• NFLSundayTicket.TV Poor Quality and Reception

    Just like last season, the quality and reception of this is sucking.  It's not my ISP's fault as I have Verizon FIOS and am connected via cable from the wall to my PC.  Plus, everything else from the interne...
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  • How or where do I find a Legend for the on air Channel Guide?

    How do I find out what all the icons mean on the on air Channel Guide.  As the Guide is updated there is no help to show me how to use the guide or what some of the icons displayed mean.
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  • Genie and remote problems

    Got upgrade to Genie, have been having issues.  I wanted to check here before calling directtv. Some of the recordings are unwatchable.  Not because of bad weather when recorded.  Also, the new remotes ...
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  • Cabling 775 changed tv

    Hi all, new here. I tried doing a search but found nothing.  Tonight I simply changed out the tv connected to our dvr and got a 775 cabling error saying trouble communicating with the dish. It is a Sanyo tv. Simp...
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  • my  recever is not responding for at least 30 seconds when I use the remote,  How can I fix it?

    how can I fix the delay from clicking the remote to getting a timely response from the receiver?
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  • Series manager problem on HR24-200 DVR

    Hello,   In Series Manager, for some programs that I select to record, the following happen: -- No programs record at all -- Random episodes record   In both situations (and for over half a year!), I hav...
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  • NFLSundayTicket.TV: Ability to full-screen the 4-game view

    NFLSundayTicket.TV has various viewing options in the web-application (I am accessing it from my computer), including fullscreen and a tiled view (which allows you to select up to four different games). One huge short...
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  • Shame on you DirecTV

    In the cable and television provider market, typically Directv is among the top when it comes to customer service. In my 3+ years as a customer I have come to appreciate the level of quality and service i get from the...
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  • "771-Signal loss on Satellite In 1"

    I've began receiving this message on certain channels. It's always the same channels that have issues. Other channels are fine and are unaffected. Is this a common issue and is there a fix for it?
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  • Upgraded to Genie and having problems with it and remote!!!

    We got an upgrade to Genie, have been having issues.  I wanted to check here before calling directtv. Some of the recordings are unwatchable.  Not because of bad weather.  Also, the new remotes we were ...
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  • HR 22/100 DVR slow response to remote control

    I like many others have had difficulty with my receiver acting on the input from the remote control, ff, rew, pause, play, and so on. Over four calls I spent six hours on the phone for this problem, and I spent additi...
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  • Which forum to ask about the protection plan Direct TV offers for 7.99/month

    I am thinking about upgrading my receiver and direct tv wants to know if I want to buy a protection plan with a new receiver.  As I recall, when ever I have had a receiver go bad Direct TV has replaced the receiv...
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  • RV portable satellite for an H20 Receiver

    We are wanting to use one of our older receivers (H20-600) to put in our RV. What portable satellite works best for this receiver.  We will mostly be using this in a tailgating situation, but would like it to be ...
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  • New to direct tv and need help.

    Is there a way to transfer recordings from the genie to dvd?   Also, where do I get the genie go?  Can't seem to find an answer anywhere.   Thanks!
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  • Guidelines for the DIRECTV Help Forums

    We'd like to make sure your experience in the DIRECTV® Help Forums is a positive one.  Please take a moment to read through these guidelines for participating in our community.   ·  &nb...
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  • Portable HD Dish

    I currently have an SD Dish on a tripod and SD standard receiver for our RV.  I would like to upgrade to HD out there and wanted to know what kind of HD dish I would need if I took the HR21-700 HDDVR out of my gu...
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  • Program guide is terrible

    Why is the guide so unorganized,  channels should be grouped by similiar content i.e. all news grouped all music video grouped all non premium movie grouped.  It is a mess and it is so hard to find anything....
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  • I joined this forum but decided I want my account deleted (permanently erased). How do I do it?

    How do I remove myself from this forum?
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  • Weather Nation, am I missing something?

    I have had Directv for about five months. We had cable before this and the Weather channel which on the eights showed the local weather and most important the radar. It seems you can watch W.N. for an hour and still n...
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  • How can I get Direct TV equipment and cable removed from my house?

    I am a former customer and want to paint my house and also need to replace some clapboards that have old wires attached.  I have cable wires everywhere from every conceivable company.  Any help out there?
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