• Loss of sound HR44/700

    Within hours of installation of my Genie HR44/700 on 7 November 2014, I lost audio.  Video was fine.  All channels were affected.  This happened 6 times during the first 36 hours.  The problem was ...
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    Anyone know what is causing this to happen?? When I shutdown my computer and restart It and try to stream directv I have to install directv player again. But when I use my other user name it works fine.??????????????/
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  • How do I configure channel guide so when scrolling I only see the channels that are part of my SELECT package level?

    How do I configure channel guide so when scrolling I only see the channels that are part of my SELECT package level?  We don't need to see all those other channels listed etc.  Seems like there are numerous ...
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  • Connections

    I have a very large collection of movies. I found out that as long as I own them I can copy them to an external HD and I would not be in copyright infringement. I do know that I must use an esata system and I am using...
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  • Want to get my name off this terrible site.  Help?

    I joined this site in an effort to view an itemized bill.  But because I bundled, this site sent m to Century link because I bundled.  Century link sends me to direct TV.  This is an insane game they pl...
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  • Miss 5/19/15 Argentina MotoGP?

    Anyone else upset that FoxSports on Direct was showing soccer instead of the Argentinean MotoGP, 5/19/2015?   My scheduled recordings include MotoGP and when I went to watch last night I got soccer.   Trie...
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  • stb services port n/a 818

    I have a HR-23-700 and it is hook up too  a cradlepoint MBR95. I am getting a n/a 818 on my stb services port. But it says I have internet and network, but I do not.
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  • How to I include a photo with my post?

    I'm having trouble with some on-screen displays, and I'd like to include a photo of the problem in my post.   In the basic editor, there is a button to add a video, but the button for adding a photo is greyed ou...
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  • Up until a couple days ago I could watch foxnewsgo.com on my web browser

    Up until a couple days ago, I could watch live fox news on my laptop web browser on foxnewsgo.com but I now get an error "failed to receive authorization response within 25 seconds", has anyone else had this issue? &n...
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  • Question about Genie space

    I don't know if anyone can answer this and it may be a dumb question but I'm gonna ask anyway.  On the Genie, how many 1 hour episodes of a TV show takes up 1% of space? I'm asking this cause my DVR is getting fu...
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  • old forum name still there but cannot recover password

    I've had a presence on the DirecTV forum for a *long* time but have not been here in quite some time. Now I can't get into the old user profile using the password I have recorded for it. Nor can I seem to recover the ...
    created by d_watson
  • Directv and charter internet

    Ok so quick question. I'm getting Directv cable and charter internet. Is there anyway to have the directv box and the charter internet box in the same wall jack if I use a cable splitter or something?
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  • Has anyone else had a problem with their DVR basically catching fire?

    First noticed the power wouldn't come on; then a rancid ozone-type smell. After I had finished talking to DTV technical support and we determined the DVR was likely shot, it began smoking and sparking. I quickly unplu...
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  • How do I change my last name?

    I was recently married and need to update the last name on my account. I noticed that I can change the billing name, and update the address, but no where does it let me edit the last name of the account holder.  ...
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  • Streaming of MLB.TV

    I am unable to stream MLB.TV. I have logged in to my MLB account and linked it to my Directv account. It worked for the first couple weeks of the season then it became spotty. I have not been able to stream it at all ...
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  • Test

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  • Banner ads in guide

    I don't want program banner ads in the guide and I want the option to remove them.  Right now I have to remove the channel that they are attached to from my list above the ads to get rid of them.  I have no ...
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  • DirectTV through Motorhome Kingdome

    I have a motorhome with an older Kingdome dish which I have been told will only receive DirectTV in SD.  So how do I go about getting service in the motorhome?  Do I need an SD receiver or can I take the HD/...
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  • i have noticed that the genie now has season and episode number instead of title.

    i have noticed that the genie now has season and episode number instead of title of episode. this is causing series to not record. how can this be fixed? I have to constantly go through shows to manually set them to r...
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  • KHOU in Houston has frequent audio cutouts

    This has been going on for some time. Audio cuts out of about a second or two. Seems to only be this channel. Happens on both receivers/TVs, so it is either common to the system (satellite or booster device), or Direc...
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