rx
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  • I need remote codes for Lepai amp for use with my Genie RC72 remote

    How do I set up the remote control?  There doesn't appear to be a "search" function with this remote and I have not been able to find out what codeset Lepai uses?
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  • What TV code works for a Hisense 55T880UW 4k TV?

      No code exists under Hisense, and no codes work from Philips TVs or Hisense TVs on the list of codes.
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  • cant reprogram my rc71 for new tv

    when I go to settings / remote control , there is no option to select TV ....only IR/RF....I set to RF and go back through and still no TV or other device option
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  • RC72 and Sony soundbar

    I have a hr44-500 directv receiver and a new RC72 remote .  I have the remote working with the receiver and a Samsung plasma TV, but have not figure out how to get the RC72 to control the Sony soundbar model HT-C...
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  • RC72 Remote w/HR23 Issue

    OK....here is my issue...... I just got new Genie + 3 Minis to replace a broken HR23-700. I have two other HR23-700s DVR still that work. ALL of these units are down in A/V rack in basement......TVS in other rooms....
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  • Volume buttons wont work with my new vizio tv

    I bought a vizio E320-B2 and programed my RC65 remote with code 11758 and the on/off buttons will now work the the tv. I then followed the directions, switched to TV on the remote, pressed mute and select until the ...
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  • Genie: control volume AT the genie receiver level

    I have odd setups where I use computer monitors with either PA systems or computer speakers for TV.  Obviously i can't program anything, but I simply want to control volume at the genie receiver level.   F...
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  • how to program genie remote to run bose lifestyle v35 volume?

    I was able to program the universal remote to do this but i cannot get the genie remote to do it?
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  • Single remote to operate hr44 lg TV and lg soundbar

    i have the HR44-500 Genie system with an LG smart tv and just got an LG soundbar. I have the standard rc71 remote operating the hr44, the TV and the sound on the soundbar...has anyone figured out a way or an aftermark...
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  • RC71 and Samsung 4K TV

    I have the new 2014 Samsung 6950 4K TV and the HF550 Samsung sound bar and i am using the RC71 remote in the RF mode. I am able to control the on/off , volume up/down feature of the TV and sound bar. Is there a way t...
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  • issue with Genie mini not turning on

    issue with RC72 and mini Genie.  the remote will not always turn on the mini.  it turns on the TV but the Genie won't power up.  I have worked around this by resetting the mini withe the red button, It ...
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  • RC72 remote with an Olevia 232s13

    I have a RC72 remote. Trying to program an Olevia 232s13. However it is not listed, and the other models will not power the TV on or off.
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