• GENI DVR Problems

    Anyone having any issues with the GENI HD DVR not recording first run shows? My family is getting pretty upset that the DVR is unreliable. Before I go Hulk on it....any suggestions?
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  • hr44-500 over balans

    Hello Guys,   I have a small issue. I have a HR44-500 that work perfectly when connected directly to Samsung 7100 series TV vis HDMI. I'm in the process of a new AV setup I would like to relocate the receiver so...
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  • is c41-500 capabile of 5 ghz?

    want to move some traffic to new dual band router.  But I cannot find any specs for this 'advanced whole home client"
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  • Whole-Home and wired internet with one DECA, what actual traffic to the internet?

    I've recently upgraded my system to:   HR44-500 C41-500 HR24-200   All connected via just coax to a SWM8 with Whole-Home DVR working great.   My searching of the forums only conclusive finding was ...
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  • DVR not recording whole show?

    My DVR occasionally does not record the whole scheduled show. Happens mostly with Snapped, Fast & Loud and most recently, American Horror Story. AHS said it was 1:23 and my DVR recorded 56 minutes. it shows 1:23 o...
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  • Does the DT remote work with RVU?

    I have the Samsung UN32F6300AFXZA with RVU. Does anyone know if I can use the RC71 remote or do I have to use the Samsung remote. I hope the DirecTV remote is supported because the Samsung remote does not have the lis...
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  • Recording interrupted by LR?

    Please help me, I am a new Directv customer and I think my wife is going to kill me or switching We have the Genie system with 1 mini genie in the master bedroom. Lately the DVR has been recording partial episodes of...
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  • Internet Outage/Searching for Satellite

      Good morning, all. I have come to these forums many times and have found success solving issues.  While my current issue is resolved I have questions for which I hope I can find answers here.   &nb...
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  • Whole home needs

    Have the whole home system..HR23-700 has the CCK...HR21-100 has a deca and HR24-500 which I recently found out has built in DECA... Here is my question...If I eliminate the HR23-700,  can I also eliminate the CC...
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  • Whole-home & wired internet

    I just got a HR44-500 Genie to replace an older receiver in my living room and I have an existing HR21-200 in the bedroom. Before, I had the DVR in the living room connected to the internet via ethernet and connected ...
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  • Whole Home stalling in playback

    Have the whole home system..HR23-700 has the CCK...HR21-100 has a deca and HR24-500 is connected directly into router (no Deca). When playing a football game or show recorded on the HR24-500, on the other receivers (...
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  • Genie mini Pause/Play button skips ahead a second

    Just upgraded to Genie Whole Home System from individual DVRs. With the minis (not sure about the master), when you press Pause then Play (same button, I know), the show resumes, but skips ahead about one second. This...
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  • internet connection

    My HR23-700 has a hardwired internet connection, it keeps dropping the connection. Any ideas??
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  • whole home during issues

    I just got a new hr44 receiver and activated whole home dvr service. My other receiver is a hr23. I was told when I did the upgrade that everything should work. But the hr23 isn't connecting. I don't have the hr23 con...
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  • Genie doesn't switch from blacked out channel

    Hi, I just got Genie. Tried to record a game and found out that unlike old HD DVR it didn't automatically switched from blacked out channel to the channel where that game was shown. How come Genie, which is supposed...
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  • HR34 Sound Problems

    My HR 34 received an update on Oct 1, 2014, and now my sound drops out, or lowers in volume when watching shows. I play sound through an AV receiver. I replaced the AV receiver thinking that was the problem, but same ...
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  • Unable to get Whole Home working

    Good Morning - New to the forums. I have done some searching and I am unable to find the answer I am needing.   My Equipment: HR44-200 - HR21-100  Frontier DSL (With router)  Belkin Router that has be...
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  • Solution to NOT lose recordings when upgrading to Genie?

    I was told several years back when Genie first hit the streets that you could get external drives for my existing DVR's which would allow me to move existing DVR programs OFF the receiver for importing to a Genie.&nbs...
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  • Whole Home not recognizing receivers

    Yesterday my Whole Home set up was working fine. Today it shows no other receivers are connected. I have made no changes to anything what so ever. How does this happen? Now I am having to figure out how to get everyth...
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  • Trouble accesing recorded programs on genie solved

    I have had whole home installed since it was in beta testing and recently I was not able to view recorded programs from My HDDVR with my Genie Clients (2) I tried everything possible and the last thing I did was to re...
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