• TV Apps aren't working and I'm unable to Post to the Forum, too?

    I'm logged in and not allowed to Reply?   Same problem here.  HR21-200 directly connected to gateway.  No internet problems.  Youtube search, etc... still works fine.  Restart receiver - TV A...
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  • My tv apps are working on my genie but my genie mini clients tv apps will not come up. They try to load and have a message of try again later (1). Any suggestions?

    DOES ANYONE HAVE A PROBLEM WITH TV APPS NOT LOADING ON A GENIE MINI CLIENT? Mine try to load and come back with a try later message.
  • TVapps recently keep disappearing?

    I have 2, R22-100 (with HD) receivers that have had the TVapps working just fine every day for 1 year. Starting the morning of June 3rd, they disappeared.  when they disappear, I can launch the TVapps and the fi...
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  • ABC Live

    Why does Dish Network a smaller satellite provider offer ABC live and DTV does not?  It seems all the cable companies offer it.  It is really dumb for DTV not to offer it?
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  • Keep getting a "not authorized" message on iPhone and tv apps (not Directv app) when i've entered tv provider information.

    Keep getting a "not authorized" message on iPhone and tv apps when i've entered tv provider information. This is not while using the Directv app, its while using apps like CNN, Fox News, HBO2GO, etc.  Everything ...
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  • I keep getting error code 0033 not authorized user for starz play app on tablet

    For the last two days. I cant watch my shows
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  • Why isn't Directv a subscriber option for Amazon Fire TV ???

    I got an Amazon Fire TV (similar to Apple TV, essentially a WIFI based set top box to access Internet based content) yesterday. After installing the Showtime Anytime app, I realized that I was stuck b/c Amazon Fire TV...
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  • weather channel

    very disappointed directv dropped the weather channel. we enjoyed immediate access to local weather and the programming. weather nation does not compare
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  • NHL Standings unavailable for weeks now?

    At least for me, I don't know if its just me, but the NHL Standings have been unavailable for weeks through the score guide. Yes, I have restarted the receiver many times. I'd just hate to call DIRECTV.
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  • TV apps - not returning results - but network connected

    anyone have this issue?  It's been happening for over 2 wks for me.  I right arrow - and it says loading apps and to wait- then i get the following: 1) apps not available at this time 2) no response at all
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  • When will WatchESPN be available to DirecTV subscribers?

    When will WatchESPN be available to DirecTV subscribers? Kind of silly that we can not get this feature cable subscribers have it.
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  • How many apps are there in the Apps section?

    How many apps are there in the Apps section? I, ask, because, when I select on our HR44 or our HR23, only four show up. Which are, Score Guide, Social TV,Whats Hot , and Men's College Basketball. So, are there more, o...
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  • Directv app

    Need Directv app for windows surface 8.1 RT HELP
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  • iPhone app can't see DVR unless they are on the same WiFi

    Everything was working fine before we moved.  Now I cannot see my DVR (HR34-700) on my iPhone App unless I am connected to the same WiFi network and I manually enter the IP address of the DVR.    Even...
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  • MLB Spring Training Scores

    Why are there no scores for the MLB Spring Training games? Also, when the regular season starts, can the scores be updated to reflect real-time scores in games?
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  • Listen to pandora while watching tv at the same time

    Last week you could listen to your pandora and watch tv at the same time.  This week you can't? Any ideas?
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  • Geeky DIY project....Caller ID

    So here is the scenario:   I just switched to AT&T home phone (wireless base) service. LOVE it so far. It has 2-line outs, so one goes to Fax/Phone and other runs to the back of my DVR. I am well aware the se...
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  • Showtime Anywhere on Roku

    Read all about it!   Full Press Release: http://www.businessw...®-Roku®-Players Roku Blog: http://blog.roku.com/blog/2014/02/18/showtime-anytime-launches-on-roku/ Engadget: http://www.engadget.com/20...
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  • Pandora has stopped working.

    Aftter working fine for a long time, Pandora has stopped working ("pauses" during first track and requires manual track advance to continue) Pandora's support people suggest upgrading the firmare for my "device". My s...
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  • Will Directv work with satellite internet?

    My internet was working just fine.  Then it wasn't.  When I called DTV I was told it would not work.  Now I can't get on demand, PPV or any of the apps.  I can no longer get DTV on my ipad.  H...
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