• I suddenly lost access to a couple of channels

    All of a  sudden I have lost access to QVC, TLC and Discovery Channel.  Other channels are working fine - any suggestions?
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  • Volume deafening level after 30-sec skip

    I have an HD-DVR with Optical cable to my Denon audio receiver and HDMI to my Samsung HDTV.  After 2 years trouble-free service in my current config - in the past few weeks I've had serious problem when skipping,...
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  • Loud DVR

    Just want to say, I've complained about my DVR whirring so loud that we have to turn up our TV in order to hear it. My complaint falls on deaf ears. Any ideas on how to get anyone to come out to my house to check it o...
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  • momentary power loss, reboot

    A couple of days a week, for the last 6 months, my R10 receiver will do a complete reboot 5-6 times an hour, be fine for a couple of hours, then start again for another hour to hour and a half. The power light goes of...
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  • Why is my SD DVD recording unwanted shows?

    All of a sudden, it is recording 3 programs at the same time each day. They are not on PRIORITIZER, not on TODO, they just appear. I delete them and they appear again. This has never happened before. I live in an apar...
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  • Replace D10 with an R22?

    I'm thinking of replacing the D10 in the bedroom with another R22 like I have in the living room. With two R22s I should then be able to record up to 4 shows (or record 3 and watch 1) at the same time.  Is that c...
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  • Switching from Analog TV to LED

    I have an older Sony analog Tritron tv and a Directv Standard R16/300 receiver,slimline-3S (SWM) and I am going to purchase a non-smart LED tv. Do I need a Directv installer to get a HD DVR (HR-24)?
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  • Old receiver

    Is there any reason to kept old rec. DRD303RA ? Had it for backup with my 1st HD install. Now have SWM. Thinking about donating it to a museum.
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  • R22 Receiver

    I recently upgraded to HD and the installer said that I could use the old 18x20 3 LNB dish with one coax to my R22 receiver to get SD signals to my RV. Trouble is I'm not sure which satellite setting to use and does i...
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  • Internet & DVR

    Do I need to have internet to use a dvr
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  • portable 3-LNB

    I have a portable 3-lnb dish I use for camping. Does any one know how many SD recivers this will support?
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  • Is there a good reason to keep your DVR as empty as possible?

    Is there a good reason to keep your DVR as empty as possible?  My husband says we should not keep the hard drive at 99% capacity, but I let the DVR automatically delete as needed.  He says this will cause th...
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  • DVR freezes and resets itself.

     I have been having issues with the DVR playback just pausing in the middle of playback and then nothing I do with the remote will start it back up for about two minutes then every button I did push decides to al...
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  • Restore deleted playlist?

    I have searched this topic and all of the discussion results have been hidden?  I was trying to clean up the playlist and thought I was marking all under one heading and deleted the entire list.  Is there an...
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  • Voice Over IP (VOIP) Phone Service

    Based on the user's guide it appears that the DirecTV R10 receiver/recorder will NOT work with VOIP phone service.  Can you confirm that the R10 model works only with the standard anolog phone line?  My goal...
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    After years of recording channel 360 Fox News without being blocked by the E27 message (like AMC254), this past September marked the end of an era, it seems.  The Magnavox VCR/DVD began showing this E27 message...
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  • How to test used R-15?

    I have acquired a used R-15 DVR that I eventually will use to replace the D-12 in my shop.   Before I spend the money for an new access card, I wnat to test the receiver and make sure it is owrking.  On...
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  • Replacing SD Reveiver

    I have an SD D-12 SD receiver in my shop that I take with us in the RV to use with my Carryout antenna and it works great... Now I am wishing that when the fish are biting I could record a game or event to watch durin...
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  • Hughes sd-dvr40 - all channels skip audio and video on both tuners every few seconds

    Hughes sd-dvr40 - all channels skip audio and video on both tuners every few seconds until the unit locks up after about an hour. Unit will lock up during reboot and takes several attempts to restart. Problem starts a...
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  • r16 and swm dish

    i installed a slimline dish with the single swm system in my rv. my hr 24 works great, my sd r16 does nothing. will the r16 work with this setup? i know about changing the settings, it was working with the round singl...
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