• Do I need the SWM, DECA and BBC on my HR24-500 HD DVR

    I just replaced an old HR20 HD DVR with a HR24-500 HD DVR. Do I need to use the SWM, DECA and BBC to make my whole home service to work? The CSR said I don’t but it does not work. I am looking for any suggestion...
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  • Problem with replying to forum

    For the past several days I've been unable to respond to my original post or the two replies received. After typing the text and clicking submit a red banner appears across the bottom of the window: "Your content...
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  • latest update broke playlist sort?

    I got an update 2 days ago and since then, I can't change the order of the playlist between oldest and newest.  It's always newest first in the list. Anyone else see this problem?
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  • Order of Playlist not displaying Oldest First

    Hi, on my new Genie that I got last month, I have changed the order of the playlist to Oldest First like I have for years. With this new Genie, it says Oldest First at the top but if I open up a folder with multiple s...
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  • List Sort being done incorrectly.....

    Since the latest sortware upgrade to the HR 34-700, my list of recorded programs doesn't sort in "oldest first" correctly.  Within a series, NCIS, the individual shows are sorted oldest last.  Single show se...
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  • What do I need to upgrade to Genie HD DVR?

    I am interested in upgrading my equipment to the Genie HD DVR with one Genie mini.  I have an internet connection where the Genie DVR will be located.  Do I need internet capability where the mini is install...
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  • Receiver disconnecting from whole home

    I am getting a lot of "this receiver has become disconnected from the home network. Please check your connections " lately when watching recorded shows on either my hr24, my mini, or stand alone hd receiver. These sho...
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  • Search options...

    I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this but here goes.   I have the HR44 and mini.  What I would 'like' to happen is have the Guide channels have an option for Genre listings.   For exa...
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  • HR44 freezing at end of commercials ONLY.

    My HR44 Genie DVR is freezing frequently. It is *ALWAYS and ONLY* at the end of a commercial in live TV. Once it freezes, it stays there, unless I reverse a few seconds, then fast forward past the final frame of the c...
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  • "Playback failed. No audio/video data packets received from server"

    There is another discussion with this title from 2011 but it seems to be closed.   I just wanted to warn people that this is still a problem occasionally and the solution in that discussion (reset both recei...
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  • Genie set to record First Run also recording repeats

    For the last 8 years or so I have always set my DIRECTV DVR's to record First Run and they have only always recorded First Run, never repeats ever. Ever. Not once. The moment I got the new Genie last month, the same s...
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  • Number of streams?

    Hello,   I have a quick question. Im currently with ATT U Verse TV and there is a limit on the number of active streams. At our home, we can have 4 HD streams going.. so if someone attempts to record in HD when ...
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  • Losing Audio

    Here's a weird one with one of my Genie clients....  After viewing a recorded program on my list, I lose the audio when I return to live TV.   I can resolve by changing the channel and then returning to...
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  • Deleted Episodes get re-recorded with season option

    Using the record season option, deleted episodes get re-recorded.  How do I prevent this?ser
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  • Can not post

    Why am I getting a "Unable Post At This Time" message when I try to post a new discussion?   Funny I can make  this post but my request for information is not allowed.  Oh well guess it is just another...
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  • Question about 4k upgrade

    MY question is what needs to happen to upgrade to 4k.I now have 1Genie hr34 as the primary and1 dvr hr22. Plus  CCK for my internet connected to its own coax cable for my whole-home system. I would like the 4k TV...
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  • RVU Resolution

    I have a Samsung Smart TV set as an RVU client to a Genie receiver and the resolution on the client doesn't seem to be 1080. Where can I adjust the resolution coming in to the client TV? I am using the Samsung remote ...
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  • Wiring a new mancave

    Two buildings, one is being built and not connected to first building. Not sure how to get satellite to new building. New dish? Long lines from old to new (75feet or so), and if this option, wires overhead or undergro...
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  • "Intel inside" graphic on screen and have to change channel to get out of it.

    This happens most often on channel 245   Any one else see this on there tv?
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  • Genie DVR for 4K TVs?

    I have a whole home system with 5 dvrs (can record 10 programs at once) and 4 other receivers on a SWM-16. I'm looking at replacing one of the TVs with a Samsung SUHD 4K TV. I understand that I will require a Genie re...
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