• RC71 want turn on/off tv

    I have the HR44 trying to get the RC71 remote to work with my samsung plasma tv. I've tried everything i've read online, even tried programing it in IR mode and still nothing...... Any ideas???
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  • code for Silo TV

    Trying to find a code for a Silo TV Model #LT-32SL601, called both Silo TV company and Directv for remote control codes. They both provided codes that didn't work. Does anyone have any codes I can try?
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  • Receiver no longer responding to EXIT button

    I just recently noticed that my Genie HD DVR receiver is no longer responding to the exit button from the remote when attempting to leave any menu, guide or list. I use a Harmony 900 Universal remote and confirmed tha...
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  • HR44 IR Blaster Delay on Startup

    I have an HR44 receiver, and am trying to use an IR blaster with a universal remote.  When the receiver first turns on, there is about a 2 minute delay until it starts processing IR commands.  I don't think ...
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  • Remote code for RCA LED32B30RQD TV/DVD Combo - Still Looking

    I see this question has been asked more than once in these forums beginning in 2012 without being fully resolved...so I'm trying again.   We purchased an RCA LED32B30RQD TV/DVD Combo from Best Buy a few months a...
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  • Need code for Proscan PLED2400A

    I purchased two Proscan LED 24" HDTVs (model: PLED2400A) and can't seem to get the DirecTV remote to control them.   I am using them with RC65RX remotes to control the TV's (hopefully) and H-25 receivers. &nbs...
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  • ProScan TV wiill not sync with either Remots 671 or 66RBX, any work arounds?

    I have been unsuccessful in setting up my Remotes R671 and teh R66RBX to my NEW Proscan TV.  The Techinician was also unable to program them.  Does anyone have any suggestions or a different search code to s...
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  • Programming for Proscan TV

    I have a new Proscan 39" TV that I cannot program using the codes provided by Directv.  Is there another way to make this work?  Someone suggested that a call to the TV manufacturer might work but should thi...
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  • Proscan Remote Codes

    I have a Proscan TV/DVD combo model number PLEDV1945A. I have tried all of the codes on my DIRECTV H24 receiver, all of the codes in my DIRECTV Universal Remote Control User Guide and even some other codes that the DI...
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  • RC65X Remote with ProScan PLED2435A-E TV

    I am trying to program a RC65X remote to work with a ProScan PLED2435A-E TV. I have gone through all the codes and it still doesn't work.   Does anyone know of a code that works with this TV?
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  • IR Window on HR44

    I had a problem where the HR44 was near the client box and the IR remotes where controlling both boxes. I use an IR blaster to remotely control the Client.  I found that it was also controlling the HR44, whose re...
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  • Why doesn't my yellow button on my remote bring up a closed captioned option as advertised?

    Why doesn't my yellow button on my remote bring up a closed captioned option as advertised? No option for subtitles or closed caption.
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  • Is it possible to program RC72 to Philips DVD player/surround sound system?

    I would like to control the volume through my Philips DVD Player/Surround sound system but the remote will not program to Philips system model # HTS3371D.
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  • clicking sound on buttons when changing channels/volume on genie remote

    The clicking sounds the genie remote makes when changing channels is very annoying to me...Any other remotes available that do not make the clicking sounds when changing channels ?
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  • Genie Remote Control Issues

    I have a genie with the RC71 remote control and I am having issue with it working properly.  The only things that work on the remote are the volume, the ON button, and the OFF button. None of the other buttons on...
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  • What is the maximum number of rc71 remotes i can pair with one genie?

    I have one genie and I am mirroring in multiple rooms.  I have a total of 6 remotes.  I programmed all of them in RF mode and paired them to the single genie.  It seems though that maybe the max is 4 re...
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  • Remote control for Genie pauses and queues up commands

    I have the following:   Gene HR34/700 - running soft are 0x8d4 Direct TV Universal Remote (I do not know the model number - I have the same one for an HR24/500 DVR - it is also on this web page: http://www.dire...
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  • LG 47lb6000-uh TV and an RC-65 remote wont command tv power

    i have a LG 47lb6000-uh TV and an RC-65 remote and i cant get a code that will controll the tv correctly i finally found a code using the step and search command that will change the channel and volume but it will not...
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  • How do I program my rc71 remote to control volume on my Harman Kardon avr 310 receiver

    How do I program my rc71 remote to control volume on my Harman Kardon avr 310 receiver
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  • My remotes are operating both Genie receivers. Want to separate.

    I have two TVs in the same room hooked up to the Genie and Genie Mini. Currently my Universal Remote (RC64RB) and my Genie Remotes (RC72) are both operating both Genie receivers. The Universal Remote turns on the TV c...
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