• remote code for Panasonic Home theater system/blue ray SC bt100

    We just had an service call for non related rooms and received a new remote for our main TV.  The old remote could change volume on our Panasonic Home Theater system (SC BT100).  The brand new remote only po...
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  • new rc72 remote doesn't turn stereo on!?

    I can control volume but the remote won't turn stereo on.  I chatted with tech support and they said the new remote can't turn my stereo on like the old one did.  Are you kidding me??!
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  • looking for remote codes for Element

    The codes I have aren't working
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  • Remote Code

    Hello all, I'm looking for a remote code for the Samsung UN55HU6950, I'm using a Genie remote. I've tried the suggested codes and can not control the volume. Thanks
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  • iLive remote codes

    Can not find remote codes for the rc64r to use with iLive sound bar.   Any suggestions?
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  • Increase font size on tv when using the Guide?

    I'm a new Direct TV user - from Dish. I'm really having a problem with reading the items from the Guide. Is there any way to change the background color or to increase the size of the fonts? Thanks.
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  • RBX suffix

    I have a RC65RBX remote.  What does the RBX mean ?  Based on reading other threads, it's important to understand their meaning. Also i have not been able to find a user manual  for RC65RBX.  I foun...
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  • Clearing Cache via channel 1 and colored buttons still working?

    I've noticed that channel 1 is no longer the information channel, therefore, I don't seem to be able to clear cache by tuning to it and using the colored button sequence on the RC65RX (common white) remote. Is this op...
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  • RC65RX Remote Control

    My RC65RX remote control will not switch from RF to IR.  The HR24-500 does switch to IR but not the remote control.  I have to manually switch the HR24-500 back to RF.   The remote control has become ...
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  • Does 'Clearmybox' require a Reset after it's completed?

    I was having issues with my DVR (HR24-100). Namely, my NBA LP subscription channels not coming through and OnDemand content not showing. I decided to run Clearmybox.  Two days after running Clearmybox, my guide w...
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  • DirecTV remote control

    I have a SPCA 00006-001 remote control (no brand name on it) that came with a RCA DirecTv receiver Mod # DRD435RH. Does anyone have a list of codes for a Sony tv? I've searched dozens of websites-can't find. Also, ins...
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  • C41W-500 I Have No RF Remote Menu Option

    Am I missing something or do C41W-500 Minis not support RF remote controls?  I just switched from the C41s to the C41Ws because of the flexibility of no cables.  I tried to setup the RF on one of the C41Ws a...
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  • Cannot get remote programmed for Vizio Soundbar

    Looking for any assistance paring a RC64R remote with a Vizio 3821 Soundbar.  HR 23 receiver.  Already have tried several codes.   Thank you.
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  • How to stop receiving forum email updates

    I do not see anywhere in my email preferences here where to stop receiving weekly email updates. The subject of these email is always in the following format.   DIRECTV Technical Forums Updates, January 8 - Janu...
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  • Is there a way to Page Down when viewing the Guide rather than scrolling one channel at a time?

    Is there a way to Page Down when viewing the Guide rather than scrolling one channel at a time?
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  • codes for RCA RT2781BE

    I have a new RCA Home Theater (RT2781BE), replacing a previous RCA Home Theater. I was able to program my older remote so that it controls the volume of the home theater, but did not write the code down (D'oh!). I now...
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  • HR44-500 DVR how to keep remote from turning off DVR.

    I have a DVR-500.  I have the TV and DVR programmed.  I do NOT want to turn off the DVR when I power off the TV.  If the DVR is powered off, some functions, such as program buffering don't work.  W...
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  • Program RC72 for Genie mini and Sony sound bar HT-CT150

    I just got a new HR44 and a Genie Mini. The Mini is on a Sony HT-CT150 sound bar. When I tried to program the remote for the sound bar, the HT-CT150 is not listed. It is asking me to try 108 codes one at a time. What ...
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  • remote quit working soundbar

    I had a issue with my DTV so I called. The rep said to disconnect the hdmi cable from the mini geni, I did. After reconnecting it my DTV remote quit controlling the volume from my LG soundbar. The DTV remote will cont...
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  • R66 Remote Input Problems

    I have a brand new 4K tv, and when i went to program the remote the volume and power are fine,but it wont switch the inputs, i have done the 960 code and it flashes twice but still wont switch inputs,help please
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