• Software Update No HDMI for My TV

    Just switched from Cox Cable to DTV a few weeks ago. When tuning to a few channels, including some of the NFL ticket channels, my TV screen goes completely black.  Remote will not respond to any commands, I have ...
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  • locks up on commercials

    It's been a month for some of us, and still not fixed! Some commercials will lock up the program, it's acting like a computer pop-up. American Express Open is my problem. Direct TV says they know about this and is wor...
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  • Tips to correct R10 freezing/spontaneous rebooting

    I have done some extensive research regarding the problems and issues with our R10 and believe it or not it actually does not have anything to do with DirecTV upgrades, updates, signal transmission, or wanting to phas...
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  • Alternate SEC Channel?

    There have been several back-to-back ballgames recently on the SEC network, and as they do a lot of the times the first scheduled game runs long and the scroll at the bottom of the screen says tune to the Alternate SE...
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  • error 771 on rv reciever.

    I have taken my home reciever and hooked it up to my rv satalite and every thing is working fine, but when i try to get abc cbs nbc and those i get the 771 error code.
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  • Unable to Reply

    I have posted a question at the Remote Controls forum and have received a response.  The responder has asked me a question and I have answered it in the Reply block but have be unable to post.  What am I doi...
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  • Unable to post at this time

    Attempting to create a post in the GenieGO Forum, but am getting a message "You are unable to post at this time". I confirmed that all mandatory field in my profile have been filled out. What else might be preventing ...
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  • Mini-Genie Connections to Soundbars

    How to do I connect my Vizio soundbar S4251w to my "Mini-Genie". The HDMI cable is connected to my TV. I have a USB, digital audio, and AV Out connections left on my Mini-Genie and I have the Red/White RCA connection,...
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  • Dish alignment 5 LNB Slimline with 4 leads out. BMJ

    I need to align my dish as I am getting pixelation after wind storm. I notice that there are only 2 adjustments available on my dish the others are sealed. Should I try one of the other leads before trying alignment ?...
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  • Motorhome satellite TV set up...what next?

    I Recently purchased a second hand Tiffin Allegro motorhome and am trying to connect to satellite.  I have a HD View 360 mini-state antenna system as well as a wineguard automatic satellite TV antenna system.&nbs...
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  • Can a Slimline Dish stop working?

    Semi-long story:   I have had a Slimline Dish/tripod kit (bought from Satellite Oasis here in town) with a power inserter and SL3S4NR2-14 LNB  for two years. When I am camping in my RV I bring my HR44-200 r...
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  • When installing Directv player I receive a C++ error ever since the systems were integrated with ATT.

    When installing Directv player I receive a C++ error ever since the systems were integrated with ATT.   "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applicati...
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  • remove forum account

    Please deactivate (delete) my forums account.
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  • Can I connect a splitter ?

    I have a SWM 16 channel Module (SWM16R1-03) with 2 4-way splitters (MSPLIT4R1-03) connected to it.  Each 4-way splitter has 2 cables connected for a total of 4 runs feeding 4 rooms with receiver in each. &nb...
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  • Sunday Ticket Max viewing via iMac and question about streaming via Roku/Chromecast.

    This is a two part question. Sorry if I get wordy. I'm simple.  We have NFL Sunday ticket and Sunday ticket max, I watch at home so no problem for me but my husband is living/working in another city and watches v...
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  • Missing NFL Kickoff Local Station dispute

    When am I going to get my Local Channel 5 KSL NBC HD back. Im missing NFL Kickoff between Steelers @ Patriots. What about SNF Too!! If Local Station are Free through the air, then why is owner Bonneville International...
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  • NFL Sunday Ticket Max

    How do I stream this with my PC ? Do I just login to the Directv web page on Sundays around game time and the games will come up ? I do not need the app right because it is only for Windows 10 PC's ? Or the Directv pl...
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  • Commercials freezing

    Just a heads up, this is an issue that the "engineering department" is working on. The chat technical support knows nothing more than you or I as there is no communication.
  • Carnival Cruise commercial

    Whenever this commercial comes on (any channel) the picture freezes on it and the only way to continue watching the program is to leave the channel and come back. I know this Genie receiver has LOTS of problems, bu th...
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  • When will the freezing picture on certain commercials be corrected?

    When will the freezing picture (on certain ads) be corrected?
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