• Separate Playlists in Whole-Home Setup

    I'll try to make this as clear as possible. We have 5 Televisions in our Home. One is connected to a Genie (HR44), one is connected to a Genie Mini (C31), and three to HD-DVRs (one HR24; two HR22) These are all connec...
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  • Weak HDMI output from DVR?

    Hi   I recently purchased a home that is wired with CAT5 or CAT6 for HDMI extension from receiver to TV.   Connecting the DirectTV Genie with the TV, using a high quality HDMI extender (from SIIG) resulted...
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  • Wireless Connection for H21-200

    I have my current Whole Home System setup as follows: 2 DVRs and a H21-200 all hardwired with Ethernet cables to my Uverse Modem/wireless on older Non SWM Dish setup. I want to move my H21-200 to a room without a Ethe...
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  • Genie recording shows I didn't set...

    My genie appears to be guessing at shows I might like, and recording them without direction.   I'm tired of deleting "shed wars" and "sheep shape".   Tech support tells me the only fix is to reset the box ...
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  • HR34 won't fit in return packaging

    Got my return box today and set to work getting the stuff packed up for shipment. Everything fits fine except for the HR34 DVR unit. It appears the inserts included in the box are designed for a smaller device. Am I m...
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  • Has anyone tried Ringr?

    I have been a disgruntled customer of Directv for a while, I dont know why I stick with them (probably lack of options!) but Im still here and still wasting my time dealing with Directv's customer service.   I ...
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  • Can't disable sound effects on mini

    I've noticed I can't disable sound effects on the remote mini's.  When I set the sound to "Off", the setting is obeyed until I turn off and on the mini.  The setting still shows off but I hear the thunk unti...
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  • Seperate Whole-Home Networks...one with internet, the other without...

    We live in a duplex type situation with one DirectTV account, one Genie and one CCK-Wired.  A filter is put on the outgoing coaxial so we now have the ability to have two seperate Whole-Home Networks (4 boxes sha...
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  • missing playlist

    I see lots of issues with the recorded playlist but I don't see my specific problem. I have an HR24-100 in the living room and an H25-500 in the bedroom. Whole house is turned on. Sometime around March this year, show...
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  • Genie and Autotune

    I just upgraded my home DVR from to a Genie system, we had two TV's one a DVR and one just an HD receiver. The HD receiver had auto tune on it which was a great feature for watching TV. I have found out here (on this ...
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  • Whole home DVR not recording first run episodes

    Up until Monday of this week, my whole home DVR was working properly.  I went to watch Sleepy Hollow from Monday and I noticed it was not recorded, as well as The Blacklist, and a few other shows from Monday nigh...
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  • Upcoming DVR queue

    I'm new to DirecTV and am amazed, unless I'm missing something, that there's no way to see what's in queue to record.  On uVerse I used this feature to fix any upcoming conflicts and see what in queue to watch th...
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  • Genie won't connect to WiFi

    At this point I'm stumped as to why my whole home DVR refuses to connect to my wireless network.  I recently upgraded all of my networking equipment and as part of the process I've created three SSID's on differe...
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  • List Sort being done incorrectly.....

    Since the latest sortware upgrade to the HR 34-700, my list of recorded programs doesn't sort in "oldest first" correctly.  Within a series, NCIS, the individual shows are sorted oldest last.  Single show se...
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  • latest update broke playlist sort?

    I got an update 2 days ago and since then, I can't change the order of the playlist between oldest and newest.  It's always newest first in the list. Anyone else see this problem?
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  • All of a sudden, get "DVR Playlist is already in use"

    I recently changed the output resolution of one of my HD receivers to disable any resolution over 720P, because it is connected to a computer video capture device that can't handle 1080i. Since doing that, I get the m...
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  • Genie recordings randomly black out.

    My recordings randomly black out for a second or 2 throughout the programs.  So far, this has only happened on my recordings, not live TV, and it seems to only happen when I am watching a recording that is curren...
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  • Which model is newer and has more capability - HR44NC-200 or HR44-700?

    My HR44-700 was recently replaced under my Protection Plan. The replacement mailed to me was an HR44NC-200. To me, it seems the numbering indicates I got an older, less capable unit. Any takers on answering this? Than...
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  • System won't let me reply to anything. How do I contact System Admin?

    System won't let me reply to anything. How do I contact System Admin?
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  • Dead HR24 being replaced by Genie system?

    Have an HR24 that just died today (14-610 error & won't go past BSOD). Called DTV for possible replacement to the DVR and they wanted to upgrade me to the Genie so went ahead with that. Here is what they are sendi...
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