• Element TV

    I had an install with a new tv that they bought at walmart, Brand name Element The name is not listed in the remote code book and I couldn't get a response out of the tv doing a code search ie mute/select 991 1 ^^^^^^...
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  • DIRECTV SD Receiver D12-100 to Sony Trinitron WEGA KV-30HS420

    After much of my own research, I have still not found an adequate solution for my problem. I found one of the rare CRT HDTV's at a thrift store recently. I purchased it thinking it would be the perfect solution to a h...
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  • Coax distance allowable for a Client from a Genie???

    This Monday morning I have an installation I’m doing at a local Sam’s Club. (It is an extremely large warehouse-style retail store.) Anyway, I will be putting a non-pen on the roof, running 1 line down fro...
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  • Redmere technology

    My 40 foot standard HDMI cable broke at the tip when moving my TV.  I tried to replace with Select the Active Series High Speed HDMI Cable with RedMere® Technology, 50ft.  The same Directv installers tri...
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  • When going on a 771 call, and the dish is not aligned, how much out of alignment is it usually? or how much off would it be to trigger a diag. code of 43?

    just out of curiosity really, i know a few people who have had to have techs come out for 771's. how sturdy are those dishes? is there any wiggle room at all?
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  • How do I program Remote RC65 to Yamaha sound bar YAS 93?

    I was able to program Remote RC65 to Yamaha sound bar YAS 93 for Mute but not ON/OFF and VOLUME + (PLUS) - (MINUS). IT WOULD BE HELPFUL TO HAVE ALL STEPS SO I CAN USE ONLY THE REMOTE RC65 FOR ALL SOUND BAR FUNCTIONS. ...
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  • Seeking fiber converters

    I'm an engineer working on a client's planned new residence. Because of terrain, any dish will be 1200+ ft away from the house. Since we're running fiber to that location already, for the Internet dish, I'd rather ru...
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  • Aim Meter Freeze when updating

    Hi, I was updating my AIM application and database. and when it reboot it freezed on the Directv logo and it is not doing anything. I left it for more the three hours and nothing happens. any idea what could I do?
    created by hamdan97
  • Techs signed me up twice without my permission

    Watch out for Direct TV installation/repair techs. They have signed me up twice for the DTV protection plan without my permission. These reps make a commission on each person they sign up. DTV is hoping you will not l...
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  • Recent issues with SNR...

    Before I get into my explanation let me start by saying that I was taught the correct way to dither a dish and although I have only been a technician for about six months, I am consistently in the top 20 in terms of n...
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  • Installing on rail at apartments

    I picked an apartment facing south. Tech came, tested the signal, said he had a clear line of sight. Then went to the leasing office and came back and said he was denied permission to install. I pointed at at leas...
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  • HR 24 playlist

    I have  44 and a 24 and my Playlist on my 24 is empty but the hard drive is 40% full   I can see the recordings on the 44 that are stored on the 24   But when I view the list on the 24 nothing shows...
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  • Ran across this issue on a service call..

    Somehow customer had an hr24 on an 18 inch dish. I know this is not protocol but.. Tested whole system and says it's fine but the 24 continues to fail to record certain shows. Settings were set to hide hd channels. Wh...
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  • Travel Trailer and Direct TV

    Here is what we have.  We have a travel trailer that has the TV and Satellite hook ups on the back of the trailer.  We have also bought the Winegard GM-2035 White Carryout G2 Automatic Portable Satellite T...
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  • Is the Genie HD DVR hardwired or wireless

    Is the genie HD DVR hardwired to every individual tv or is it wireless. my current dvr is hardwired.
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  • Where can I get something in writing stating that DirecTV will not install into facia board?

    My HOA allows for installation ONLY into the FACIA BOARD.    I was given that requirement in writing AFTER my dish was installed into the  stucco covered chimney.   The association has mandated ...
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  • Installer Newbie- work boots

    What are some good examples of approved work boots that "grip ladders"?
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  • Can I use an 18" dish with a model H25-100 receiver?

    Can I use an 18" dish with a model #H25-100 receiver? I have 96 to 100 % signal strength. If so how do I get my receiver working. When I hook up my receiver it shows no signal?
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  • Help  with 4K UHD

    I have a Genie HD DVR HR34-700 receiver, a new Samsung UN65JU6700 UHD TV, and DSL, with an internet speed of 10Mbps. Do I have everything I need to enjoy Directv UHD programming. I was told that my new Samsung tv woul...
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  • AIM Troubleshooting

    This is not what the title would suggest.  I'm running into some issues with AIM's shutting down after a few minutes of troubleshooting and providing the error prompt "The AIM has experienced a crash. Shutting do...
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