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VIZIO E552VL LCD HDTV "Not Compatible" with DIRECTV Remotes???


We've just spent over 3 hours on the phone with DIRECTV reps trying to program our remotes to a couple of different VIZIO models.  VIZIO model E321VL we finally found a gal in Pennsylvania who was really on the ball and got it handled in a minute.  Problem is, we don't know how to get her back

for programming the model E552VL. 


The E552VL does not respond to ANY of the VIZIO TV model numbers in the remote control handbook, nor any of the extra numbers given us by DIRECTV.  The last fellow with whom I spoke told, "Some TV's just are not compatible with DIRECTV's remotes."


What the......?


There must be an answer!  This is completely unacceptable.