• where did my apps go?

    when i go to apps all that shows is (the memorial tournament, french open experience, scoreguide, weather, and whats hot) where did facebook, twitter like all of the rest go??
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  • Unable to watch live tv from computer

    hey, i have version 12 of the Direct tv player installed on my pc. updated flash player is installed as well. no matter what channel i try to stream from directv.com, they all freeze...play......freeze......play, etc....
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  • YouTube Missing

    YouTube has suddenly disappeared from my menu extras option this week.  Has anyone else experienced this? And any ideas on how to get it back?
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  • Youtube app disappeared

    Fairly new direct TV user here, all of a sudden today, my youtube app is no longer in my menu under extras, nor can I find it anywhere.   Can anyone help with this issue?
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  • Unable to login to HBO Go & other cable provider apps with Direct TV Account

    I am a new subscriber to Direct TV & I have the 3 month free subscription to premium movie channels including HBO. I've tried repeatedly to sign in to the HBO Go app on both my ipad & laptop using my CORRECT d...
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  • Can I use Sunday Ticket if my billing address is different than where I use the service?

    Ok so I'm not a Direct TV customer but I am interested in purchasing the new package this season so that I can have Sunday Ticket for the upcoming year. During the summer I live in NYC and my address says I am availab...
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  • ScoreGuide 2.0

    Why is it that DIRECTV can not leave well enough alone?  Prior to SPEED WEEK in Daytona the ScoreGuide showed all 3 series of NASCAR.  With the UPGRADE to 2.0 they deleted the XFINITY (old NATIONWIDE) series...
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  • Cannot uninstall previous vers of DirecTV Player

    Trying to instal DirecTV Player 9 on a PC laptop   (Win XP  SP3).  The process gets Error 1714.  Says it looking for the MSI file which should be located here C:\Windows\Temp\{66117717-1845-45...
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  • How do I resolve proxy server errors to log into HBO GO?

    When trying to log into HBO GO on iPad, Android mobile or Macbook Pro, I get the following error   The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the requ...
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  • Logging on to nbc extra

    After logging on to NBC Extra without hitch for 3 months or so, I now am unable to. I receive an Authentication Error- Error Unknown message over and over. I have tried changing my Directv password but no dice.  ...
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  • Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1 Apps

    I really want to see at least a Windows Phone 8.1 App and would use the metro Windows 8.1 app if it were available.  The browser experience is limited.  These are fantastic devices.  Surface Pro 3 is aw...
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  • Weather app disappeared

    When I press the right arrow on my remote, the tv apps load on the screen. However, the weather app is gone. I have tried resetting the receiver, and the receiver is connected to the internet. Does anyone have a sugge...
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  • my device is micromax116A need TV application

    I have Micromax 116A device it is not installing TV application
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  • Directv now supporting most of the FOX apps

    Press release from Directv this morning:   DIRECTV - FOX's TV Everywhere Content Now Available to More Than 20 Million DIRECTV Customers Nationwide Good news for Directv customers like me who watch a good amou...
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  • Why isn't Directv a subscriber option for Amazon Fire TV ???

    I got an Amazon Fire TV (similar to Apple TV, essentially a WIFI based set top box to access Internet based content) yesterday. After installing the Showtime Anytime app, I realized that I was stuck b/c Amazon Fire TV...
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  • Weather app

    How do you delete a city in the weather app?
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  • I accidently touched the DirecTV remote and my television aspect ratio shrank - leaving a margin on both right and left sides. 1st don't know how that happen and 2nd what is the correction for my LG 43 inch HD TV?

    I accidently touched the DirecTV remote and my television aspect ratio shrank - leaving a margin on both right and left sides. 1st don't know how that happen and 2nd what is the correction for my LG 43 inch HD TV?
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  • Connecting to a Hauppauge HVR2250

    Hi:   I just upgraded to the Genie HR44-500 and I am trying to see if it is possible to connect to a Hauppauge Win -TV-HVR2250 tuner installed on my PC.   I run W7 and have WMC.   The reason for want...
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  • Error #1100  Video streaming is temporarily unavailable

    -----------NOT SOLVED-----------------------------------------     I have tried video streaming on two different computers and two different browsers, both give same error. DTV tells me to call telephone se...
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  • Why is the Scoreguide so terrible?

    It's bad enough that it sometimes takes 45 seconds for the Scoreguide to appear.  It's worse still that one never knows whether what will appear will be the old or the new Scoreguide.  What's worst is that i...
    created by jrfinkel