• Program guide is terrible

    Why is the guide so unorganized,  channels should be grouped by similiar content i.e. all news grouped all music video grouped all non premium movie grouped.  It is a mess and it is so hard to find anything....
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  • I joined this forum but decided I want my account deleted (permanently erased). How do I do it?

    How do I remove myself from this forum?
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  • Weather Nation, am I missing something?

    I have had Directv for about five months. We had cable before this and the Weather channel which on the eights showed the local weather and most important the radar. It seems you can watch W.N. for an hour and still n...
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  • How can I get Direct TV equipment and cable removed from my house?

    I am a former customer and want to paint my house and also need to replace some clapboards that have old wires attached.  I have cable wires everywhere from every conceivable company.  Any help out there?
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  • What to do if DVR dies

    DirecTV's DVR is my only source for TV viewing. I'm always concerned about what to do if it stops working. They say that they will send me a replacement, but that will have to take several days. Is there something tha...
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  • Using the new website online guide

    Sorry but I am not sure exactly which forum to post this question to.  Before this week's online program guide update I was able to see if and when a particular program would be repeated and also see all the epis...
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  • Jive won't let me reply to previous post

    Two months ago I posted a question:   Here is an oddball query   I NEVER received notification of a reply. Today I came and found that the ******** Jive software is IGNORING my notification settings. So I ...
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  • How do I turn off the internet on my Direct TV?

    I recently connected my receiver to the internet. Since then the mini Genie will not work. It keeps giving me the "searching for servers" and then "cannont detect server" message.   How do I turn it off to see i...
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  • Genie not staying connected to internet

    I currently have the Genie (Model # HR34-700) and I am having problems with it staying connected to the internet.  The genie is hooked up through a range extender via the DECA (black model).  It will show co...
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  • Question:

    Hi.  For the past week I have been getting conflicting answers from Direct TV technical support. Our home and HD DVR recorder is in Seattle. I am living/working in Philadelphia. I live in a Apt and Direct TV is n...
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  • Swear words bleeped upon DVR playback.  USA Network feature or Directv setting?

    I recorded Suits on the USA Network using my DVR.  When I played it back, I noticed all of the swear words were bleeped.  Is this a USA feature or a Directv setting?
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  • genie remote

    Directv has a problem the genie remote is nice but customer ask why did directv take away av1 and av2 now you can't control other devices in the customers homes ya the audio device option can run their sound bar but i...
    created by joe51541
  • Can I get the recording of me on the phone with the DirecTV representative?

    About three months ago I received a call from a DirecTV representative who told me that to show their appreciation to me as a good customey they were offering me DIRECTV HD EXTRA PACK for free.  I asked her of th...
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  • Blackout stations

    I live in Chambersburg PA and last weekend experienced many stations that have been blacked out due to contract negotiations. These are major stations that are mostly local but several have no alternate station to vie...
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  • FALSE advertising

    Wanted to order Directv service and get a Genie DVR along with the Ultimate programming package with an introductory 12 month cost of $44.99 displayed on the web site. After adding it to the cart, I noticed the price ...
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  • Streaming of MLB.TV

    I am unable to stream MLB.TV. I have logged in to my MLB account and linked it to my Directv account. It worked for the first couple weeks of the season then it became spotty. I have not been able to stream it at all ...
    created by swyatt95
  • how do i hook up my dvd player to tv..we have two tv's on direct tv.i have tried and tried.no luck..

    i have on 2nd tv, the black receiver box, and a little blk.box with several colored wires coming out of it to back of tv.on my dvd player i have the red,yellow and white cables hooked up to dvd player,and theres only ...
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  • How long does it take to reset a receiver back to factory default ?

    How long does it take to reset a receiver back to factory default start to finish?
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  • No audio to an analog tv.

    I was just given a older model tv.  All analog.  I was able to get the video to work. But I have no sound. I tried a 1 into 2 RCA Y-Connector.  It didn't work.  What do I need to go from the digita...
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  • Direct TV Gene and DATA usage is beyond crazy… anyone have a fix??

    This is an new post I am starting because the amount of data that my direct TV is using is off the chart crazy!     I opted to a string on May 10th and that day I disconnected my Gene from the internet and...
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