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How to sign up for MRV if you're using your own networking (not DECA) ...



How to Sign up for MRV if you are on Ethernet (not DECA)

OK folks, what I am about to say is not fully confirmed .. It's more from information I've pieced together from multiple sources than from one single message. It may not be 100% accurate, but should follow along similar lines:

How to Sign up for MRV if you are on Ethernet (not DECA)
  • * On May 13th you might start receiving a message indicating that you need to call in to DIRECTV to activate MRV

  • * If not, on or about May 20th, MRV will stop working and you will receive the message.

  • * You will need to call DIRECTV using the phone number from the on screen message. It might be the main DIRECTV number, it might be a special number (I don't know).

  • * Beginning on May 13th (not before), DIRECTV CSRs should have a screen on which to allow you to activate MRV .. They will have to read you some legalese that you must agree to before MRV will be activated using your home network.

  • * Once activated, you will be charged $3/month for the use of MRV and DIRECTV will not provide you support for MRV beyond the question "Would you like to upgrade to DECA?"

Odds are there will be a few growing pains as this ramps up.
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