• Tallahassee local CW (WTLF) channel HD - NOT in HD?

    My Tallahassee local CW (channel 24 WTLF) was recently finally added in HD after being in "Testing" status for almost 2 years. The problem is that nothing I've viewed so far is in HD.  Programs are showing in the...
  • GenieGO doesn't work on Oneplus One phone

    I recently purchased a OnePlus One phone and noticed that GenieGO does not work on the phone. I have it completely stock and unmodified in any way its an approved Google device and is officially supported. Home - On...
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  • On / Off Button

    I have a Genie DVR with a RC72 remote and a Mitsubishi TV model WS-311.  When I hit the Off Button it turns off the receiver and the TV, but the TV comes right back on.  The receiver remains off.  The O...
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  • Can't record live programs for an extended time

    Can't extend live programs on R22-100. Receiver has become very very slow in all aspects. Recording programs are missing parts. Recorded programs skip a lot, audio and video! I've attempted setting recording in the gu...
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  • Deleting programs from DVR when away from home

    Hi, just received the Genie Go.  I'm able to stream programs saved in my playlist on the DVR. After watching however, I can't figure out how to delete the program when away from home.   When I'm at the hous...
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  • On Demand multiple errors: channel not available, episodes not playing

    Put a call in to Directv customer service about these issues yesterday.  Would like to know when a solution becomes available.  (None was given yesterday but to wait for a software update.)   In any ca...
    created by gbye
  • Local Fox (WFXS) Only Broadcasts in SD

    I've been looking all over for answers to this but I can't figure it out. According to Directv, my local fox (WFXS, channel 55) is in HD. However, everything that is broadcasted is in SD. I understand that just becaus...
    created by sfochs
  • Replacing SD Reveiver

    I have an SD D-12 SD receiver in my shop that I take with us in the RV to use with my Carryout antenna and it works great... Now I am wishing that when the fish are biting I could record a game or event to watch durin...
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  • 30 Second SLIP feature feature changed by new software

    My HR 24 receiver started acting funny after Direct TV upgraded the software to version 0x8a6 on 8/12/14.  I used to be able to hit the 30 second SLIP button 6 times just as fast as I could to get past 3 minutes ...
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  • occasionally no sound on Genie mini

    I have a Genie mini that has occasionally no sound. We can change channels a couple times then the sound comes back. There is usually a high pitched tone we hear when the sound comes back. Vizio TV but we have 3 Vizio...
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  • SWIM lnb setup at camp

    Hello, I have a slimline dish with a swm LNB with one coaxial feed. I want to take this dish and my receiver HR21-200 to our camp for the wknd. Do I need a power inserter or a BBC to get a signal.  I'm not worrie...
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  • GameMix Full Screen on Computer

    Hi, Is there any way to get the game mix on Sunday Ticket To Go fullscreen?  This is the MAIN reason why i added this and if you cant get this to go full screen then that is embarrassing (especially considering ...
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  • DirecTV Technical Support No Help AGAIN!!!!!! Cannot Order PPV with valid Network Connection

    Last straw is to complain here an hope someone out there has the correct information.   This all began 2 years ago. I got the error 736 when trying to order a movie on demand. "Sorry you have no phone line conne...
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  • Is there REALLY no version of directv2pc for MAC users?

    I have a backlog of programs on my DVR so thought I would stream & download some of them to my IMAC. Amazed to find that the page for directv2pc lists only up to Windows 7, and no mention of MACs at all??? Up to ...
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  • online NFL game mix mode no fullscreen

    I have found a number of forums, posts, and blogs about people complaining about how the NFL Sunday ticket Max online game mix mode does not allow full screen viewing. As other posts have pointed out, the lack of full...
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  • Activate a Genie with low signal??

    I had a Genie upgrade scheduled, tech said he could not do it due to a low (app 60 - 70%) signal on a few transponders on 1 satt location. He said the receiver would "freeze up" and not completely activate.All other s...
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  • SD D12-700 rec. video size changes cliping picture

    I believe my D12 SD receiver is defective. when I go from channel 350 to 351 the picture is not clipped. When I go from channel 353 to 351 the picture is clipped . what this means is I cannot read the info displayed o...
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  • Locals on 119 Satellite

    My friend has a standard receiver just like I do and we both have a round 18 inch dish. We both go to the same campsite. He gets locals from his home but I don't. Anybody have a idea why?
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  • Genie Receiver Signal Drop Outs

    When watching recorded or delayed programs on a Genie receiver the screen will occasionally go blank for a few seconds, come back, go blank again, come back, etc. until I turn off the Genie and turn it back on.  ...
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  • PS4 Sunday Ticket Streaming Issues

    We're at Week 7 in the NFL season and Sunday Ticket on PS4 is still unwatchable due to the streaming issues. This is absolutely ridiculous and DIRECTV obviously has no intentions of fixing this problem, or responding ...
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