• New Customer referal question

    I had a link on my old phone that i could log on to and look at my referrals for new customers to see if they were approved and I also could put the customers info and then the sales team would call them.  I had ...
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  • Adding a switch box between receiver and dvd player

    I only want to run one cable to my TV, which is mounted above the fireplace.  I purchased an HDMI switch box so that I can select between different devices, specifically my satellite receiver box and a dvd player...
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  • 9 tuner installation

    I have slimline dish, a swm SL3S LNB, a Directv 8-way Wide Band splitter, and a swm-16 multiswitch. I also have a R16-dvr receiver, a HR24 receiver and a HR34 Genie for a total of 9 tuners. Can I make this work or do ...
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  • RC71 Powering on/off Audio equipment code.

    Who remembers what the 3 digit code is to put in on the RC71 that will tell the remote to include audio equipment in the power up/down sequence?   So when a customer presses the on/off buttons on the RC71, it wi...
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  • QA procedure at your site?

    Just curious how the QA's are done at some of your particular sites. Do techs reroll? Who do the QA's answer to? Do the QA's run routes? How far behind do they check your work? Any info from QA's,Field Sup's or Techs ...
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  • Why would I have a link local address of 169.xxx.xxx.xx

    On my Main receiver I have this self assigned link local.  What is going on.  Why would i not have what my router from my isp puts out.  I don't want a link local address.  Is there any way to fix ...
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  • Does anybody else had a bad expericent with a technician??

    I recently switch my AT&T cable to Directv was because i've heard a lot of good things about it. on June 20th, i had a technician came over to instal a DVR in my room. ( i've totally forgot to ask his name, i was ...
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  • zipcodes2.xls

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  • Installation question

    I have a installation appointment scheduled already. I currently have Comcast. Do I need to have my Comcast services cancelled/disconnected before my DirecTV installation appointment?
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  • Recommendation and sugestions to potential DTV installer

    Hello, I have been part of this tech forum for a while and contribute helping out whenever I can,  I have also worked for DTV for years as a sales agent and consider myself very tech saavy, I am looking to move o...
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  • tips and tricks

    how can I get an extra copy of tips and trick for my new genie
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  • Why did the current come thru my HDMI cable, spark and burn up my TV?

    This is what I found out so far, I have a HDDVR and been using it since 2008, the other day I woke up and a breaker outside would not reset, I'm thinking maybe lighting strike. I tried it a few times and went in the h...
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  • Why does picture scramble briefly when changing channels?

    Genie HD equipment -  Recently the picture scrambles for a few seconds when switching to a new channel.  This happens on multiple TV's in the household,  and it is a recent occurrence.  Once the pi...
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  • Genie Directv box boots up into "G00-0 Box Details" mode?

    Hi all,   My main box (Genie, installed 2 months ago) was working normally until it 'stopped' tonight. Turned it back on and it booted into a "G00-0 Box Details" screen.   photo 1.JPG   I've tried re...
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  • photo 1.JPG

    Directv Genie box boots up into this screen each time;
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  • Channel / Satellite / Transponder List

    I am interested in finding out which Channels come from which Satellites and transponders. A full list would be great, but even some basic infor would be great. For the past 2 years I was under the impression that SD ...
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  • What's the max distance on an RG-6 run for signal loss?

    Used to install as Ind. Contractor doing Circuit City's installations.  So that's been a few minutes ago   I know the technology then would lose significant, or noticeable that is Db's of signal strength on ...
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  • FISST Link

    Can I access FISST from my PC to acknowledge my route before leaving home like I did with RIO? If so can someone send me the link?
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  • DirecTV online commercial account locked out -Help

    I'm reaching out because I could use some help. We were in the process of setting up an email and password for the DTV iPad app when our commercial account locked out after a few attempts to enter our account credenti...
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  • Unable to connect wireless

    I have a HR44-500 and belkin router and unable to connect wirelessly.  Authentication type is WPA-PSK + WPA2-PSK and encryption is TKIP.  I entered my security key which is only letters and numbers and it wo...
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