• DIRECTV2PC Could not connect to the internet

    So my PC (running Windows 7) passed all the tests in the tool so I went ahead and downloaded DIRECTV2PC. Now it keeps telling me that it could not connect to the internet. First I opened the 443 port as it said, which...
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  • Genie Go - Programs downloaded to PC will not play.

    Greetings,   No problem installing and setting up new Genie GO.  Successfully downloaded program from DVR (HR24) and can see mp4 file in target folder.  But it will not play.  The Genie GO player ...
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  • Peter Pan on NBC on Demand

    II've never seen this before and wonder whos' plate this would land.....   but anyone else noted the annoying audio pop on this program?   wish someone could reload it...lol
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  • HR21-200 w/ DECA Gen2 w/ Orange Light Blinking

    I have 3 recievers on system. HR21-200/H25-700/H24-700.   HR21-200 connected to router via Ethernet and via DECA Gen2....receiver says connected to internet but all tests fail...the slot on the router where I ha...
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  • I've got a "non-standard" installation

    Particular problem where I live is that I would have to put the dish on a pole in a field west of the house to clear trees.  This would be approximately 120' run.  I would also need the installer to run a ca...
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  • Quick fix for error code 771 on only one satellite

    So I believe I started getting this error code after a day or two of rain and wind (wasn't really that bad, in socal). The regular channels all work but the international channels have been getting the "error 771 on s...
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  • Multiple H25 Recievers Connect to Network

    I have a restaurant with 7 H25 Receivers in a rack. I customer wants to view the receivers through the DirecTV iPad app. He does not want DVR Service nor does he care about any of the DirecTV built in apps. He just wa...
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  • On/Off button on Genie remote not working.

    My Genie remote will not turn the receiver or TV on or off.  When I press either button a red light blinks once then a green light blinks four times.  All other functions on the remote are working correctly....
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  • Factory reset my RC72 remote control and now it won't connect in RF mode, therefor not working with my tv or audio receiver.

    Factory reset my RC72 remote control and now it won't connect in RF mode, therefor not working with my tv or audio receiver.  Hr44 700 genie receiver.  I have tried going through everything in the rf setup. ...
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  • 3 major issues

    I finally got my ISO provider to get the ports open to work with Genie go but I'm finding 3 major problems with it.   1. Inconsistent streaming. I get a msg that show can't be streamed at this time, try again l...
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  • scanning disk for storage device problem message

    I have read similar inquiries re this problem here, but see a suggestion that it is best to start a thread, so...   I watched the Today show early this a.m. and left the house at 8 a.m.  At 6 p.m. pushing "...
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  • Connecting a dvd recorder to genie mini. Can record video but no sound.  What are the correct connections and settings?

    Upgraded service to genie and a genie mini.  I have a panasonic dvd recorder connected to the genie mini.  I purchased the component cable to make the connection.  I can record video but there is no sou...
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  • H20 receiver has distorted analog output

    Some time ago any sat program we recorded on a stand-alone DVR had wavy lines and dark colors.  Previously, there was no problem.  We presumed it was the DVR that went bad.  Recent troubleshooting shows...
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  • HD Reciever isn't fully working

    I have a dvr and 2 hd receivers and one connects to the dvr and one does not. I can't look at recordings or record anything and don't have all the channels. I have tried resetting all of them multiple times, I went on...
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  • How to become a 2 Genie Tester

    I know DirecTV does not allow 2 Genies on the same account, but there are some lucky people out there that are testers that do have two on their account.  I am part of the second home program, where I can watch D...
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  • iPad App showing deleted shows on playlist

    The DirecTV iPad app is showing shows that have long since been deleted from my DVR playlist.  Has anyone seen this before?  This is a new issue that I had not seen before.
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  • The local CW in out for all DIRECTV subscribers in Savannah, GA

    It's been over a month that we have been receiving a technical difficulties notification when we go to the channel to view the CW in Savannah, Georgia.  I have contacted DIRECTV customer service and the office of...
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  • Black screen freezing after genie replacement I'm ******

    A tech came out to help trouble shoot my mini genie and found issues with my main genie, I never had a problem with, now with a brand new one (which I didn't want!) I can't watch TV live or recorded for more than 30-4...
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  • verizon bundle

    My phone company offers a bundle for phone/DSL/DirecTV.  It looks I could save some money if I go this route.  Has anyone here done this or knows something about it?  Will already being a DirecTV custom...
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  • Possible HDCP issue?

    I'm trying to set this software up on my main computer. Video starts to play for a few seconds then cuts off with an error message. I don't have the exact message in front of me (will post when I get home), but the wo...
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