• Compatibility of SWM dish and H21 receiver with standard def signal

    Hi, I am attempting to add a H21 box to my existing SWM (dish model SL5S?) and have been getting conflicting answers of it's compatibality.  I was told by a tech that any D12 or D16 boxes would work as well as an...
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  • Client Registration

    I had two interesting conversations with ISS after a technician got stuck upgrading 3 C31's to 4 C41W's.  One suggested that the mac filter was jammed up in the WVB and the other suggested the same, but in the HR...
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  • Too many locations

    Hello,   I just had Direct TV installed in my apartment today with one HD DVR box and one mini genie for the second TV. The main box and TV are working just fine, but the screen on the second TV says that there ...
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  • How do I tailgate w/ a wireless box? There is no coaxle cable to hook to box from satalite.?

    How do I tailgate w/ a wireless box? There is no coacle cable to hook up to box from sat.
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  • now that channel 1 is gone how do we clear the n ram ???

    now without channel one how are we going to clear n ram red red blue blue yellow green doesn't work anymore ??
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  • slimline to winegard dm4600 crankup satellite

    I Have a winegard dm4600 crankup satellite on my motorhome that does not work I guess it is the LNB, I also have a slimline swm3 can the two systems be married together to create a working satellite or should I keep t...
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  • Is anyone here actually happy with the drip routing system?

    We were told that it would route in a 35 mile radius and that the faster and harder we worked the more jobs and money we could make. So far this has NOT happened. My first job is routinely 40+ miles from home (as are ...
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  • Multiple H25 Recievers Connect to Network

    I have a restaurant with 7 H25 Receivers in a rack. I customer wants to view the receivers through the DirecTV iPad app. He does not want DVR Service nor does he care about any of the DirecTV built in apps. He just wa...
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  • Poor dish locate.

    My old DIRECTV dish was mounted perfectly on west gable wall with dish aimed south. With my new service, less than a month old, installer claimed new dish can't go there and put it under eave on south wall (I wasn't h...
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  • Ongoing problems w/ESPNU signal pixellation

    For about the last month, I've had ongoing issues every time I watch ESPNU where about every 10 minutes or so, I get brief pixellation.  I do not lose sound, just picture very quickly.  I don't understand wh...
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  • Series recording cannot be watched simultaneously on genie and genie mini..

    What would cause this? It's SL3 connected to 16 channel multi switch.
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  • How do I change the audio output settings on the Genie HD DVR HR44-500

    I have a Sony KDL48R470B TV.  I have it connected to the Genie HD DVR HR44-500 via HDMI.  Every time I turn on the TV/Genie, I get the following error message on the TV (it is a TV error, not Genie error): U...
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  • The local CW in out for all DIRECTV subscribers in Savannah, GA

    It's been over a month that we have been receiving a technical difficulties notification when we go to the channel to view the CW in Savannah, Georgia.  I have contacted DIRECTV customer service and the office of...
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  • How to power inline amp for one single (long) run out of 12?

    Setup is a SWM16 into two 8-ways, all runs (except one) on both splitters are under 150 ft and work fine for video and ethernet. The problem child is 200+ ft and, naturally, line loss puts it right between acceptable ...
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  • Premium Trial

    I just had my DIRECTV installed and the installer said that we were to receive a 3 month premium trial with our current 150+ channel subscription. Unfortunately none of these premium channels are currently available t...
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  • No SWM after splitter disconnect...suggestions?

    Here's what happened:   Trying to ID which cables run to which units for potential OTA antenna use.  Started unplugging wires at SWM Splitter (8-port)  to see if TV in back room would lose signal thus ...
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  • SL5 (no SWIM) with HR34 receiver

    Hello all; I have an SL5 configuration (4 outputs) with and HR34 receiver, I do not have and SL5S my question is the following: What is the best way to connect that LNB to the HR34. It's neccessary the use the BBC's?...
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  • Handhelds

    Hi everybody. Finally we switching from old handhelds. For those who already use samsungs notes:can I use galaxy tab 4 tablet?or it's got to be one of notes only? Thanks  
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  • Case Management Quality Assurance 24-Point Checklist

    From the service call statement of work: Technician is to complete all steps listed below during Case Management service calls   see attached
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  • Install Question?

    Hi.  Sorry if this is in the wrong place. This past Tue we ended our cable service with SuddenLink and that same day we got Direct TV. Suddenlink was supposed to come immediately and shut off our current cable, b...
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