• Cannot find the & symbol using the remote

    I am trying to set up my wireless network with DirecTV.  My network password includes an & symbol.  When I search through the list of available symbols by hitting the - button on my RC32 remote there is ...
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  • Do you have a code to program a vizio tv model E231 into my directv remote so the remote can control the sound and on\off option?

    Do you have a code I can use to program a new led tv model #E231 into my directv remote to control the volume and on\off options?
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  • Sound system

    I just got my genie remote. I have no problem controlling the sound on my sony speaker system but I can't get it to turn it on. I don't know how. Please help.
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  • Replay Button for HR34 goes back 4 seconds

    I have a fairly new HR34, and one (annoying) thing I've noticed is that the replay button jumps back 4 seconds.  My older HR23 DVR had a replay button that went back 6 seconds.  When I'm skipping forward sev...
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  • Genie Remote Question

    How do you stop playback while viewing recorded program on genie remote? I know the universal remote you can just hit the stop button, but the Genie remote does not have a stop button.   Thanks in advance S
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  • Remote Control options with the HR44-200 and C41W-500s.

    I have a new install with the HR44-200 and 3 C41W-500s. Problem is the wife and daughter hate the remotes. What are my options for better Universal Remotes than the RC71s that we have? Thanks.
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  • How do I program my RC71 remote for Denon AVR-S900W receiver, to HR44-500 Receiver

    I have tried the code for AVR900 and it does not work.  I get this response: There was an issue with programming you Denon Audio with your remote.
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  • I need to know how to program a RC71 remote to operate a Sanyo tv model DS31520

    I need to know how to program a RC71 remote to operate a Sanyo tv model DS31520
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  • Remote control rubber is separating

    Not exactly a big deal, but one of my RC65's rubber cover has begun to come off. Do I, 1) repair it with glue, 2) remove the entire cover and continue to use the remote, or 3) replace it. I do have the service plan,...
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  • how do I reset an RC71 remote back to RF

    we inadvertently tried to set it to IR.  Now all we get is "Not Supported Mode".  The remote TV in the other room works fine so i know the receiver is OK.  Just to need to undo what we did.   we h...
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  • RC72 won't sync with TV, tried all the codes multiple times...

    I just received replacement remotes and was sent 2 Genie remotes, with model number RC72.  I'm not able to sync my TV to the remote in order to have it work the on/off and volume options.  The remote works g...
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  • RC71 Problem

    When programming the remote to a Samsung TV, after the first code it does, it says try it. I do and it works. I hit done and it no longer works. When I try to redo everything, it says there is a problem programming my...
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  • RC65X versus RC65 remote controls

    I have a RC65X remote control that I believe is going bad. After changing batteries, resetting the HR24 DVR/receiver  and cleaning the IR port on the remote it still exhibits the same symptoms, ie. the DirecTV Po...
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  • RC64- remote need help

    A friend got a new remote so he gave me his. Is this a problem? Do I need to unprogram his settings first then program my TV? I have an older TV  LXI. I would need step by step instructions as well as the code f...
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  • what exactly do I need in order to transfer my recorded shows from my HD-DVR in my living room to my standard receiver upstairs?

    We use two remotes for our HD-DVR, but one won't turn off TV or operate volume.  Do I need a new remote? Also, what exactly do I need in order to transfer my recorded shows from my HD-DVR in my living room to m...
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  • Is there a wireless keyboard for the HR24 receiver/DVR?

    Is there a wireless keyboard for the HR24 receiver/DVR?  Using the on screen keyboard to do searches is a pain in the a**. Hunt and peck went out with the manual typewriter!!!  There has got to be a better ,...
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  • Need to program a remote to an older TV.

    The remote is RC64 and the TV is LXI. The code for a universal remote was 312 will that work? I press mute and select, the light flashes I entered the code but nothing. Do I need to have the TV on or off?
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  • Help with RC71

    Hi, we just upgraded to the Genie HD DVR and the RC71 remote came with it. While accessing the guide I found out how to advance ahead 12 hours but how do we go more than one line at a time while looking at current tim...
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  • Need help programing my RC71 to Yamaha audio Rec.

    I can't get my RC71 remote to program my Yamaha RX-V475. it will not work at all it tells me this message appears (There was an issue with programming your Yamaha audio with your remote. You can try again or set it l...
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  • RC71 with new receiver

    I recently had to replace my Genie receiver due to a lightning storm. I sent off an HR44-700 and received an HR44-500, which I understand to be exactly the same except for the manufacturer. When I hooked up the new re...
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