I would like to delete myself from this forum.  WHY IS THERE ABILITY TO JOIN, BUT NOT REMOVE SELF FROM FORUM!!
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  • I want to block channels from being recorded.

    I want to block channels from being watched by my 10 year old.  I know how to block channels.  I know how to set up a favorite channel list.  What I cannot figure out is how to block channels from being...
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  • Score guide

    I have an HR44 500. Been working fine until today. The score guide pops up on screen whenever I go to any sports channel. Not the red button notice that that goes away quickly but the actual score guide on the right s...
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  • keywords

    I hope you offer a way that I can store titles/keywords in my account online or home DVR. When upcoming programing matches, I'd be sent an email or TV message informing me of the match. This would help me to know wh...
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  • My signal goes out with any significant rainstorm

    Any decent sized storm will knock out my signal.  There is no obstruction between my dish and the sky so that's not the issue, which was about the only solution I got from talking to DTV.  In an earlier foru...
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  • Dishes

    This is not that important, I was just curious.  Why do some people with Directv have two dishes?
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  • Receiver resetting itself every 10 seconds after storm.  No service

    Ugh.......we had bad storms 2 nights ago & lost power for 6hrs.  Turned tv on receiver continuously resetting itself.  Tried everything, remove cords, etc.  Called & tech said old receiver &...
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  • delete account

    Please delete my account.
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  • Loss of sound HR44/700

    Within hours of installation of my Genie HR44/700 on 7 November 2014, I lost audio.  Video was fine.  All channels were affected.  This happened 6 times during the first 36 hours.  The problem was ...
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    Anyone know what is causing this to happen?? When I shutdown my computer and restart It and try to stream directv I have to install directv player again. But when I use my other user name it works fine.??????????????/
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  • Thinking of switching from Verizon Fios to DirecTV?

    Hello everyone. I was thinking of switching from Verizon Fios to DirecTV. I LOVE my verizon Fios, but just bought a Samsung 4K Ultra SUHD Tv.  Does DirecTV have a better, clearer picture than Fios?    ...
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  • How do I configure channel guide so when scrolling I only see the channels that are part of my SELECT package level?

    How do I configure channel guide so when scrolling I only see the channels that are part of my SELECT package level?  We don't need to see all those other channels listed etc.  Seems like there are numerous ...
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  • Connections

    I have a very large collection of movies. I found out that as long as I own them I can copy them to an external HD and I would not be in copyright infringement. I do know that I must use an esata system and I am using...
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  • Want to get my name off this terrible site.  Help?

    I joined this site in an effort to view an itemized bill.  But because I bundled, this site sent m to Century link because I bundled.  Century link sends me to direct TV.  This is an insane game they pl...
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  • Miss 5/19/15 Argentina MotoGP?

    Anyone else upset that FoxSports on Direct was showing soccer instead of the Argentinean MotoGP, 5/19/2015?   My scheduled recordings include MotoGP and when I went to watch last night I got soccer.   Trie...
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  • stb services port n/a 818

    I have a HR-23-700 and it is hook up too  a cradlepoint MBR95. I am getting a n/a 818 on my stb services port. But it says I have internet and network, but I do not.
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  • How to I include a photo with my post?

    I'm having trouble with some on-screen displays, and I'd like to include a photo of the problem in my post.   In the basic editor, there is a button to add a video, but the button for adding a photo is greyed ou...
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  • Up until a couple days ago I could watch foxnewsgo.com on my web browser

    Up until a couple days ago, I could watch live fox news on my laptop web browser on foxnewsgo.com but I now get an error "failed to receive authorization response within 25 seconds", has anyone else had this issue? &n...
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  • Question about Genie space

    I don't know if anyone can answer this and it may be a dumb question but I'm gonna ask anyway.  On the Genie, how many 1 hour episodes of a TV show takes up 1% of space? I'm asking this cause my DVR is getting fu...
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  • old forum name still there but cannot recover password

    I've had a presence on the DirecTV forum for a *long* time but have not been here in quite some time. Now I can't get into the old user profile using the password I have recorded for it. Nor can I seem to recover the ...
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