• Error: User ID is not authorized. [205.4]

    I'm receiving the following error message when I attempt to login to both the standard DIRECTV mobile app and the DIRECTV for Tablets app.   User ID is not authorized. Please login with a different ID. [205.4] &n...
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  • Using Roku

    I recently installed a Roku unit and tried to install Showtime. Direct TV support told me to enter my user DirectTV user ID and password. That didn't work. How can I add Direct TV content (Showtime and HBO in particul...
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  • Loading TV Apps....Nothing Happens

    I have the Genie. The apps worked fine for the first month or so, but now it gives me the standard message of "Loading TV Apps...This May Take A Moment," but then the apps never appear. I have waited and waited, turne...
    last modified by patty.sergent@gmail.com
  • TV Apps on minis

    I have a Genie HR44 and two minis.. the TV Apps work fine on the Genie, but never load on the minis. I dont receive an error, they just never show up   any ideas??
    last modified by budon
  • Live TV on Smart Samsung TV's internet connection

    I have a Samsung smart TV with an internet browser. How can I watch live TV using the internet browser? I can navigate up to the watch live TV. When clicked I am asked to log in. No problem. Next I am asked to downl...
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  • Trying to access TV apps

    This is my setup. I have a Genie (HR 44) and a cinema connection kit (DCAW 1R0-01) I am able to use Diredtv on demand to watch movies and programs with no problems. When I try to access the TV apps I get the message, ...
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  • Soo sick of apps not working!!!

    This is beyond annoying!! We reset the receiver, reboot our wireless and modem, and still, we get the same thing..."apps not available", over and over and over, for days now!!! Top of this page  says "Why Direct ...
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  • Sorry, we ran into a problem. Please restart the video player.

    Went through the entire troubleshooting script with a Chat Tech including installing the Beta Flash player with NPAPI and PPAPI.  Video player still won't load.  It used to work for me months ago before the ...
    last modified by reddins
  • why are apps not working?

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but every time I try to connect with TV Apps for Score Guide I get: "TV Apps is currently unavailable. Please try again later." Has anyone else had this issue? I was wonderin...
    last modified by cincar
  • Apple Watch App Features

    I love the ability to control my DVR from my Apple Watch.  I had similar functionality with my Pebble. Please consider adding a 30 second fast forward and 8 second rewind option to the app in place of the standa...
    last modified by primers
  • can you control auto updates of tv apps

    I turned off my internet access to directv dvr. It keeps trying to update apps which it obviously can't find a connection. Now I have the tv apps icons across the bottom of my screen.  How do I get rid of this st...
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  • No Pandora music on client (C41-500)

    I am totally new to sat TV. This install was done a few weeks ago and the client was only set up and reception tested on my Living Room TV. I had to order a rf modulator to hook up the old bedroom TV (salesmen didn't ...
    last modified by tomw37066
  • Apple TV

    I am trying to watch shows on Lifetime and FX via apple tv....followed the instructions selecting direct tv as the provider and putting in the activation code, but it will not activate. Is anyone else having this prob...
    last modified by jstanton5
  • Scoreguide / My Teams not working

    This is not a huge problem, but after a few months of having a useful Scoreguide for finding future telecasts for teams I follow, it is rather disappointing that it is now not working for me.   When I bring up S...
    last modified by jasiu
  • where did my apps go?

    when i go to apps all that shows is (the memorial tournament, french open experience, scoreguide, weather, and whats hot) where did facebook, twitter like all of the rest go??
    last modified by brittanyvelandria
  • Unable to watch live tv from computer

    hey, i have version 12 of the Direct tv player installed on my pc. updated flash player is installed as well. no matter what channel i try to stream from directv.com, they all freeze...play......freeze......play, etc....
    last modified by cgatling676
  • YouTube Missing

    YouTube has suddenly disappeared from my menu extras option this week.  Has anyone else experienced this? And any ideas on how to get it back?
    last modified by jenimail
  • Youtube app disappeared

    Fairly new direct TV user here, all of a sudden today, my youtube app is no longer in my menu under extras, nor can I find it anywhere.   Can anyone help with this issue?
    last modified by shel311
  • Unable to login to HBO Go & other cable provider apps with Direct TV Account

    I am a new subscriber to Direct TV & I have the 3 month free subscription to premium movie channels including HBO. I've tried repeatedly to sign in to the HBO Go app on both my ipad & laptop using my CORRECT d...
    last modified by ninaaaaaz
  • Can I use Sunday Ticket if my billing address is different than where I use the service?

    Ok so I'm not a Direct TV customer but I am interested in purchasing the new package this season so that I can have Sunday Ticket for the upcoming year. During the summer I live in NYC and my address says I am availab...
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