• HR44 Stuck in reboot

    I've heard of 2 for sure, possibly a 3rd case where the HR44 (700?) is stuck in a continous reboot.  Does this have anything to do with the CADIE out for the intermittent 775 / SWM registration issues that the HR...
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  • Do I really need an installer to switch out a HR22-100 to a HR44?

    I am thinking that it is as simple as swapping out the cables already in place with the new ones. I was only given one Genie Mini which I will replace a D12-100 with the Mini.   I do not have any internet conne...
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  • Install Question?

    Hi.  Sorry if this is in the wrong place. This past Tue we ended our cable service with SuddenLink and that same day we got Direct TV. Suddenlink was supposed to come immediately and shut off our current cable, b...
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  • Trouble updating AIM Meter database

    Just purchased an AIM meter; firmware version is up to date, satinstalltraining shows a database version that is newer than the one I have in the meter. I tried following the instructions on how to update but keep get...
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  • returning equipment

    This isn't really the correct forum to ask this, but since there is no forum for questions such as this, I'll ask it here and  hope for the best.    I recently disconnected DirecTV.  They sent me...
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  • avoiding power cables?

    I am installing my internal cable in my home. Is it worth the extra effort to avoid the electric cables running through the house, does it make a difference?
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  • Handhelds

    Hi everybody. Finally we switching from old handhelds. For those who already use samsungs notes:can I use galaxy tab 4 tablet?or it's got to be one of notes only? Thanks  
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  • Can't keep quite any more!

    I am so sick of the two faced policies of DTV and Mastec. I am tired of constantly being charged back for SIN30/90 because of faulty equipment. At least 4 to 5 times a month I get a SIN30 charge-back because someones ...
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  • Service cancellation questions

    I don't really know which forum to put this in, so if it needs to be moved, please do so.   I've been with DirecTV for a little over a year.  I have 7 or 8 months left on my contract.  I'm thinking of...
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  • Discounts

    Fellow Installer Here. My HR department can't seem to help me, but is anyone aware of some sort of list of products / Stores that we as DirecTV installers can get discounts at?  Rental cars, hotels, clothing, etc???
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  • phone land line still needed?

    I have a Genie receiver as well as an HD DVR receiver.  I am considering disconnecting my land line and need to know if this will cause any unpleasant  issues with my DirecTV service.  I do have a wired...
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  • What is the proceedure for forcing my HR34-700 reciever to do a software download

    I used to know the proceedure but have since forgot it could someone help me with this? PLEASE
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  • for O&O

    For O&O offices Are there still hourly Service call only techs in your office? If so, what locations.   Thanks
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  • How accurate are those smart phone apps for determining LOS?

    I have the free one from Norsat - Satellite Locator   I also wanted to ask what feature(s) of the phones tech do they use? Do different phone models, or a weak cell reception have any bearing on the results? &n...
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  • no sound with new genie

    just installed a new Genie, I have a LG TV using an HDMI cable from Genie to TV and I have no sound.   I have changed the HDMI cable, checked to make sure my TV is working by changing inputs and using antenna &n...
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  • Installation issues?  Need commercial or "contract" installer?

    I asked this on the "service and installation" forum but got no helpful answers and one answer that said I should have had a commercial installer so trying again here.  Thanks for any help anyone can give!  ...
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  • Why does my H25 have better resolution than my HR44?

    I know that they are both set to 1080 i/p original format, but the IRD KA/KU gives such a noticeably more vibrant and sharper picture on the same LED 3D TV that the IRD ADVANCED SERVER is connected to. What gives?
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  • Genie knocking out my phone line????

    My new Genie receiver was installed yesterday and it is knocking out my phone line whenever I connect it. I really like seeing the CallerID on my TV and would like to reconnect and have it working? Are there any simpl...
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  • Cannot connect DVR to internet with Charter Spectrum cable modem

    Hi Folks,  I have Charter for my ISP.  They are upgrading my area with Charter Spectrum and have forced me to change modems.  Ever  since, I cannot connect to the internet through my wireless route...
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  • some channels 771 searching for signal

    I have an old (4 yrs old) HD receiver.  Some channels come in fine, some give an error "771 searching for satellite signal".   Along the line i have (3) coax-to-coax connections....   Would these (3) ...
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