• Connectiion lost to other DVRs in Whole Home

    The last few months this seems to keep happening and in different rooms can see some TV's and other rooms can't. Today I noticed that this seems to be happening around the time the system gets updates but I haven't f...
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  • latest update broke playlist sort?

    I got an update 2 days ago and since then, I can't change the order of the playlist between oldest and newest.  It's always newest first in the list. Anyone else see this problem?
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  • My old system would put a K besides shows recorded on the Den, New Genie does not.

    Just upgraded to Genie. My old system would put a K besides shows recorded on the Den. Scrolling down the list we could tell if the Den or LivingRM recorded it. Since upgrading to Genie it does not. Not sure if I did ...
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  • When does Directv plan on fixing this problem?

    I have called technical "support" countless times in the last three weeks to a month and although I was told this problem is occurring system wide that they have no date when it will be fixed, no replacements of equip...
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  • HD Reciever isn't fully working

    I have a dvr and 2 hd receivers and one connects to the dvr and one does not. I can't look at recordings or record anything and don't have all the channels. I have tried resetting all of them multiple times, I went on...
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  • Black screen freezing after genie replacement I'm ******

    A tech came out to help trouble shoot my mini genie and found issues with my main genie, I never had a problem with, now with a brand new one (which I didn't want!) I can't watch TV live or recorded for more than 30-4...
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  • Considering Upgrading to Genie System

    Hi. New to this forum. My current set-up is three HR24-500's with the whole home DVR setup. Last month they had to replace one of them and they put in the old HR22-100. I called and complained that it reacts way too ...
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  • shared wifi

    I went to a service call the other day for a customer that was having issues with her playlist on hr44. She shared her wifi with a neighbor who also had directv dvrs. The could see each others Playlist. They both ha...
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  • status update?

    Apples and watermelons! I got an email indicating I needed to update my status. There is no indication of what that means or what is required or expected. No info on HELP. Any idea of what is wanted or required? I sti...
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  • Limiting Recording?

    How can you prevent a wireless genie from being able to record? My kids don't need to be recording anything but my living room needs to be able to. I also don't want them to be able to watch anything we've recorded. G...
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  • My two TV's won't sync

    I just got the Genie HD hooked in my apartment. I have the main Genie connected to the TV in the living room and the Genie mini hooked up to the TV in the bedroom. When my wife and I are watching the same channel in b...
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  • Genie freezing

    My Genie unit freezes up almost daily and many times within watch one show. I have reset the unit, powered off the unit but this continues to happen. I pay for the support so I would think they should replace the unit...
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  • How many decas do I need on a whole home system?

    Just had whole home activated, and though I have HR20, HR23 and HR24, I can't get it to work. If I need to get a deca which do I connect it to? and how many do I need?   thanks in advance
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  • Samsung Smart Remote won't work with DTV box in my area?

    Trying to set up my new tv/dvr/soundbar to use one Smart Remote - all are Samsung, all are new, and I'm led to believe I should be able to use the IR Extender (IR Out on TV, IR In on Set Box) to use the one remote for...
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  • Seeing neighbors DVR and recordings? (MDU setup)

    We just recently had DTV installed in our condo which is part of an MDU installation and have run into an odd situation.  In addition to having whole-home DVR, it appears we are able to see the DVR of one of our ...
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  • Cheapest way to get third TV hooked up (Samsung DirecTV ready)

    I currently have two TVs hooked up with DirecTV; one via the main DVR box and one with the Wireless Genie Mini.  I have a third TV that is DirecTV-ready (Samsung SmartTV 2014 line) not hooked up.  I live by ...
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  • Whole home DVR issues

    Hi, I have had a lot of difficulty with 2 mini clients constantly losing signal.  I recently had a service call, and the tech replaced all of the old cable which did not help.  Another service call was sched...
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  • Is it possible to upgrade a Winegard Traveler HD antenna to work with the Genie and what is approximate cost to do so?

    Is it possible to upgrade a Winegard Traveler HD dish to work with the Genie?  Do you know approximate cost if it is possible.  Answer from Directv was to buy a KVH satellite dish.  I don't need the Gen...
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  • component vs hdmi

    Same set-up for 2yrs+, suddenly my screen reads must use component instead of HDMI to be able to view ? this happens on some  programs I have DVDd and the premium HBO STARZ etc. It only does it on the LG  TV...
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  • Intermittent yellow on CCK for Coaxial Network

    My SWiM based CCK, connected to an HR24, has recently begun to intermittently light yellow at Coaxial Network. Connections are solid. I have internet connectivity. Recorded shows stall and drop audio when viewing on T...
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