• Frozen Recording

    I am trying this here as the forum refuses to let me post it where it belongs.   I have an HR22-100.  Last night, I set it to record a show on BBCA.  I went to watch it today and 2 minutes in, the soun...
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  • HR44 issues

    This receiver has come up with yet another issue. Today I was watching a program recorded on another receiver in my home. It froze, as if I had pushed pause. It would not respond to any commands, either on the remote ...
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  • I don't like seeing the explicit program titles of adult PPV channels. How can I remove them from public view?

    I would really love the answer to this question.  My phone is down and I can't call DTV to ask!!!  My two young girls are going to ask me what these titles mean...I just know it!    We just got Dir...
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  • When installing Directv player I receive a C++ error ever since the systems were integrated with ATT.

    When installing Directv player I receive a C++ error ever since the systems were integrated with ATT.   "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applicati...
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  • TiVo will not record NFL Sunday Ticket

    This is my first season with NFL Sunday Ticket so I have no other experience to fall back upon.  I have a DirecTv Tivo.     I have yet to successfully record a game that was played on the NFL Sun...
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  • Why is my HD receiver showing to be announced on the channel guide just a couple hours ahead?

    I got a replacement HD receiver yesterday, & everything worked fine. This morning I turned everything on & the channel giude showed to be announced on many channels. I reset the receiver & it worked fine f...
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  • Complaint

    Made an appt last Monday to finally upgrade our equipment this morning October 18 between 8-12 even got the confirmation call last night and that's also what it said then 1215 rolls around today and no one has called ...
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  • DIRECTV Cares NOT!

    I have stated it before and I will state it again.  DIRECTV cares more about its equipment than its customers and the equipment is CRUD, so why should they care more about their customers because they think we ar...
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  • DVR recordings just a black screen

    tonight I recorded the Walking Dead. When we attempted to watch it, it played for a minute or 2 then the screen went black. You can't FWD or go back...nothing.   figured it was a fluke....when it came back on an...
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  • Tired did not work

    Tired did not work  
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  • RV Customers Beware

    This is to inform RV customers that, even though it is WRITTEN DTV will service RV customers, DIRECTV has no control over the FIELD TECHNICIANS.   You MAY meet ALL requirements;   Permanently placed RV. S...
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  • HR44--not recording full episodes

    II've seen (but for whatever reason can't comment on) others with similar  issues & here's ours-- shows full recordings on list(according to time of program) but on playback, they stop at about 20mins short.&...
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  • When is equipment choices in profile going to be updated?

    So everyone is asking about equipment in the forums.  There is a section in the profile (that is so far out of date it is not funny) where we could supply this and (I assume) could auto populate under our avatar ...
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  • Why have a "Send Message"?

    Well you follow someone, nothing is sent to them to ask if they want to follow you, and only way to send PRIVATE message is if BOTH are following each other.  Some responses are better if kept private instead of ...
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  • Unable to post at this time

    Attempting to create a post in the GenieGO Forum, but am getting a message "You are unable to post at this time". I confirmed that all mandatory field in my profile have been filled out. What else might be preventing ...
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  • Can't Post To Forums

    What good is this system for a new DirecTV customer who is looking for help if I can't post to the forums?
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  • Why have a Ranking System?

    You get points to post questions, get followed and following, marking answers as correct or helpful, and completing tasks.   The problem is that when you want to post a question that is IMPORTANT or TECHNICAL it...
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  • Canceling when my contract is up

    enough is enough .....
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  • How to lose customers

    1) create a voice prompt only phone system so your call ins eventually give up 2)back that up with people who can't help with anything and only transfer you to someone else 3) make sure those transfer calls get drop...
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  • Sunday Ticket Games Record for 6 Hours

    Beginning this year all Sunday Ticket games are recording for 6 hours. The channel guide shows 1pm games recording until 7pm. Games on broadcast tv channels record for the normal 3 hours. I can't record 4:30 games bec...
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