• Landlord dish removal

    I own a building. A renter signed a DirecTV contract, which included installing a dish.   The renter did NOT have my approval to install a dish, neither written nor verbal.   I contend that DirecTV is resp...
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  • Still like directv2pc better than GenieGo

    No matter how often I try, directv2pc always performs better than GenieGo, especially for in home viewing.  Better quality, no stuttering, no lockups.  Is there any hope for the future?  I'm not sure if...
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  • Error : Unable to retrieve configuration.

    I love to use my Directv for tablets mobile app to manage my account and play around with my receivers.  I only use the Android version of the mobile app, and before recently it had been working very good.  ...
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  • Connecting OTA antenna to HR34 receiver.

    I have a HR34 receiver.  I would like to know how I could connect my OTA antenna directly to my receiver so that I can record my local channels and not have to pay for out of the area local channels.  Curren...
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  • Splice coax in attic to another room?

    Hi, Everyone.   I have a question about splitting coax in my attic to run another DTV signal to another room.   I currently have 2 DTV DVR's and have a line to my computer.   Downstairs living room I...
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  • RV installation question

    I've purchased an automatic satellite dish for my RV but I've just found out that the dish is only compatible with receivers model 24 and lower. My home receiver is a model HR44 so it wont work. Does anyone know which...
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  • Switching from Analog TV to LED

    I have an older Sony analog Tritron tv and a Directv Standard R16/300 receiver,slimline-3S (SWM) and I am going to purchase a non-smart LED tv. Do I need a Directv installer to get a HD DVR (HR-24)?
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  • Slow WiFi

    I noticed drastic reduction in the speed of my WiFi after the installation of  Genie Whole Home System HR44 and mini client I use to get 25 Mbps or so now only around 11mbps.  My router is located just outsi...
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  • How do I delete Recently Watched On Demand folder from my List

    It appeared out of nowhere 5 days ago.  I've never viewed anything on demand nor do I ever intend to.  But every time I go to my List to watch a recorded program, there it is in the number one position. ...
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  • Genie Recommends data usage

    (Similar situation to here for some background, except we're on AT&T DSL, not a Mifi: http://forums.directv.com/message/11196099#11196099) TL;DR version: Does the Genie Recommends feature preemptively download...
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  • Samsung (2014) RVU TV Setup

    I just purchased a Samsung TV with the built in RVU capability for DirectTV viewing (UN32H5500AFXZA). I was able to get it networked and set up correctly and as expected got it to the screen where it wanted a PIN from...
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  • Genie show times off

    Had the Genie 3-4 months.  As summer arrived, we started having trouble with recording.  I will do my best to explain the problem clearly. First, the problem seems to occur after a significant storm.  ...
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  • What do you recommend for an external hard drive for my genie?

    Hi!  I have a HR44/500 genie DTV DVR.  I had a Fantom Digital hooked up by eSATA cable and it stopped working.  It would freeze up my receiver and then totally erase itself and all my stored movies.&nbs...
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  • Why does EVERY On Demand Movie Buffer out to a point where it returns to LIVE TV instead of allowing me to watch the MOVIE?

    I have had my ISP test my speed and every time we test it the connection is FINE, bought 105 Mbps and getting 125+ Mbps on every test.  But I still have every DIRECTV On Demand Program Buffer to the point I have ...
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  • Stutter and audio cuts out in DIRECTV 4K UHD

      Have a new Samsung 4k UHD HU8550 and Genie 44 with RVU. The picture stutters and audio cuts in and out. Lots of pixeling. The remote is very slow changing channels. DTV has had 5 different techs work on the sys...
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  • 4K RVU stutter and audio cuts out

    Have a new Samsung 4k UHD HU8550 and Genie 44 with RVU. The picture stutters and audio cuts in and out. Lots of pixeling. The remote is very slow changing channels. DTV has had 5 different techs work on the system, at...
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  • DirecTV lack of Technology

    By the world having advance technology  you will think by now DirecTV would have all of the bugs and kinks worked out by of their system by now. I used to be a subscriber about 10 years ago, and I figure I will g...
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  • Frequent signal loss in Central Pennsylvania

    Howdy,   I just started using DIRECTV a few months ago after having used a Cable company for many years prior to switching.  I live in Central Pennsylvania and I made the switch just because DIRECTV carrie...
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  • Online streaming no longer works

    Over the past few days (it's 06/15/15), online streaming from Directv.com stopped working.  It was previously working on several Win7 PC's on Chrome 43 and IE 11.   After requesting a show, we were aske...
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  • Loss of Video/Audio when turning TV off

         A couple of months ago I upgraded to the H24/500 DVR - (I used a H23/700 DVR for years before that with no issues), DVR Software Version 0x994, SWM version 2.0.24, all my signal strengths are ...
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