• RC66X

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  • Trying to program RC71 as second RF remote for Genie Client Reciever C41W-100

    Hello I am trying to program a RC 71 as a second RF remote for a C41W-100 Genie Client Receiver.  I have been researching this and have tried using the copy settings on the receiver.  It didn't work and is n...
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  • RC73 Genie  Remote to Control Vizio S4251w-b4 soundbar

    I'm trying to get my RC73 remote to turn my Vizio soundbar on/off and control volume.  I've tried going into settings, entering the Vizio model #  and also tried the "I don't know my model" option but both r...
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  • pair new remote to JVC av27f476?

    How do I program my new directv remote to my JVC AV27F476?
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  • Program RC73 Remote to RCA PRK65A65RQ

    I am trying to program my RC73 Directv remote to my RVA TV, model number PRK65A65RQ.  I have gone through the I don't know the model number and have found a code that works, number 5 of 65.  The volume works...
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  • New ULTRA HD TV need help with old remotes

    Just got a Samsung Smart TV so my old TV universal remote needs to be upgraded.  I need to know the nuances of IR and RF in purchasing a new remote to run my TV and two DVRs.   I run an old workhorse HR20/7...
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  • Universal Remotes so much latency when trying to do anything??

    What's going on with the remotes, we have an he dvr & a genie in spots where there is nothing that should be interfering with its use. It's an ongoing problem according to the forums so what is the resolution to t...
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  • RC 73 Audio Receiver Power Question

    I have an Onkyo TX-DS787 audio receiver and a new HR/44 200 Genie. When I go through remote setup for the RC73, I am able to control volume, power on/off fine. I can use the RC 73 for audio volume also after exiting r...
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  • Need remote code for Samsung 5200 series

    These codes should all be readily available from Directv.  Why aren't they?
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  • Bose CineMate 15

    I just purchased a Bose CineMate 15 home theater speaker system in an attempt to upgrade our sound experience. I was told at the time of purchase that I would be able to control it's basic functions with my Directv RC...
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  • I need to program my remotes ?

    I need codes for my lg and sony to program my remotes . Sony KDL52V5100   LG 50L S4000.   My boxes are no where near my tv i am in rf mode so this type your model and auto program has not worked Pl...
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  • RC73 Genie remote setup code for TCL Roku tv

    I just got a TCL Roku TV (model 40FS3750) from Costco and tried to set it up to work with my RC73 Genie Remote.  However none of the codes for the TCL tv brand worked properly (volume does not work, although the ...
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  • RC65RBX as second remote in RF mode for Genie Client Reciever

    I am trying to use the RC65RBX as a second remote in RF mode for a Genie Client Reciever.  I have reset both the Genie and the Client and have reset both remotes.  I cannot get the RC65RBX to program in RF.&...
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  • Programming Remote for Blu Ray

    I've been able to program my remote to work my TV, everything works, power, volume, input, etc. when I try to program my Sony Blu Ray, the only options I'm given are for audio or tv.  I don't have a dvd option an...
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  • Backlit remote

    i alresdy asked this quest I purchased another backlit remote RC66RBX it will not turn on my directv that is all I want to do the remote is not a mini
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  • RC71B with 2015 Sony TV

    New Sony XBR - 75X850C     Ok programed it with no problems..... Power on/off- good Channell up/down-good No volume control???
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  • Backlit remote

    I Just purchased another backlit remote model RC66RBX the problem is it will not turn on my directtv at is all I want to do.Thanks
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  • Remote Question

    I have an new RC73 remote. After a couple weeks of use it reported low batteries. I replaced them and a short time layer I got the same message. I then reseated the batteries and shortly got the same message. I can st...
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  • LG TV Programming remote

    I need major help programming my Directv remote to work the sound of my LG TV.  I know how to program it and have been through the setup many times. Here is the issue: I get thru the setup and get the screen that...
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  • RC73 remote w/ HR44/500 receiver. Program soundbar HELP!

    I have a RC73 remote (setup in RF) with an HR44/500 receiver and cannot figure out how to program my samsung HWF450 soundbar.  Is this possible to do?  Please help
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