• avoiding power cables?

    I am installing my internal cable in my home. Is it worth the extra effort to avoid the electric cables running through the house, does it make a difference?
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  • Handhelds

    Hi everybody. Finally we switching from old handhelds. For those who already use samsungs notes:can I use galaxy tab 4 tablet?or it's got to be one of notes only? Thanks  
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  • Can't keep quite any more!

    I am so sick of the two faced policies of DTV and Mastec. I am tired of constantly being charged back for SIN30/90 because of faulty equipment. At least 4 to 5 times a month I get a SIN30 charge-back because someones ...
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  • Service cancellation questions

    I don't really know which forum to put this in, so if it needs to be moved, please do so.   I've been with DirecTV for a little over a year.  I have 7 or 8 months left on my contract.  I'm thinking of...
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  • Discounts

    Fellow Installer Here. My HR department can't seem to help me, but is anyone aware of some sort of list of products / Stores that we as DirecTV installers can get discounts at?  Rental cars, hotels, clothing, etc???
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  • phone land line still needed?

    I have a Genie receiver as well as an HD DVR receiver.  I am considering disconnecting my land line and need to know if this will cause any unpleasant  issues with my DirecTV service.  I do have a wired...
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  • What is the proceedure for forcing my HR34-700 reciever to do a software download

    I used to know the proceedure but have since forgot it could someone help me with this? PLEASE
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  • for O&O

    For O&O offices Are there still hourly Service call only techs in your office? If so, what locations.   Thanks
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  • How accurate are those smart phone apps for determining LOS?

    I have the free one from Norsat - Satellite Locator   I also wanted to ask what feature(s) of the phones tech do they use? Do different phone models, or a weak cell reception have any bearing on the results? &n...
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  • no sound with new genie

    just installed a new Genie, I have a LG TV using an HDMI cable from Genie to TV and I have no sound.   I have changed the HDMI cable, checked to make sure my TV is working by changing inputs and using antenna &n...
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  • Installation issues?  Need commercial or "contract" installer?

    I asked this on the "service and installation" forum but got no helpful answers and one answer that said I should have had a commercial installer so trying again here.  Thanks for any help anyone can give!  ...
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  • Why does my H25 have better resolution than my HR44?

    I know that they are both set to 1080 i/p original format, but the IRD KA/KU gives such a noticeably more vibrant and sharper picture on the same LED 3D TV that the IRD ADVANCED SERVER is connected to. What gives?
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  • Genie knocking out my phone line????

    My new Genie receiver was installed yesterday and it is knocking out my phone line whenever I connect it. I really like seeing the CallerID on my TV and would like to reconnect and have it working? Are there any simpl...
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  • Cannot connect DVR to internet with Charter Spectrum cable modem

    Hi Folks,  I have Charter for my ISP.  They are upgrading my area with Charter Spectrum and have forced me to change modems.  Ever  since, I cannot connect to the internet through my wireless route...
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  • some channels 771 searching for signal

    I have an old (4 yrs old) HD receiver.  Some channels come in fine, some give an error "771 searching for satellite signal".   Along the line i have (3) coax-to-coax connections....   Would these (3) ...
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  • 4 Devices(3 Receivers in RF) on one Remote

    I have 3 sony tvs, 3 receivers all with RF capabilities setup by the rep on three separate remotes and one Sony Home Theater System receiver. I just added the 2 smaller tvs and 2 extra receivers yesterday. But the rep...
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  • Is there a single location to get a list of the DTV approved RG6 Connectors (with compressed and uncompressed lengths)and F Terminators.

    I am looking to find the lengths of compressed and uncompressed lengths of RG6 connectors just as a double check to verify they are compressed correctly. Also, a place for F terminators, as I believe that there coul...
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  • Does anybody else had a bad expericent with a technician??

    I recently switch my AT&T cable to Directv was because i've heard a lot of good things about it. on June 20th, i had a technician came over to instal a DVR in my room. ( i've totally forgot to ask his name, i was ...
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  • can someone help with error code 771 on a genie reciever

    i have an error code 771 on most of my HD channels ...checked the alignment on the dish no problems there ...ran a system check and have a few "0" in some places
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  • Help getting signatures from Note 3

    Hello,        I'm a sub in New Jersey and DirectSat has given all their inhouse techs Note 3 to replace their handhelds.  I activate a note 3 several months ago when they told us that in...
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