• I accidently touched the DirecTV remote and my television aspect ratio shrank - leaving a margin on both right and left sides. 1st don't know how that happen and 2nd what is the correction for my LG 43 inch HD TV?

    I accidently touched the DirecTV remote and my television aspect ratio shrank - leaving a margin on both right and left sides. 1st don't know how that happen and 2nd what is the correction for my LG 43 inch HD TV?
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  • Connecting to a Hauppauge HVR2250

    Hi:   I just upgraded to the Genie HR44-500 and I am trying to see if it is possible to connect to a Hauppauge Win -TV-HVR2250 tuner installed on my PC.   I run W7 and have WMC.   The reason for want...
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  • Error #1100  Video streaming is temporarily unavailable

    -----------NOT SOLVED-----------------------------------------     I have tried video streaming on two different computers and two different browsers, both give same error. DTV tells me to call telephone se...
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  • Why is the Scoreguide so terrible?

    It's bad enough that it sometimes takes 45 seconds for the Scoreguide to appear.  It's worse still that one never knows whether what will appear will be the old or the new Scoreguide.  What's worst is that i...
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  • ABC Live Ipad Application

    There is a new application on my iPad for ABC.  It is called ABC live.  If one has a list of providers for example Charter or Uverse they can watch the programs anywhere.  Why is DirecTV not on the list...
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  • Sunday Tickey online not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What is going on?!!?
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  • Genie (HR44) - Anyone able to listen to Pandora while watching tv at the same time?

    Just upgraded to the Genie (HR44-700), and noticed that the Pandora application doesn't allow me to watch TV while listening to Pandora.  On all previous DIRECTV DVRs I’ve used, when exiting Pandora I was g...
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  • Sunday Ticket App

    This is my second run in with issues on the Sunday Ticket App.  Before anyone makes the comment, no it was not on my local broadcast channel, no I was not within 80 miles of either stadium, yes the game was sold ...
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  • Showtime Anytime App Not Letting Me Login

    I have the SHO Anytime app installed on my iPhone 5s (ios 8) and it allows me to login using my DirecTV credentials but then logs me off immediately.    Anybody else having similar problems?  Maybe a ...
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  • TV Apps not working??????

    I have never been able to get this to work.   I try and bring it up and it says it will load in a few minutes.    Then it tells me it can't load.  
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  • can't get tv apps

    I have a Genie and am using RC65X remote.  I can't get the sports score app like I used to.  Before I pushed the red button and it came up.  I think even since getting the Genie I pressed it and it woul...
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  • HBO GO is still not working.

    I'm still getting this error:   "It appears that your DIRECTV subscription does not include HBO. HBO GO is available free to DIRECTV customers who subscribe to HBO. To sign up for HBO and start using HBO GO, or ...
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  • TV Apps not currently availbly?

    anyone else getting this response when trying to open tv apps?  emailed dtv on 6.4.14 and they responded, there are reports of this and would forward my email to management.  worked fine until 6.4.14.
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  • 2014 Sunday Ticket Player Tracker??

    Is Player Tracker going to be functional this year... If so, where is it or how do you access it?  The league starts in 4 days...
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  • Facebook app on reciever

    I don't understand what is happening when I indicate on facebook app what I am watching.  Is it supposed to make a post to facebook for me?  I've looked and I find nothing.
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  • Connecting TV to Facebook

    Gentlemen: I tried to connect my TV to my Facebook account using your Social Network App via email. I never received a email to continue the connection. I just wanted to let you know something is wrong with this appl...
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  • football

    I was told when I ordered my DirecTV that I would receive the NFL package 2014 but I don't see it on my program who do I ask about this
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  • New customers, cannot use HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, Starz Play and others

    i recently started DirecTV service about 3 weeks ago, i started to set up a DirecTv ID for use for streaming services but my problem is my DirecTV ID sometime can't log into HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, Starz Play, in fa...
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  • TV apps unavailable try again later (1)

    This is really becoming annoying.  On my most watched set I am getting this message when trying to launch the TV apps that I use all the time for weather, scores, etc.   I have full internet, network connec...
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  • TV Apps aren't working and I'm unable to Post to the Forum, too?

    I'm logged in and not allowed to Reply?   Same problem here.  HR21-200 directly connected to gateway.  No internet problems.  Youtube search, etc... still works fine.  Restart receiver - TV A...
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