• Jensen jsbw-650

    Trying to locate the proper code to control the volume on a Jensen jsbw-650 soundbar.   Tried the 9913 code search without any success.   Upgraded to a RC66RX remote and still can't control volume. Tha...
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  • Old hardware recognized Sony STR DN1050 Receiver but Genie does not?

    Recently upgraded to the Genie system.   My old DirecTV hardware recognized my Sony STR DN1050 Receiver but Genie does not?   The Genie remote control software is in the Genie itself and not the remote. So...
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  • Remote problem or Receiver problem

    I have a Model HR-44-500 Genie receiver. A few weeks back, when i would turn on the TV and REceiver with the remote, the screen would come up with a blue screen and a "no signal"  I called Directv and told them a...
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  • Remote control for HR20-700

    My old remote (RC24) for my HR20-700 is on its last legs (some buttons do not work at all). I have tried using some extra remotes I have (RC64, RC65, RC65RX among others) but none of them have any functionality with...
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  • Direct TV remote RC65RX control soundbar

    Greetings,   I know this is a subject that has been constantly inquired about and I believe to have read the majority of them. Although, my issue is that during the process of manually trying to find the right c...
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  • Universal RF Remote for HR-44

    Is there a plan to release a universal RF remote that is compatible with HR-44 Genie receivers? The remote that is supplied with the new Genies is a pain since it won't control my DVD player or toggle the power on my ...
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  • Program rc65rx to Philips htl2101a/f7 soundbar

    I need assistance with programming my rc65rx remote and philips htl2101a/f7 soundbar. I want to be able to control the soundbar while in directv mode. At minimum I would just like to be able to control the soundbar ...
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  • Programming Genie remote RC71

    Have new Genie equipment and need help programming remote. Installer programmed remote to turn on/off DVR and TV and to control volume of Denon receiver. Want to program remote to turn on/off Denon receiver, and also ...
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  • Directv Remote RC65RX does not turn on or off new Samsung TV Model T24E310ND

    Does a code exist to fully control the Samsung T24E310ND?  This model or an equivalent does not appear in the list found in the remote settings.  I have tried all codes presented by the Directv website code ...
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  • Just upgraded my DVR. Old DirecTV remote can control volume from my audio system (Sony RHT-G800) when remote set to DirectTV, not AV1. New remote is identical but I don't know how to set it up to function like old remote.remote.

    Just upgraded my DVR. Old DirecTV remote can control volume from my audio system (Sony RHT-G800) when remote set to DirectTV, not AV1. New remote is identical but I don't know how to set it up to function like old rem...
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  • do you have codes for an lg tv model 32lh500b?

    Do you have codes for an LG TV Model# 32LH500B to program a DirecTV remote Model # RC16?
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  • My volme does not work on the remote. Samsung model

    Model # un55js850df Samsung T V. Volume does not work on remote!
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  • Mini Genie remote

    Is there a way to STOP a recording you are watching with the mini Genie remote? If I want to stop it - to watch later - I can't. This makes no sense. Any ideas?
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  • RC73 Programming Coby television

    Hi,   I'm using my rc73 from my Genie with IR and I want to program my Coby 40 inch tv (not sure model number).  I've used 12315, 12314, 11531 and 11738 and I can't get it to work.  On a related note, ...
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  • code for TCL TV?

    I just purchased a TCL television.  The salesman told me it is manufactured by Thomas Electronics.  The company used to make parts and sets for Samsung, but just began manufacturing their own tvs.  I ca...
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  • Remote won't turn TV on/off for Samsung TV

    I recently pruchased a Samsung TV. I programmed the remote to the tv and the volume works fine but it work turn the tv on or off even when i swich the remote to tv mode. I have cycled through all of the remote codes l...
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  • client won't respond to remote control intermittently

    My client box works great, does all the things it's supposed to.  Randomly, though, after I turn on the box with the remote control, there are no other functions that can be controlled with the remote.  Scen...
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  • Pioneer VSX-45 & RC72 Remote

    I have a DirecTV genie, and I just purchased a Pioneer VSX-45 receiver, but I am unable to get the RC72 remote to pair/control it. Also, the model is not listed in the Pioneer list in audio devices. Several models clo...
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  • DTV remote won't power off Samsung TV.

    It's a Samsung model #UN40H5003AFXZA and the remote is an RC 64. All features work except power off. I don't have a Genie, but an HD DVR. Does anyone know how to correct this?   Thank you.
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  • DirecTV Remote Code Samsung UN2J5003

    I bought a new Samsung TV and can not find a DirecTV Remote code that will power on/off the TV.  Some of the codes will work volume, etc.   TV:  Samsung UN32J5003 DirecTV Remote:  RC64R DirecTV ...
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