• DirectTV through Motorhome Kingdome

    I have a motorhome with an older Kingdome dish which I have been told will only receive DirectTV in SD.  So how do I go about getting service in the motorhome?  Do I need an SD receiver or can I take the HD/...
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  • i have noticed that the genie now has season and episode number instead of title.

    i have noticed that the genie now has season and episode number instead of title of episode. this is causing series to not record. how can this be fixed? I have to constantly go through shows to manually set them to r...
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  • KHOU in Houston has frequent audio cutouts

    This has been going on for some time. Audio cuts out of about a second or two. Seems to only be this channel. Happens on both receivers/TVs, so it is either common to the system (satellite or booster device), or Direc...
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  • Problem with local NBC channel

    I live in Southwest Florida and my local NBC channel experiences intermittent video drop outs lasting about 1 second followed by slight audio distortion.  All other channels are fine.  Anyone else experienci...
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  • HD Sportsmix: Choosing Channels?

    Is there any way to choose what channels I want to watch for the HD Sportsmix channel? There are are least 3 that I would swap out with other channels.
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  • help! I just want to know how to connect a dvd player to tv (sony,insiginia) or where to look elsewhere?

    I have a insignia tve (32 lcd) & a sony dvd/cd player. How do I connect to watch movies? When I connect it, the remote just stays on AV, can't move it down to dvd. What am I'm doing wrong. Daughter w/Down Syndrome...
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  • Why will my AM21 work with my H24, but not my HR34?

    I have checked all of my connections and my antenna, but it will not work anymore with my HR34.
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  • Why are my resolution lights blinking on my Genie HD-DVR?

    The resolution lights blink on my Genie HD-DVR. This happens every couple of weeks and the only way to get it to stop is to do a reset, which I don't like to do that often. Any other way to fix this problem?
    created by paulysj
  • Recording a event from a channel I do not get.

    Does any one else ever had the problem of doing a search for a future event then setting it up to record then finding out later that future recording was set up for a channel you do not get?  Right now it appears...
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  • Vizio soundbar 3821w-co and RC72

    I have a Genie H44 with an RC72 remote. I'm trying to program a Vizio S3821W-CO sound bar to work with the remote. I have the remote programmed to RF and can program my Samsung TV to work (Older Model). When I try to ...
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  • DirecTV Anywhere

    Running Windows 7 Home Premium using Intel i5-4570 CPU 3.2 GHz Quad core. 8GB Memory   When running DirecTV Anywhere from my desk at work (Business Class Cable service) there is often a brief buffer. Occasionall...
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  • Disable internet connection

    We live in an area where we have to use satellite internet with limited data allowance and do not want anyone in household to use any apps or demand shows or movies because it would wipe out our data allowance for the...
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  • Hacked DirecTV Account

    Last September 2014 we were automatically charged by DirecTV to our bank account without permission. Again in October. We have been current on our payments and have never given them our bank information. They charged ...
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  • Fees hiked again...

    Sorry, this forum software errors on 3 browsers when trying to reply to any discussion. Replying to peds48 : The equipment lease fee went from $6.00 to $6.50.  This is def not a 33% increase BTW, saying that ...
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  • Request to Create DIRECTV 4K Forum

    Anyway to start a DIRECTV 4K Forum?
    created by llturbini
  • have heard of a new device it's called a HR5x what is it?

    what is a hr5x
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  • Why does my bill change monthly?

    It seems that my bill changes every month and even shows balances -after I pay it.I have to call and they hem and haw and say credits will be posted next month when the girl I spoke to last month said they would be po...
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  • Fees hiked again...

    I know they just raised prices on us again for some programming. They also upped their arbitrary whole house equipment lease fee more than 33%. Yet another $10 a month for me. Been a customer since 1997, and although...
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  • Alternate SEC Channel?

    There have been several back-to-back ballgames recently on the SEC network, and as they do a lot of the times the first scheduled game runs long and the scroll at the bottom of the screen says tune to the Alternate SE...
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  • TV and box not communicating with each other.  Tried everything

    First day install .  It was working just fine and then stopped.  Rebooted main box.  Called Direct TV.  checked inputs.  box does a self check brings up stations, then goes to a white screen t...
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