• The local CW in out for all DIRECTV subscribers in Savannah, GA

    It's been over a month that we have been receiving a technical difficulties notification when we go to the channel to view the CW in Savannah, Georgia.  I have contacted DIRECTV customer service and the office of...
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  • AIM Troubleshooting

    This is not what the title would suggest.  I'm running into some issues with AIM's shutting down after a few minutes of troubleshooting and providing the error prompt "The AIM has experienced a crash. Shutting do...
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  • New genie HR44/500, wifi, wireless mac filter

    I got a new install yesterday of a HR44NC-500.  I tried various permutations of  using my Cisco Valet Plus (M20) which is at the latest revision of software for that hardware.  Would not work.  It ...
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  • Handshake Troubleshooting

    A tech ran into 75' HDMI (cat5, repeater) between his HR44-700 and new Samsung Smart TV and has no a/v aside from the initial "Welcome" screen.  This is not the case for the C41 in the same rack which works perfe...
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  • Mixing whole home receivers

    I currently have whole home active at my residence.  My system has 2 HR24's and a HR44 with one client.  My friend at the lake also has whole home.  If I take one of my HR24's to the lake, will it conne...
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  • Rear LED's on Clients

    Can the LED's present on the back of the Clients be used as indicators of damaged equipment?  A few of our service techs are taking notice of a pattern in which LED's (flashing vs. solid) resemble that of a surge...
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  • What's your preferred troubleshooting method for TV/STB voltage leakage?

    I've heard and seen many.  What do you use?
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  • Is anyone here actually happy with the drip routing system?

    We were told that it would route in a 35 mile radius and that the faster and harder we worked the more jobs and money we could make. So far this has NOT happened. My first job is routinely 40+ miles from home (as are ...
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  • We are using our HR34-700 DVR in our RV and need to connect to a Round Dish Dual Element LNB. Have tried direct connect of RG59 cable to DVR and tried using SWM P121R2-16 neither method has worked. What am I doing wrong? HELP Please.o

    We are using our HR34-700 DVR in our RV and need to connect to a Round Dish Dual Element LNB. Have tried direct connect of RG59 cable to DVR and tried using SWM P121R2-16 neither method has worked. What am I doing wro...
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  • RIO tech notes

    hi! i'm from the call center and i'm just wondering, do you (techs) use RIO, too? under "tech instructions" tab, can you see the notes that reps put there? and under the "alternate number" tab, do you also see the a...
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  • Looking for the FSDS App

    Can anyone send me the app for the Samsung Notes?   Thanks
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  • Appointment time frame

    As a technician we are expected to arrive during appointment time frame as it should be. But it is curious how after 2 hours of labor & it is still during the appointment time frame a customer can choose to cancel...
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  • Client Registration

    I had two interesting conversations with ISS after a technician got stuck upgrading 3 C31's to 4 C41W's.  One suggested that the mac filter was jammed up in the WVB and the other suggested the same, but in the HR...
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  • New Genie Installation...

    Okay, I was excited about this.   Called today to order a new Genie DVR & 1 wireless mini for installation.  We currently have 2 HD receivers with an HD satellite.  I was advised that they would n...
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  • Upgrading receiver and dish

    Am swapping out an old HD receiver and dish for a HR24-100 HD DVR and a swm dish.  Have set the new dish in the same spot as the old dish was.  After entering lat/long, was given coordinates way off from whe...
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  • Genie receiver installation

    How many cables are required for the installation of the Genie receiver?
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  • FISST Link

    Can I access FISST from my PC to acknowledge my route before leaving home like I did with RIO? If so can someone send me the link?
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  • do I need to have coxial cable and phone line connected to genie

    I have my tv setup using Genie wireless so I can move the tv anywhere in the room and not have to be connected to a coaxial cable, but I keep getting a message on the screen to hook up my tv to the internet to fully u...
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  • HSP account

    How long does it take before ur hsp is approved? Iv had my paper work in for over a month.                     &...
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  • Compatibility of SWM dish and H21 receiver with standard def signal

    Hi, I am attempting to add a H21 box to my existing SWM (dish model SL5S?) and have been getting conflicting answers of it's compatibality.  I was told by a tech that any D12 or D16 boxes would work as well as an...
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