• Direct TV doesnt have a remote code for Aoc Model E228c1nkajaeb

    I have a Aoc Model E228c1nkajaeb TV and just had Direct TV installed. THe guy says there is no code for this TV. Is there any way for Direct tv to create a code? In this Day and age there should not be  a Problem...
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  • What are the latest instructions to fix the delay in changing channels?

    I have a Genie HD DVR HR34-700 receiver. At times we experience significant delay in switching channels, scrolling through menu choices as many other customer have reported.   Sometimes when this problem occurs ...
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  • RC72 and Sony soundbar

    I have a hr44-500 directv receiver and a new RC72 remote .  I have the remote working with the receiver and a Samsung plasma TV, but have not figure out how to get the RC72 to control the Sony soundbar model HT-C...
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  • I have an RC71 remote for my DirecTV Genie that I would like to have the volume button control the sound on my Sony Sound Bar (HT-CT770) with a Sony remote (RM-ANP114). Has anyone been able to get this to work?

    I have an RC71 remote for my DirecTV Genie that I would like to have the volume button control the sound on my Sony Sound Bar (HT-CT770) with a Sony remote (RM-ANP114). Has anyone been able to get this to work?
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  • program AV1 for HR21

    I have an HR44 and an HR21 next to each other. About a year ago, I set up my remote in IR mode so the DTV switch controls the HR44 and AV1 controls the HR21. My remote now seems to be dying, so I bought a new one (RC6...
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  • Add second RF remote to Genie Mini (C41)

    We have a Genie Mini in the bedroom that has the RC71 remote. It is setup to RF mode and works perfectly. My Wife can't stand this remote where as I prefer it. How can I program a RC65X to the Genie Mini so they both ...
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  • RC 71 RF issue - known issue per Directv support

    I opened a service ticket a short time after getting my equipment upgraded about the RC 71 remote.  I have 4 of them after the upgrade, and one of them, every 2 days or so, no longer functions in RF mode.  I...
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  • How do I get my rc66rbx remote to turn off my insignia tv and dtv box by using the "dtv

    A DTV Tech programed all of our remotes to turn on and off, both the  box and TV by using the On and Off buttons on the upper right of the remote. Worked fine on all TV's.  Just replaced a Visio TV with an I...
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  • RF Remote

    I bought 2 new RF Remotes from Directv (RC65RBX) And don't work very well at all, they are very intermittent, doesn't matter if your changing channels, using the guide or anything sometimes it work OK most times they ...
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  • programming  two direct tv remotes

    Hi I need some help with my remotes. I have two direct tv boxes few feet apart in my entertainment center. One is Genie DVR and other is mini genie. One is used for watching tv in house other one is connected to sli...
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  • Controlling volume with remote

    Have a new Sceptre TV and had a new HD-DVR installed today.  Tried to program the remote to control the volume and on/off functions of the TV.  Tried all five 5-digit codes provided for Sceptre TV's but none...
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  • issue with Genie mini not turning on

    issue with RC72 and mini Genie.  the remote will not always turn on the mini.  it turns on the TV but the Genie won't power up.  I have worked around this by resetting the mini withe the red button, It ...
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  • RC72 won't set up in RF

    Genie mini reciever c41-500.  Have ran through all of the programming instructions, have talked to tech support 3x was sent a new remote which still won't program in RF.  The tech support person said it coul...
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  • Rc 65 remote not operating properly- erratically

    Remote is functioning erratically. Just started this. Press a button to change channels and sometimes it duplicates the same number, some times it,won't take a number. Press guide sometimes it comes up other times not...
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  • Children's Remote

    a Child Friendly Remote needs to be made, How can I lock the Children's Rooms from recording...I don't want the Kids blocking MY Shows from recording and I want the ability to BLOCK them from recording at all.
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  • How do I program Genie to turn receiver on to a specifc channel?

    I had the Genie programmed to a specific channel.  Well it now opens to an infomercial channel which is making me crazy.  I can't remember how I programmed it to turn on to a specific channel.  Also, is...
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  • Can't program direct TV remote to AOC L22H998

    I cannot program my television to the genie direct TV remote. I have tried all codes! I see that someone had the same issue in 2010 but that discussion is locked...??? Direct TV cannot help me and they are the makers ...
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  • Assistance needed with remote code for Sanyo TV

    I would appreciate any assistance with the remote codes for a Sanyo PDP-42H1A plasma TV. It's an oldie but goodie that just won't die. Thanks Much in advance. CJP
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  • Can't program RC65 to control TruTech TV

    Instructions unclear. Can't find TV code. Instructions say to move mode to TV but then can't enter codes.
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  • Anyone know the channel ONE/info remote sequence for reset

    There was a sequence you do on the remote while receiver is on channel ONE/info screen, that clears the remote so it is faster...   Anybody know what the sequence is?
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