• Controlling volume with remote

    Have a new Sceptre TV and had a new HD-DVR installed today.  Tried to program the remote to control the volume and on/off functions of the TV.  Tried all five 5-digit codes provided for Sceptre TV's but none...
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  • RC72 won't set up in RF

    Genie mini reciever c41-500.  Have ran through all of the programming instructions, have talked to tech support 3x was sent a new remote which still won't program in RF.  The tech support person said it coul...
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  • Do you feel that our remote control is easy to program and operate?

    Please enter your comments in the space provided below.
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  • Rc 65 remote not operating properly- erratically

    Remote is functioning erratically. Just started this. Press a button to change channels and sometimes it duplicates the same number, some times it,won't take a number. Press guide sometimes it comes up other times not...
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  • Children's Remote

    a Child Friendly Remote needs to be made, How can I lock the Children's Rooms from recording...I don't want the Kids blocking MY Shows from recording and I want the ability to BLOCK them from recording at all.
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  • How do I program Genie to turn receiver on to a specifc channel?

    I had the Genie programmed to a specific channel.  Well it now opens to an infomercial channel which is making me crazy.  I can't remember how I programmed it to turn on to a specific channel.  Also, is...
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  • Can't program direct TV remote to AOC L22H998

    I cannot program my television to the genie direct TV remote. I have tried all codes! I see that someone had the same issue in 2010 but that discussion is locked...??? Direct TV cannot help me and they are the makers ...
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  • Assistance needed with remote code for Sanyo TV

    I would appreciate any assistance with the remote codes for a Sanyo PDP-42H1A plasma TV. It's an oldie but goodie that just won't die. Thanks Much in advance. CJP
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  • Can't program RC65 to control TruTech TV

    Instructions unclear. Can't find TV code. Instructions say to move mode to TV but then can't enter codes.
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  • Anyone know the channel ONE/info remote sequence for reset

    There was a sequence you do on the remote while receiver is on channel ONE/info screen, that clears the remote so it is faster...   Anybody know what the sequence is?
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  • Program RC72, Genie HR44 Remote

    Can I program my Genie HR 44 and RC72 to change inputs, turn off and on my Sharp TV (code 10093) also change volume on my Yamaha Audio Receiver?  I have it set up that way on the older Directv remote.   Tim
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  • Genie w RC71, Sony TV, Panasonic soundbar

    Upgraded to the Genie and I love it, but I also want to use my soundbar.   I did a  bunch of googling and can't find codes anywhere. Right now my remote works great with the TV & receiver, but I would ...
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  • New RC71 user...I miss my RC66RX

    I just got Genie yesterday and I'm already missing my old RC66RX.  Two things are missing that I used to depend on, the ability to turn off just the DirecTV receiver and using it as a universal remote for my TV.&...
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  • RC72 won't program to samsung tv LN46b65

    Does anyone know of any other codes? I tried all the codes in the hr34 multiple times and still won't program tv controls.  Please help!!!!
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  • Stopping play on the HR34 with the new Genie remote

    I have the new Genie remote RC71.  When I am playing a recorded program, how do I make it stop and return me to the info screen?
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  • Just got a Genie, can RC66RBX DTV remote be programed to genie?

    Once again I am here at the fountain of knowledge, DTV Forum to learn more about the system.   First off, I could use another remote and have a brand new RC66RBX with background lighting that is programed on the...
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  • How to change programming of RC66X remote control

    I have a new setup (new house) with an HD-34 Genie controlled by an RC66X remote.  After some struggles I was able to program this remote to power on a Panasonic TV along with the Genie and to use the Panasonic T...
    created by diitto
  • Cannot connect RC72 remote to LG 42LD450 TV

    I have a Genie Mini connected to an LG 42LD450 TV. I am attempting to program the RC72 Genie remote to this TV and none of the LG TV codes in the remote setup menu are working. I was able to use code 10178 on my other...
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  • Remote control issue using a TERK.

    I have an HD receiver in my main tv room. I use a TERK to send the signal to my bedroom. Both TV's are HD. Lately my remotes originally programmed for each room started acting up. I've reset and reprogrammed them (RF)...
    created by hifromkate
  • Samsung TV "Power Cycle" vs "On/Off"

    I have a new RC71 that I programmed to work with my Samsung LN52B750U1F, the problem is that pressing the "On" button just sends the "Power Cycle" command to the TV, resulting in my TV shutting down.  On my old r...
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