• Controlling an older audio receiver issues

    In my living room we have an H22 box with an RC64R (IR mode) and an older Yamaha receiver. When setting this up a coupe of years ago, it took a lot of effort to find some codes that would operate the receiver. I ended...
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  • Code for SEIKI HD TV

    Need code for SEIKI HD TV so I can use the remote to turn my TV off and on
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  • Stuck, Need help! How do I setup RC71 remote to Samsung soundbar?

    I purchased a Samsung Soundbar HW-H450. I have the RC71 remote. My question is 1. Can this remote be programmed to turn on and off the soundbar? 2. If it can't turn it on and off, can it turn the volume up and down at...
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  • Why don't the back and number buttons work on Red Zone?

    When I'm on the Red Zone channel or Sunday Ticket, the previous button and individual number buttons do not work.  I have to hit the guide button and then select the channel I want to go to...makes it impossible ...
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  • Are remotes warranted?

    Dear Forum:   Genie HD DVR Model HR34-700 2-Genie Minis, Model C31-700 Remote: RC65R The number 1 on the remote almost never works any more.  I have to really mash it and now the number 3 is starting ...
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  • Looking for remote code for Hitachi LE24K318A

    I just bought a new Hitachi LED LCD HDTV, model # LE24K318A.  On initial setup, I find I am unable to control the power switch on the TV though I can control the volume using my Directv remote (RC65X).  This...
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  • Program Remote for TV only

    Returned to DTV after moving to another state. Irked that I got the HR34 not the HR44. Anyway when I had DTV before I was able to program the remote to turn off the TV only not the client with out using the mode slide...
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  • Programming codes for two Vizio items

    Receiver: HR24/200 Remote: RC65RX   I'm looking for programming codes for the following: TV: Vizio E550i-B2 Sound bar: Vizio S3821w-C0   I've seen in other posts that code 10056 has worked with the Vizi...
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  • rc72 remote

    i have a rc72 remote that was working perfectly until i unplugged the receiver to re-organize and now the remote only works with the tv not the receiver. neither mode works RF or IR.
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  • Black screen, pause and no sound when changing channels.

    When changing channels directly or using PREV button the banner comes up for a split second and there is sound for that split second, then the screen goes black for 2-3 seconds with no sound, then the channel finally ...
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  • Remote Control issues with Hisense TV

    Here's the answer everyone's looking for including me for the last 3 days.   Hisense TV's are very troublesome to get working with the RC65  and Genie RC71B remotes.   I can assure you that the code 1...
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  • Cannot Fully Program Remote For Best Buy Insignia 39" HD LED TV!

    I can program it to raise and lower volume and TV will turn off TV using PWR button but if I hit the off button to turn both TV and Client off. the client goes off but not the TV. Used all the codes on the DirectTV me...
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  • I have an HR34, but the installer today left me with the new HR44 remote (RC72).  I am trying to make it program my soundbar, but it keeps telling me to switch my remote to AV1 first.  Does't this remote just not work with the HR34?

    I pretty much put everything in the title.  I have the first Genie (HR34), but today the guy said I had ancient remotes and left me with RC72's that I believe are built for the HR44.  I tried to program my s...
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  • I had two RC65RBX remotes working with my HR24 at the same time. I broke the one remote. I'll replace it, but I don't remember how I got them both to work. Help please!

    I had two RC65RBX remotes working with my HR24 at the same time. I broke the one remote. I'll replace it, but I don't remember how I got them both to work. Help please!
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  • Need remote code for HP PLasma PL4200N TV

    I purchased an HP Plasma TV PL4200N and I cannot find a remote code for this television anywhere.  Can anyone help me?  Is there some kind of universal code that I could try or has DirecTV realized that ther...
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  • RC72 Does Not Activate Power On/Off on Audio Device (HR44)

    Some kind of design flaw with remote because the Power On Off code works okay with audio device when testing during setup.  Turns out it only controls the volume.  It's bad design and very annoying to use tw...
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  • Remote Code for Speler 32" LED TV

    Hi all, I'm looking for a remote code for a DirecTV RC64 remote for a 32" LED Speler brand TV.   I've gone through the manual setup mentioned in the following thread code for Silo TV  and managed to get...
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  • Got a second RC71 doesn't work on RF

    I ordered a second RC71 remote to control the HR44  from our bedroom. Problem is the second remote will not program for RF. I went through the setup mute select 961 etc but it always goes to IR. It is identical t...
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  • remote code for onkyo txnr626

    I can't find a remote code for the Onkyo TXNR626 that will BOTH turn on AND turn off the receiver.  One of the codes I'm using will turn it on, and a second one will turn it off, but none of them seem to work to ...
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  • RC72 and Skyvue TVs

    I'm having trouble getting the remote to work with a Skyvue tv, the code the manufacturer gave is 10818, I think that may only work for the older remote.
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