• help! I just want to know how to connect a dvd player to tv (sony,insiginia) or where to look elsewhere?

    I have a insignia tve (32 lcd) & a sony dvd/cd player. How do I connect to watch movies? When I connect it, the remote just stays on AV, can't move it down to dvd. What am I'm doing wrong. Daughter w/Down Syndrome...
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  • Directv and SEC Nework+ Concerning Streaming Broadcasts

    Does anyone know if Directv is considering the SEC Network+?  If not, once ESPN (SEC Network) starts streaming sports events, then we will be left out once again, just like we are with WatchESPN.. Dish and Comcas...
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  • 2014-11-13 01.19.24.jpg

    I'm trying to get my direct tv receiver to connect to my Hughesnet ISP.  However I get the message displayed in the picture.  What am I doing wrong?
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  • How can I prevent my TV from being turned on when I turn off my Genie HDDVR?

    I have my HDDVR's audio-out hooked up to my stereo. When I listen to music, I leave the TV off. When I am done listening and press "off" on the remote, the TV turns on.   Please advise if there's a way to preven...
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  • Easy button

    I Feel like i need an easy button for all the items these businesses offer.
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  • Anyone else having problems with pixelation on various channels?

    I've had problems with pixelation on channels such as 536, 538, 519, 611. It's not just limited to those channels. That's just the ones i remember off the top of my head. I've had them back out here to fix it about 4 ...
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  • NFL Sunday ticket

    so im trying to watch nfl sunday ticket on my laptop but all it shows is the loading circle. I cannot watch live games. the only things I can watch are highlights
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  • R16-500 Receiver with Error Code Searching Signal 771

    Pictures of error codes and test results here: DirecTV - Imgur   This is at my parents house. It's been this way for MONTHS and they haven't called to get it fixed yet... The only reason I don't call myself is b...
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  • Is my equipment compatible?

    This is the third year for tailgating with Direct TV.  Last year our dish broke. The dish was replaced with Slimline (32Wx22H) with a SL5S4NR$-01.  The power inserter ia a P121R1-03 and the receiver is a H23...
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  • Question About Replies and Real Names.....

    Just joined this Forum today, 10-20-14,  When I posted my first reply to a question, my reply showed my real name and not my user name.  I don't like that.......  So, how do I change that?  I don't...
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  • Can no longer change input using RC71 remote with Toshiba TV

    My RC71 remote will not change the input on our Toshiba TV.  It worked fine for over a year.  In the past would just Press and Hold the Enter/(input) button until was able to select DVD for example. &nb...
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  • diagnostic code 51-965

    Could someone enlighten me about diagnostic code 51-965 ? I received error code 775 trouble communicating with dish.I have receiver HR21/200 @ Slimline 3S (SWM). Thank You.
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  • SD D12-700 rec. video size changes cliping picture

    I believe my D12 SD receiver is defective. when I go from channel 350 to 351 the picture is not clipped. When I go from channel 353 to 351 the picture is clipped . what this means is I cannot read the info displayed o...
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  • RVU costs

    Time to replace my TV. I noticed Samsung has RVU. I currently have a Genie HR44. I'm confused if there is additional costs to use this feature with only one TV.
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  • What is up with the recent SPAM posts?

    So... is there really any active forum administrator/community manager/community admin here to remove those spam posts? I know this is a P2P forum but there is suppose to be an administrator overseeing this forum.
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  • Connecting a soundbar

    I would like to get rid of my 5.1 Home theater speakers and just use a soundbar.  I am thinking of getting a Yamaha ATS -1030. I have a Samsung HL-R5667W DLP TV, a Directv HR24-200 receiver and an LGLHB977 Blu-Ra...
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  • Parental Controls excluding certain programs

    Is there a way to have parental controls set but EXCLUDE a certain program? 
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  • Installing Question?

    Hi.  This past Tue we ended our cable service with SuddenLink and that same day we got Direct TV. Suddenlink was supposed to come immediately and shut off our current cable, but now they're saying they can't do i...
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  • Question:

    Hi.  For the past week I have been getting conflicting answers from Direct TV technical support. Our home and HD DVR recorder is in Seattle. I am living/working in Philadelphia. I live in a Apt and Direct TV is n...
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  • Press red button to access enhanced features while you watch Nag

    I have a simple question regarding how does one remove the blue NFL Sunday Ticket popup banner put there by DTV that appears on the lower left of the screen that says "Press red button to access enhanced features whil...
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