• several series stopped recording for no reason

    I was recording several programs on MSNBC and they stopped recording last week.  Today I set up 1 time recording for these shows and they did not record.  I tried to set up the series again, with no luck.&nb...
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  • Illegible text in menus on Genie Mini

    Every few days my Genie minis text becomes illegible.  The only way I've found to fix it is to reset the main Genie receiver, resetting the mini's doesn't help at all. Everything else seems fine, tv looks good, i...
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  • DVR keeps defaulting to record a series from a channel we don't have access to!

    We're specifically trying to record upcoming episodes of Under the Dome on our local CBS channel, 10. The series is set to record from that specific channel, according to the Series Manager. In fact, future episodes s...
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  • Can not post

    Why am I getting a "Unable Post At This Time" message when I try to post a new discussion?   Funny I can make  this post but my request for information is not allowed.  Oh well guess it is just another...
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  • Rewinded show was cut off at the end.

    So my girlfriend was watching a show and it had the rewind arrow on it, so she rewinded it back to the beginning. Then when the movie was almost over it stopped playing and told her that the streaming was done hit ok ...
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  • Genie Mini Freezes When Clicking On List

    Last weekend my Genie Mini would freeze when I clicked on list for my DVR.  I got a new Genie Mini, but it does the same thing, freezes.  Anybody know what the issue could be?
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  • Connected Home Adapter (DCA2SR1-01)

    I have a Genie with 3 mini-genies and an additional separate HD-DVR.   A couple of weeks ago we were having a new floor put in so I had to disconnect the main Genie box and all it's wiring and leave it disconnec...
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  • Whole Home DVR not working

    I recently subscribed to WHDVR service on Tuesday, August 11.  After doing all the resets(RBR, Menu reset), the service didn't work.  I was not able to see any shows shared on either of my DVRs after setting...
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  • Genies not working after losing internet connection

    I lost my internet connection last night. After much hassle, I finally got it reconnected but now only the main Genie in my living room is working, not the 2 in the bedrooms. How do I fix this? Don't want to have to c...
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  • New router - Genie can't forget old router

    I recently switched from my modem/router combo from CenturyLink to making that just a modem and connecting a D-Link DIR-826L router. I didn't change the password or SSID so that all of my computers, phones, and tablet...
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  • Deca Broadband no signal !

    I just started having problems with my Deca Broadband adapter not getting a network signal. I have reset or unplugged the deca adapter, the swm dish power inserter and 3 of the dvrs, as well as my router several times...
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  • Genie Clients not connecting...internet related?

    I have 1 Genie with 2 mini-clients. The system is hardwired to the internet via a DECA running to a wireless router. For the last couple of weeks, the two clients are constantly losing the connection and saying "Serve...
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  • How can I connect a genie wireless mini to a TV coax input?

    Have several non-hd tv's, want to convert to genie wireless
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  • Separate Playlists in Whole-Home Setup

    I'll try to make this as clear as possible. We have 5 Televisions in our Home. One is connected to a Genie (HR44), one is connected to a Genie Mini (C31), and three to HD-DVRs (one HR24; two HR22) These are all connec...
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  • Genie & 4 clients

    First I would like to thank all the good people who take the time to help and try to answer our questions. I have the Genie and 4 clients. I understand that you can record 5 different programs at one time. What is not...
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  • Problems with Genie and Series Record

    IIn another thread in this forum someone reported a new problem where Genie was failing to record series when requested. I wasn't able to answer in that thread so I'm starting a new one. The advice given in that threa...
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  • Please wait while the video is buffering

    I am new to DirectTV and decided to watch my first movie on Starz. After the first 6 minutes I started getting a message that I was supposed to "Please wait while the video is buffering" (no error code). This started ...
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  • Genie recording shows I didn't set...

    My genie appears to be guessing at shows I might like, and recording them without direction.   I'm tired of deleting "shed wars" and "sheep shape".   Tech support tells me the only fix is to reset the box ...
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  • Weak HDMI output from DVR?

    Hi   I recently purchased a home that is wired with CAT5 or CAT6 for HDMI extension from receiver to TV.   Connecting the DirectTV Genie with the TV, using a high quality HDMI extender (from SIIG) resulted...
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  • Wireless Connection for H21-200

    I have my current Whole Home System setup as follows: 2 DVRs and a H21-200 all hardwired with Ethernet cables to my Uverse Modem/wireless on older Non SWM Dish setup. I want to move my H21-200 to a room without a Ethe...
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