• Single remote to operate hr44 lg TV and lg soundbar

    i have the HR44-500 Genie system with an LG smart tv and just got an LG soundbar. I have the standard rc71 remote operating the hr44, the TV and the sound on the soundbar...has anyone figured out a way or an aftermark...
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  • RC71 and Samsung 4K TV

    I have the new 2014 Samsung 6950 4K TV and the HF550 Samsung sound bar and i am using the RC71 remote in the RF mode. I am able to control the on/off , volume up/down feature of the TV and sound bar. Is there a way t...
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  • issue with Genie mini not turning on

    issue with RC72 and mini Genie.  the remote will not always turn on the mini.  it turns on the TV but the Genie won't power up.  I have worked around this by resetting the mini withe the red button, It ...
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  • RC72 remote with an Olevia 232s13

    I have a RC72 remote. Trying to program an Olevia 232s13. However it is not listed, and the other models will not power the TV on or off.
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  • Problems with RC72 and Onkyo TX-SR501 receiver

    I just had Direct TV installed today and so far I am very happy with the installer and the equipment. Only thing the installer didn't program is my basement TV and Onyko TX-SR501 receiver. After doing some searching a...
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  • I have a CR65 remote and can not get a code to work with my LG LB5800 tv.

    Does anyone know if there is a code that will work on an CR65 remote for a LG LB5800? 
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  • Vizio soundbar S3821WC0 Help

    I just bought a Vizio S3821WC0 soundbar and need some assistance in making my Genie remote rc71 control it. I go thru the settings on the guide but it says it could not connect my remote and try again later. That was ...
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  • Programming RC72 for TV

    I received a two new Genie type RC72 remotes and am trying to program an old  SONY KV-13FM13 tv  with one of them and  a Mitsubishi LT-40153 with the other. The Sony is on a C41 Genie Mini and the Mitsu...
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  • Genie hidden..

    I have a Genie HR44-700 that I have in a closet.  My remote is RC66RX and it won't allow me to put in RF mode.  Do I need I different remote and will a RF remote work with the receiver in a closet with door ...
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  • Control volume on Sony STRD430 receiver with RC72 remote?

    Just upgraded to the Genie system with the RC72 remote. The setup menu only notes TV settings. I want to control volume on my Sony STRD 430 receiver but don't see that number listed. All worked great with my previous ...
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  • New genie remote not working with Denon AVR-1910 receiver

    My Genie remote control controls the volume on my Denon AVR-1910 receiver, but wont turn it on & off.  When I go to setup the remote i select my exact DENON model and then it says it wont work now, but try la...
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  • I just got a new Direct TV RF Remote Control.  It will not scroll smoothly when I push the volume up or down.  I have to keep pressing the up or down to get it to go up or down in increments.  Is there a way to fix this?

    I just got a new Direct TV RF Remote Control.  It will not scroll smoothly when I push the volume up or down.  I have to keep pressing the up or down to get it to go up or down in increments.  Is there ...
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  • Using Elite remote for Genie

    I have an Elite VSX-21 THX receiver (by Pioneer) and I prefer to use that remote to control all of my audio and video. It was working fine even after changing over to Genie several months ago, but now I suddenly begin...
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  • Intermittent playback on Whole Home DVR.

    I have a Genie (HR44/500) in one room, and a HR-24/200 in the other room (less than 15 between 2 receivers through a wall). Whenever I play back a show from the receiver that didn't record show, the playback is interm...
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  • rf won't work on h24-200 with rc65rx

    I bought a HDMI splitter so that I can use a single H24-200 box in my basement setup and my treadmill setup.  I have confirmed that i can get picture and sound to both setups so I'm fine there.   Next i'm t...
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  • can't reply to thread

    i keep receiving an error when I want to reply to a thread in this forum.  Says to contact an administrator.  What gives?
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  • remote volume ?

    Hi all I have set up remote to control the stero, it will control the sound when set to av1, what I like to know if theres a way to control it when in directv mode, the reason why is when you have in av1 mode it shows...
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  • Program Rc71 to a samsung tv

    Hi im having problems programming my RC 71  to my new samsung tv
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  • Remote Control volume question/issue...

    I just upgraded from a standard DirecTV Receiver to the HD DVR HR24/100 Receiver. I programmed the remote, which seems to be identical to the standard receiver remote, to work the volume on my home theatre receiver, ...
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  • Wireless Mini Genie Remote

    Several times I've had the wireless mini Genie remote RC72 stop functioning. The only   way I was able to get back to a functioning state was to use a universal IR remote (the BIG one) which I had leftover f...
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